LL Phase Two: Crossover Team Two

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Type: Combat

Location: Los Angeles, California

Objective: There have been reports that Pagos has recruited some members of a gang called Armenian Power and they are held up somewhere in Los Angeles County, California, their numbers are unknown, but the gang itself has hundreds of members, there could be mortals mixed in as well, there's no way to know for sure.

Team Members

  1. Micaela Windsor/Shady (BC) Hasn't posted since like 9/11
  2. Zoun/Kingbirdy (BC)
  3. Kye Jeffries/Mr.Mikachu (Camp)
  4. Rita Salistos/ Unusual (Camp)


Zoun: he waits outside LAX with Micaela waiting for the Camp members to show up

Kye: Tosses Erat in the air and catches it as he walks up to them and waves

Rita: Walks towards the three of them, and shys away from them a bit.

Micaela: So are we just going to stand here or do something?

Zoun: Unless one of the three of you have abilites that would be of use in locating this gang, I suggest we try to find the "bad part of town" as soon as possible.

Rita: Then we should go south-ward. Like, downtown and South Central. Looks at them. I-I grew up in L.A.

Zoun: That is good. It will be beneficial to have someone from the region with us.

they heay south

Micaela: So what are we looking for?

Zoun: In the simplest terms, we are looking for trouble.

Micaela: Perfect.

Rita: It's LA, there's trouble everywhere. Looks at them.

suddenly gun shots can be heard from a couple of blocks away

Micaela: Turns her head toward the sound. Guns.

Zoun: he takes of at a run towards the sound of the gunshots We should hurry, there is a high likelihood that they will not be there for long.

As they near the correct alley, there's a few dead bodies on the ground, and a figure disappearing at the other end of the alley, the dead bodies have crip gang tats and colours

Rita: Sighs This was probably just a rival gang shooting.

Zoun: We are looking for a gang, are we not? he raises a wall of earth in front of the gang member before he can escape down the alley

Rita: A-Actually I meant the gang the Bloods. The Crips' rival gang. B-But, I guess it could be them. Sighs a bit, and holds her notebook close.

the figure shadow travels around the wall of earth

Zoun: I think that would give us probable reason to believe it was Armenian Power, the gang we are currently searching for. Does anyone here have any abilities that would be useful to track that man back to their hideout?

Kye: Shrugs Son of Ares, no help here Looks around at his surroundings

Rita: Shakes her head Daughter of Mnemosyne. Looks at the bodies Maybe the bodies could have a clue on them?

Micaela: I'm a daughter of Melinoe. Maybe I can speak to their ghosts.

Zoun: That would be of use. I will check the bodies to see if they contain any identifying information. he checks the bodies

One is carrying a match book with an address on it:

The Otheroom 1201 Abbot Kinney Boulevard Venice beach, CA (310) 396-6230

On a scrap of paper on another dead body says:

Linda Vista Hospital

Aside from that, all there is on the bodies is money, drugs and guns, however there's a ghost hanging around 20 feet away

Micaela: See's the ghost and walks over to it. Hello, who are you?

Ghost: You can see me?!?! You must not be mortal then, they came out of nowhere, we'd been spying on them, I've suspected, for weeks now, I had to be sure.............he starts to look upset OH gods, my kid, I have a baby boy at home, he's going to grow up without me now

Micaela: Holds her hands up. Woah, slow down a sec. Why were you spying on them?

Ghost: Oh, right, I'm a demigod, I'm assuming if you can see me you'll understand what that means, a girl tried to get me to go over to the Armenian gang like a few weeks ago, seemed odd. There's been a lot more monster activity lately as well. I was following them when they caught us, most of my friends weren't demigods, they just thought it was normal rival gang stuff.

Micaela: Nods. Okay give me a second. Turns back to the group and tells them what the Ghost just said then turns back to the Ghost. Do you have any idea why the girl tried to get you to change gangs?

Ghost: They seem really interested in recruiting demigods all of a sudden, if you look on my body there's a name of an abandoned hosital written down, there have been a lot of monster attacks near there, and there's a matchbook with the name of where the girl's been meeting with other gang members trying to get them to join. Be careful though, they have a lot of muscle behind them, I've heard they've even hired merc's, which is very unlike them, there's a lot more going on than just normal gang shit

Zoun: I believe it would be in our best interests to go to this supposed meeting place and attempt to find more information.

Micaela: Turns back to the group. Okay, on the piece of paper is the name of an abandoned hospital where there have been a lot of monster attacks near there and there's an address in the matchbook is where the girl has been meeting other gang members trying to get them to join. The Ghost says to be careful, they have a lot of muscle behind them and he thinks there's a lot more going on than normal gang stuff.

Rita: So, should we go to the Hospital now?

Micaela: Yes, I think we should.

Rita: So, should we start walking? Or, are we taking the bus or something?

Kye: Rolls his eyes Bus. A) It's faster and B) it's less likely we'll get attacked.

Rita: Right. The nearest bus stop shouldn't be too far.

they take the bus to the hospital

Zoun: Perhaps one of us should start an attack. There are likely to be hidden operatives of the gang nearby, so it would be more believable if we were invited, contrary to showing up at the meeting place we discovered unannounced.

Micaela: So what your saying is that we should just attack randomly and see what happens?

Rita: Wouldn't that get one of us, if not all of us, killed?

Zoun: I should have clarified. I meant an attack against a monster. There are several of us here, there is a high probability our scent will draw a monster of some type.

Rita: M-Maybe we should just check out this place first.

Zoun: We shall go to investigate the recruitment address, then. Perhaps we could infiltrate the organization.

they go to the location on the paper

This is what the area looks like and a map of the area, there's little traffic on the street, very few pedestrians, and the windows are too tinted to see properly what's inside

Rita: Looks at it. Oh, places like this are never good. Looks at the around Well, not many people are near here, that's good. Are we going to go straight in, now?

suddenly the chimera comes roaring up the street to their left, chasing after what must be a single demigod, running away from it, about 200 yards from the Otherroom and closing

Micaela: Jumps back. Holy Hades! She pulls outher spear and gets ready for a fight.

Rita: Squeals a bit and readies her bow and arrow.

Zoun: I believe this will be interesting. he raises a wall of earth between the chimera and the demigod

the guy the chimera was chasing trips just out front of the "Otherroom" as the wall of earth rises between him and the chimera, a girl hurries out and helps the guy to his feet and looks across the street at the others, the chimera changes focus and starts spitting fire at Zoun, Rita and Micaela

Rita: Her eyes widen and she jumps out of the way of the fire, although burning her shoulder

Micaela: Dodges easily and readys her spear. Is that all you've got, Kitty-Cat?

the chimera looks as if it's sneeering at them, and pounces on a nearby van so that it's above the group and blows more fire all around it

Zoun: he raises a pillar of earth under the van, throwing it and the chimera into the air

Rita: Manages to shoot an arrow at it.

the chimera disappears as if it were never there, it doesn't disintegrate, it's just not there anymore

Rita: Has a look of both shock and amazement Ok, that was odd.

Zoun: I would suggest that we find the man the Chimera was chasing and attempt to glean what information we are able.

Rita: Nods and, tries to move but, winces in pain, due to her burnt shoulder.

the girl who went out to help the guy is now walking with him down the next street up away from the group

Zoun: Perhaps it would be advisable for one of us to approach the man and see if he has knowledge of why he was being attacked?

Rita: Gulps a bit, holding her shoulder I guess I will. Walks up to the two, and says softly E-Excuse me, sir?

as the two were already heading up the side street and were quite a bit away from the group, they can't hear her or see that she's talking to them, as they are walking away from them and have their backs turned

Rita: Tries to run but, clutches her shoulder and shakes her head. I-I can't run. Can you, Zoun?

the guy and girl are completely out of site now

Zoun: I believe we would have better results at the other address instead, the hospital.

Rita: Very well.

they travel to the hospital

Zoun: There is little reason to believe that there will be any pertinent information in this location, but nevertheless we should investigate.

Rita: I agree. Also, we do not have any other leads so, we might find another at this address.

Zoun: There seem to have been several attacks in the area, perhaps we should investigate the hospital? There may be patients of such attacks there.

Rita: But, from what the ghost supposedly said, isn't the hospital abandoned?

Zoun: My apologies for my forgetfulness. If that is the case, then I do not see any further value to investigating this hospital, unless you have good reason for us to press on.

Rita: Hasn't there been an unusually high amount of monster attacks in that area?

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