(This Character Is a special character for Lilith's Letter Missions and is most likely rp'd by Flame, Bach or Lott)

The Basics

Full Name:   Pagos
Nicknames/Aliases:   None
Title:   Son of Nyx
Family:   Unknown
Born:   Unknown
Age:   Unknown
Status:   Alive
Gender:   Male
Species:   Demigod
Native Language:   Unknown
Languages Spoken:   English, others?


Combat & Abilities

Skills: Many and varied
Weapon of Choice: Shadow, blood, Ouranous' Blood
Strengths: Many
Weaknesses: Unknown

Pagos is, like Lilith, a first-generation blood user, which is to say that he had contact with blood that fell from Ouranous' veins to his own without alteration. On top of this, he was originally a son of Nyx, resulting in not only an unrivaled control over his blood based powers, but a vast improvement in those abilities originally given to him by his mother. A notable side effect is that he ages at about 1/100th of the normal speed.

General & Misc Info
General Personality

Pagos seems to have an interest in bringing a sense of order to the world. The exact nature this order would take is unknown, though it can be assumed that it would not include the gods as they represent the only great indirect challenge to his ascension. To say that Pagos is an evil individual could be accurate, though his proponents would undoubtedly say that certain sacrifices must be made to further the greater good. He is certainly willing to do anything, perhaps short of sacrificing his own life, to obtain his goals.

General Information

Current Location: Unknown
Pets: None
Likes: Order, the greater good.
Dislikes: Chaos, selfishness.
Fears/Phobias: Lilith
Hobbies: Unknown
Motto: Unknown
Moral Compass: Lawful Evil
Immediate Goals: Establish control over demigods
Long Term Goals: Usurp gods, Establish a new world order
Note: Once Phase 3 of Lilith's Letter is over, some of these character may either be given away or made into a regular character by one of us, but that is not a guarantee.
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