Sayuri Soto

(This Character Is a special character for Lilith's Letter Missions and is most likely rp'd by Flame, Bach or Lott)

The Basics

Soldier by molybdenumgp03  
Full Name:   Sayuri Soto
Nicknames/Aliases:   Black Lotus
Title:   None
Family:   Soto
Born:   9/3/1990
Age:   22
Status:   Alive
Gender:   Female
Species:   Human, Mortal
Native Language:   Japanese
Languages Spoken:   Chinese, English

Sayuri Soto, daughter of Takahiro Soto, watched monsters brutally kill her parents and siblings at only twelve years old. Gifted with The Sight, possessed by the desire to deliver justice, and armed by her family fortune, Sayuri and her team of like minded individuals poses a significant threat to any who may get in their way. Sayuri had a hard time differentiating between Monsters and Demigods as both have had a negative impact on her life. Thus, she puts them all in the same category; targets to be eliminated.

Recent events have called her prior stance into question, and as she now finds herself working in collusion with camp, her vengeful attitude has likely shifted to encompass only monsters and those working alongside Pagos. The brutal deaths of her companions in Guangzhou, and the subsequent destruction of her life's work, hit her hard, and until those responsible are held accountable, she will go nowhere. How she feels about the Broken Covenant and the status of the gods has yet to be revealed.

Combat & Abilities

Skills: Commando
Weapon of Choice: Various firearms, knives
Strengths: Ranged combat
Weaknesses: Melee combat, mortal

Sayuri, as a mortal, has no notable powers other than The Sight, which originally allowed her to see her parents' killers and has since permitted her actions of vengeance over the past decade.

General & Misc Info
General Personality

Sayuri is a quietly angry person, and long fostered a strong hate towards all she viewed as monsters; demigods and true monsters alike. With that illusion shattered, and her entire past gone with it, she now finds herself almost directionless. With one imperative remaining, to destroy Pagos and all he stands for, perhaps she will be able to return to some sense of normality.

General Information

Current Location: China, Camp
Pets: None
Likes: A clear objective, vengeance
Dislikes: Monsters, Pagos
Fears/Phobias: Unknown
Hobbies: Shooting things, stabbing things, chess
Motto: None
Moral Compass: Lawful Neutral
Immediate Goals: Stop Pagos
Long Term Goals: Eliminate monsters
Note: Once Phase 3 of Lilith's Letter is over, some of these character may either be given away or made into a regular character by one of us, but that is not a guarantee.
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