(This Character Is a special character for Lilith's Letter Missions and is most likely rp'd by Flame, Bach or Lott)

The Basics

Full Name:   Tamarisk
Nicknames/Aliases:   None
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Family:   {{{family}}}
Born:   Uknown
Age:   Unknown
Status:   Alive
Gender:   Female
Species:   Nymph
Native Language:   Unknown
Languages Spoken:   English

Very little is known about Tamarisk at this time, though it appears that she knew Lilith in the past and that Lilith saved her life at one point. She claims that she owes Lilith for this, even though she has remained trapped within Wollemi National Park for nearly 300 years and is naturally curious about the outside world. Recently she unknowingly bound herself to Pagos through an attempt to free herself, and although she gained this freedom she is now effectively a slave of another kind. Her current status is unwilling, but she is hardly ready to commit suicide to deny Pagos her aid.

Combat & Abilities

Skills: Horticulture
Weapon of Choice: Wand
Strengths: Plants
Weaknesses: Fire


  1. They have the ability to turn into the tree that their life force is attached to
  2. They have the ability to transform people a tree of their choosing; this effect does not last long, they have the most power over the type of tree that their life force is connected to


  1. They can manipulate the trees to form a barrier that can shield them for a short time from attack
  2. They can create a flurry of leaves, to blind an attacker, the longer they keep up the flurry of leaves, the more energy it drains


  1. They have the innate ability to talk trees to life, either making them grow more quickly or bringing them back from a recent death, they have the most power over the type of tree that their life force is connected to
  2. They Can create trees from nothing, the larger the tree the more drain on the user, they have the strongest control over the type of tree that their life force is connected to
  3. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  4. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs
  5. Their life force is attached to a tree, the further they go from it, the weaker they get, eventually if they go too far they'll die, in some cases, depending on the size of their life source, it can be potted for transport to a new location
  6. Depending on the type of tree their life force is attached to, they retain minor characteristics of the flower.
  7. For trees that also flower, they sometimes have some of the traits/powers of a flower nymph
General & Misc Info
General Personality

Tamarisk is a fairly self contained individual, often appearing shy, but willing to open up to others when necessary. As a result of her containment for hundreds of years, she is extremely curious about the outside world, even almost to a fault. It should be noted that she has no interest in helping Pagos, other than saving her own life.

General Information

Current Location: Unknown
Pets: None
Likes: Novelty, plants
Dislikes: Entrapment, fire
Fears/Phobias: Fire, Pagos
Hobbies: Making things from Plants
Motto: None
Moral Compass: True Neutral
Immediate Goals: Live, stop Pagos?
Long Term Goals: Learn more about the world
Note: Once Phase 3 of Lilith's Letter is over, some of these character may either be given away or made into a regular character by one of us, but that is not a guarantee.
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