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Special Characters

These characters are considered "special characters" and may, given that the right decisions are made, become available as usable characters in Camp or the Broken Covenant after the Lilith's Letter Campaign is complete. This page will be updated each time one is discovered, or whenever information about any one of them is found by any team.

Pagos is at the head of this list, though is not collectable.

Characters RP'd by Flame.....





More info on Pagos Here......


Location Unknown

Born of night and bound in ice,

blood as his saviour and sacrifice,

blades sanguine, eyes glowing red,

two lingering lights among the bones of the dead,

cloaked in shadow, crowned in white,

standing testament to a fallen gods' might.


2012-09-21 0753

Location: Japan

Drinker of blood, killer of many,

Morana stands powerful and plenty,

Cursed with a crave for blood on smell and sight,

Ran into Lilith on an unexpected night,

Killed another, ran in fright,

Tried to kill another, sufficed for life

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