Quentin “Q” Hathar

(This Character Is a special character for Lilith's Letter Missions and is most likely rp'd by Flame, Bach or Lott)

The Basics

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Full Name:   Quentin “Q” Hathar
Nicknames/Aliases:   Q
Title:   Child of Circe
Family:   Brendan Krueger, Circe
Born:   17 November 1993
Age:   19
Status:   Alive
Gender:   Male
Species:   Demigod
Native Language:   English
Languages Spoken:   English

Braiden and Shirin met and fell in love while attending Camp Half-Blood in the late 1980s, Braiden a son of Hecate, and Shirin a daughter of Poseidon. When they turned 20, they decided to leave camp and start a family, Chiron warned them of the dangers that would be in store for them, but they were determined. Things seemed fine for a couple of years, until their daughter was born and they decided to stay in one place. They moved to Oakdale, California and bought a small home surrounded by forest. Everything seemed fine, until just before their daughter’s first birthday, on 20 October 1991 it had been a rather dry fall, and had not rained in weeks. Just as they were putting the baby down for the night, a chimera burst through the door of their home. Braiden yelled at Shirin to take the baby and run while he held it off. Braiden tried to lead the chimera in the opposite direction, and it followed at first, Braiden tried his best against the chimera, but was failing miserably, at the last minute a satyr that Chiron had ordered to keep an eye on them pulled Braiden out of the way. The monster then decided to go back for the girl, instead of attacking the satyr and Braiden.

Braiden struggled against the satyr, but because his injuries were so severe, the satyr held him in place. The fires that were started because of the chimera, quickly blocked Braiden’s way to go after the chimera. Hoping that Shirin had made it to safety with their child, he allowed the satyr to get him to safety. Sadly, Shirin and the child were never seen again. Braiden went back to camp to recover, but was overcome with grief. He attempted to kill himself, but some of the campers stopped him before he could. Knowing that Poseidon was furious with him, for allowing his daughter to die, he decided the best way to die, would be to tempt entering Poseidon’s domain. In the guise that he was going to go back home to England, he left camp and pretended to head to the airport, but instead rented a sail boat, and took it out onto the Atlantic. As he hoped, Poseidon threw everything he had at Braiden, and his boat shipwrecked.

However, he did not die, he washed up on shore of a remote island, and was nursed back to health by the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on, Circe.

Having nothing to go back to, when she asked him to stay, he said yes. Circe was ecstatic; finally, someone agreed to stay with her, on this lonely island. Everything was fine for months, until Brendan was born, knowing that it would be no life for Brendan on the island, she begged Braiden to leave her so that he could raise their son.

The basic idea is that, Circe and Braiden actually had twin boys, but tried to keep one because she didn’t want to be alone, and convinced Braiden she only had one son, and left the island to raise Brendan. After a few months Zeus found out, and they took the child from Circe, part of the punishment for trying to raise her child, was to not allow Quentin to go to his mortal parent, and instead was left at an orphanage/foster care. He grew up troubled, constantly being shuffled from home to home, always causing problems. The only things he was ever really good at was fencing and martial arts, until his powers came in, and he was quite adept with transforming things and creating illusions. He managed to survive a hellhound attack at 14, but because the hellhound attacked while he was <insert some illegal activity here> he was caught by the cops. He was sent to juvie, each stay in juvie a bit longer. Pagos learned of him, and felt his powers were too good to be wasted like that, so he offered to get Quentin out of juvie, if he would be loyal to Pagos. Pagos knows that Quentin has a twin, but for now is happy with just having Quentin.

See Brendan Krueger for his twin's history.....

Combat & Abilities

Skills: fencing and martial arts
Weapon of Choice: Magic or swords
Strengths: Using his magic
Weaknesses: Can be a bit hotheaded and acts before thinking


General & Misc Info
General Personality

He often acts before thinking, he never wanted to go to camp and instead barely got by using his illusions and magic. In some ways he's great-full to Pagos, but either way he's never been nor is, nor ever will be happy with the gods and their petty rules and behaviour. He's hard headed, but loyal when he needs to be.


General Information

Current Location: Unknown, last seen in Canada
Pets: None
Likes: Beer and magic
Dislikes: the colour pink
Fears/Phobias: the ocean
Hobbies: drinking, gambling and performing magic tricks
Motto: WIP
Moral Compass: Wherever he feels like
Immediate Goals: Reconcile with his brother
Long Term Goals: WIP

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