Even though he is an automaton, he has feelings and acts like a regular being. Because of his mechanical body, Lin doesn't show his feelings very often, though they do tend to show up in his voice. He is caring and loves to help out, but often comes across as slightly sad for an unknown reason. He won't speak of what happened in his last life, but it's obvious that there is some shadow over his heart. Despite this, he puts all he can into helping other campers and making music. He tries to act cheerful, but has trouble making it look real.


Dhalia was an amazing pianist, attracting Apollo through her skill and modesty. They ended up having an affair despite Dhalia already being married, and Lin and Ren were born. They were lucky that their stepfather, Nicholas, looked similar to Apollo, and everyone, including the twins, thought that Nicholas was the twins' father.

As their mother was a pianist, they too were raised to play music, but Dhalia didn't limit them to just piano. They learned how to play the flute, the guitar, the bagpipes, and several others. Nicholas didn't have much time to take care of them, as he was often out on buisness as a noble. Being raised in 13th century France, they both owned a horse for travel.

They found out that they were Demigods at age 11, when they were attacked by a Harpy. Their father wasn't home, and they fled to his study. Lin grabbed an ornamental sword off the wall, and stabbed the Harpy when she came through the door in pursuit. The Harpy crumbled to dust and the twins asked their mother about it. Dhalia explained that their actual father was Apollo, and gave Ren a magical bow, explaining that it had been given to her by Apollo. She also told them that Apollo had told her that monsters could only be killed by weapons of Celestial Bronze.


Lin [[|-Child of Apollo]]

He glances up from the book he was reading, appearing rather bored. He smiles slightly at you, but the smile doesn't reach his eyes.

Lin kept the sword he had found in his "father's" study, while Ren carried the bow. They became reknowned musicians and surpassed their mother at only age 16. Out of all of Apollo's gifts, it was the gift for music that they inherited the most, as was evident in their passion for it. They tried to keep their gift mostly a secret, as monsters recognized them for what they were, and would attack them during, before, or after live performances.

At about 21 years of age, they were traveling to meet with other musical masterminds, when they were attacked by a Gryphon. Working together as they had against all the other monster attacks, Ren and Lin managed to cause a lot of damage. But the Gryphon was also a lot stronger than any monster they had faced, and caught Lin in it's claws. Despite Ren's efforts to stop the Gryphon, Lin was ripped to shreds. In a spurt of grief, she caught up Lin's sword and managed to plunge it through the monster, finishing it off.

A few years ago, Hestaphus was inspired by a mortal concept called the Vocaloid, or digital popstar. Deciding to challange himself if he could bring this idea to life, Lin's mechanical body was created. In searching for a way to make this creation an amazing musician, he came up with the idea of binding a soul to the machine. After obtaining permission from Hades, Hestaphus noticed Lin's soul, and decided it would work as as a good test subject. He implanted Lin's soul into the machine and began to work out bugs. After tinkering with Lin for a year and a half, Hestaphus decided that he was ready and allowed Lin to return to Earth. Lin wandered about for days, attempting to reach the places he remembered. Eventually, he came across a demigod named Espere, and he ended up saving her life. She had been told the location of Camp Half-Blood, so Lin came with her.


  • Some can store and release electricity, and can use this power to temporarily stun others or even power-up electronics. However, the more electricity they store, the more stress it will induce on their generator, which could lead to malfunctions or even a complete shut-down. If this happens they need to be repaired by a child of Hephaestus.
  • Some can also fly, they can reach speeds up to 120 mph, though sustaining a speed over 60mph can cause their systems to overload and require a child of Hephaestus kid to fix them
  • Some are able to mimic any sound they hear, from voices to music
  • Some can record anything being played around them, whether it's music or a conversation
  • Some have a USB port and can connect with other electronics
  • They do not need sleep, but they do need to re-charge their power supply at times
  • They are adept at hacking computers
  • They can jack in and communicate with a variety of different machines and technology
  • They can activate and deactivate electronic devices at will
  • Due to Lin's spirit having been a demigod in his past life, he has slightly better music skills and high creativity. However, this also means that monsters can sense him as if he were a Demigod.


Name Relation Feelings
Espere Friend "If this is what so-called 'Destiny' is, I will protect you until I fall."
Dhalia Mother "I'm sorry. We promised we would live longer than you, I just hope Ren managed to keep her promise."
Ren Twin Sister "Please, I just hope you lived a long life. I miss you."
Apollo Father "Were you just watching during that battle? Was my death part of your stupid prophecies?!"
Hestaphus Creator "What kind of torment is this?! Why did you bring me back?!"


  • Celestial Bronze Short Sword
  • An ancient leather flower, the only surviving physical memory of Lin's first life
  • A spare power box he keeps just in case of an emergency
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