Lucifer is aggressive and assertive. He's arrogant, and believes everyone else is inferior compared to him. He can be caring, but only to the people he really cares about, such as his adopted mother, Mary. He is a bit of a flirt, and doesn't get flustered easily. He is, however, fairly easy to enrage. Despite how he may seem however, Lucifer isn't the kind of person to attack first, and think later. While he enjoys fighting, he also acknowledges that firing punches at an enemy with no strategy will lead to nothing but defeat. Lucifer likes to think before he attacks, always looking for chinks and openings as he fights. As a result of this, Lucifer is actually a pretty good strategist, always using the area and luck to his advantage.


Aria Blumstein had just gotten out of a long relationship, thanks to an argument that led to her former loved one to leave her. The man, Nathaniel Sullivan, said he couldn't no longer handle her due to the fact that taking care of himself and Aria, as she had no job, was more than stressing for him. Only minutes later, they had a fight. This led to Aria being scarred, and Nathaniel being put in jail. As a result, Aria felt more than heartbreak.

She had known Nathaniel for a long time already, and if she made him like this, there is no person for her. She finally felt as if she had enough of this cruel, harsh world. She wanted out of this hell, she wanted to be freed of these invisible chains. Thus, leading her to nearly jumping off a tall building in Berlin. She was determined to end her life, and she had truly had enough of this pain inside her.

But before her feet could escape the ground, and into the cold air, she was stopped by a man named Johnathon Angst, who was really Deimos in disguise. Right before Aria thought she couldn't find love, she did in the form of a god. You can say it was love at first sight, and with Johnathon (Deimos), Aria had felt whole again. Or so she had thought. Deimos, being a god, could only stay with her for so long.

Sadly, their love had only lasted the day, as Deimos had disappeared. Aria's heart, was once again, broken. But then, she had learned Deimos had left her a gift. This gift was in the form of Lucifer. Realizing she was pregnant with her future child, Aria knew she couldn't just let herself attempt suicide again. She pressed herself to keep going, for Lucifer's sake and the hope of seeing Johnathon again.

But things had turned for the worst again, sadly enough. When the birth of Lucifer came on October 31, 1996, she died conceiving him. The nurse who witnessed Lucifer's birth, Mary Morgenstern, took pity on the new born. She adopted him, and took care of him as if she was her own. She named him "Lucifer," after one of the seven princes of Hell, and the demon of Pride.

As a child growing up, Lucifer often got into fights. It basically started way back, when Lucifer was in kindergarten. One of the bigger kids, Blume Acker, had commented on how Lucifer was named after a demon, and that he should be stoned. But already being the rebel he is now, Lucifer just smirked and said, "At least I'm not named after a flower." Everyone began laughing at Blume, and he grew red with embarrassment. Tears threatened to fall from Blume's eyes, as he staggered. In a fit of rage, Blume tried to punch Lucifer. But before the blow could connect with the smaller Lucifer's body, he moved out of the way, and flipped Blume to the ground. He started hitting him repeatedly, while Blume cried for Lucifer to stop. Eventually, the teachers were forced to step in, and call Mary, while Blume was sent to the nurse's room. In the end, he was expelled from the school, and Lucifer received a vicious tongue lashing from Mary as she searched for possible schools that would consider taking Lucifer in.

As he got older, Lucifer became more and more of a delinquent. He often cut class, and his need to fight someone was slowly growing stronger. He was generally feared by the people around him, and had an attitude to back it up. He had few to little friends, and hardly anyone dared to speak to him. Lucifer didn't mind being ignored like that, knowing everyone feared him was enough for him.

But it wasn't until Lucifer learned what it meant to feel "fear" did he really understand what he was capable of. Time skip to when he was 13, when his first monster attack occurred.

As usual, Lucifer was hanging with his own gang of misfits, cutting class of course. While they were passing each other smokes, Lucifer refused to take a cigarette. Sure, he was arrogant and violent, but that didn't make him an idiot. He knew smoking would damage his body, and that could ruin his health, which could prevent him from fighting. Lucifer's logic is a fascinating one.

It didn't take long for them to get caught. Mr. Finn, the principal of Lucifer's current school, seemed to appear out of no where, as he glared at the children in front of him. As usual, he seemed to reek with the scent of wet canine, his nostrils seemed to flare while staring at Lucifer. His bushy eyebrows positioned in a manner to show that he is agitated, and his scruffy beard hinted the color of crimson, the color of blood. He spoke in a hoarse tone, more like a cough in actuality, "What. Are. All. Of. You. Doing?!!"

Lucifer actually flinched listening to Mr. Finn, he wasn't like this the last time Lucifer saw him. In fact, Mr. Finn belonged in the group of the more "fragile" staff of the school. Him becoming enraged was a strange, unfamiliar sight to Lucifer. Not only that, but he wasn't speaking in his German accent again, something that usually Lucifer doesn't speak in. You might think Lucifer was cautious at first, and he was. But it didn't take long for him to become wrapped in his old, usual routine again.

"Eh? Mr. Finn, if you think we've done something bad, then I'm afraid you are mistaken. In any case, they should be punished, as I was the only one that didn't smoke." The boys started at Lucifer with disbelief, then hatred. They respected Lucifer for his power, but admitting that they were smoking ruined their impression of him. Lucifer noticed the sour glares he was receiving from his former gang, but he took no care for it. He was going to ditch someday anyway, might as well give them up now.

But Mr. Finn didn't care about the fact that the boys were smoking, he was more interested in a different manner. Lucifer. He spoke in a hoarse voice again, but this time, it was more devious sounding, "Boys, you are dismissed. Do not come back here, is that . . . understood?" Lucifer opened his mouth in shock, as the boys ran off to their classes that they were supposed to intend. One of them even turned back to face Lucifer again, only to flip him the finger.

Lucifer was enraged by this, his voice full of bitterness, "Mr. Finn, I don't understand! I never smoked, so why the freaking hell did you let them go but not me?!" Mr. Finn growled at Lucifer, slamming a meaty fist at the locker Lucifer was leaning on. Lucifer jumped, and stared in shock as Mr. Finn practically screamed at him, "Do not speak back, demigod! Or I will make your death even more horrific than I intended to!" Lucifer struggled finding his voice, this was the first time he was generally surprised and maybe even . . . frightened. "Y-you're-" He stopped mid sentence, as Mr. Finn started undergoing a type of transformation.

Mr. Finn's face started becoming more prominent, his nose becoming more round, like the snout of a hound. His eyes started giving the impression of being pointed, and his teeth became sharpened, like the fangs of a wolf. He started becoming more hairy, until his body was that of a sleek, black seal. His clothes ripped a part, revealing his usual covered feet to be that of flippers, and his eyes appeared to be more beady.

"You're a monster!" Lucifer cried out, trying his best to back away from the beast. "Huh? What's wrong, Lucifer? I thought you were stronger then this, where's that pride of yours?" Lucifer looked at the ground, defeated. There was no way he could beat Mr. Finn, unless . . . Lucifer started forming a plan in his mind, as Mr. Finn grew closer to him. "I won't even need my spear for this!" Mr. Finn laughed, which sounded more like a bark really. He brought out a pen, until Lucifer realized what it really was. A spear. He lodged it in the ground, and turned his attention back to Lucifer. "Now, ready to die child of terror?"

Lucifer didn't pay interest back to Mr. Finn, he need to get that spear. He rushed pat Mr. Finn, right before Mr. Finn was about to sink his claws into Lucifer's shoulder. Lucifer kicked him into the locker walls, which surprisingly got Mr. Finn bit stuck, leading him to cry in pain. "Agh, you crafty little boy, I'm make your death even more unpleasant!"

Ignoring what Mr. Finn said, Lucifer looked at the spear, and with a quick move, he grabbed the bronze shaft of the spear. "Oh, going for my celestial bronze spear I see? Excellent, try removing it from the ground, just know your efforts are useless!" Lucifer knew it was lodged in pretty bad, but he knew that if he didn't release it from the earth in the next 30 seconds, Mr. Finn will be freed, and Lucifer will die.

With all the strength he could muster, Lucifer gripped the shaft, and pulled it from the ground. Hearing the spear being removed from the solid ground, Mr. Finn cried, "Impossible!"

Lucifer just smirked, and said, "You know, you were a terrible principal." And with that being said, Lucifer struck Mr. Finn with the spear. Mr. Finn gasped, before evaporating into a golden dust, that flew away with the air.

Lucifer smiled proudly, he had just killed a monster. But that didn't last long, for he was quickly found by the other school staff. He was quickly charged with the destruction of school property. He was also a suspect for the sudden departure of Mr. Finn, but as there no was no proof that Lucifer was the one who had Mr. Finn "disappear," they let that one slide.

But it was only that one. Luckily for Lucifer however, Mary had enough money to pay for all the damage caused by "Lucifer." So there was no need for any trial or even the fact that Lucifer could've been put behind bars. However, now, no school within Lucifer's radius would accept him. They've heard a lot about him, that much was true. But it was negative, no one wants a complete misfit that gets into fights, and vandalizes to be one of their students.

Lucifer smirked, he didn't mind not going to school. Mary, however, had a different opinion, especially when Lucifer told her what happened during school that day when he was attacked by Mr. Finn.

She gave him enough money for him to buy a ticket to New York, and sent him to live with one of her trusted accomplices. Lucifer didn't understand why she was doing this, having him go to New York, and live under the roof of someone he doesn't even know, much less trust.

And why New York of all places?

But Lucifer knew it was pointless asking why he was supposed to leave the warmth of Mary's home, as that woman was stubborn as a mule.

So Lucifer, unwillingly, packed up his clothing and other items of importance, before Mary threw him something; a necklace. Lucifer stared at the pendant attached to the string, before asking Mary, "What is this?" Mary spoke softly, "Something to remind you of home." Lucifer just sighed, before putting it on. "Idiot . . ." He muttered before running to Mary, hugging her. Lucifer mumbled in German, "You're not abandoning me, right?" Mary shook her head, and responded in German as well. "Of course not."

A little bit later, night passed, and it was time for Lucifer to leave the land of Germany. He said goodbye to Mary for one last time, before heading off into the US.

Leaving an airport in New York, he was greeted by a man who must be Mary's accomplice. He was a gruff man, with a wispy beard, and eyes that reminded Lucifer of the bark of trees. He seemed to have a problem with his legs, as he used crutches to aid him while walking. He spoke, his voice caring and lucid, "So you must be Lucifer! My name is Grain, pleasure to meet you!" He brought out a hand, wanting to shake hands. But Lucifer, being the person he is, ignored this gesture. He didn't want to touch the hand of a hermit. Lucifer sighed, "Looks like I'm stuck with a pansy . . ." He muttered, not caring if the man known as Grain heard or not. And what kind of person would name their son Grain? Really, Lucifer did not understand Grain at all.

Grain laughed, as he gave Lucifer a slap on the back. "Just like Mary, I see!" Lucifer was tempted to hit the man back, but decided to be kind and not break Grain's arm. He was an acquaintance of Mary, after all. He couldn't be as bad as he seems.

Lucifer was being escorted by Grain, when he suddenly heard the sound of loud barking, a booming sound. Lucifer covered his ears, "What the hell is that coming from?!" Grain bit his lip, his eyes full of fear, "Oh dear . . ."

A large hell hound appeared, rushing towards Lucifer. "Giant dogs, great, it's like anything with canine qualities hate me." Lucifer muttered. Grain started biting his nails as the hell hound grew closer, the mortals completely oblivious of the massive hound. "So I'm guessing you can see the giant dog too, then?" Lucifer asked Grain, as he nodded.

"Let's get a move on!" Grain yelled. They rushed past a hot dog vendor, while running to Grain's house. Luckily for them, they managed to escape the hell hound, as it was busy devouring the hot dogs from the vendor they passed.

Finally, they ended up in Grain's home. It was a bit messy, with massive loads of cans everywhere. Lucifer was starting to like Grain even less and less. But he also seemed to know something. "Okay," Lucifer began. "You seem to know something, tell me what the hell that giant ass dog was about and why I should trust you. You might as well tell me how you know Mary, as well." Grain straightened himself, and replied, "Alright kid, I think I should start with me first."

Grain started taking off his long, baggy pants and Lucifer tried looking away when he realized how they resembled the limbs of a goat he once saw. Then, he turned his attention to Grain's feet, causing him to gasp. "Are those . . ." Lucifer didn't need to finish. Grain had hooves. He explained to Lucifer that he was satyr, and that it his job to protect demigods, like Lucifer. He knows his mother because she is also a demigod, a daughter of Athena, that he protected once as well. He also explained the mist, and that the reason why Lucifer was allowed to come into America legally, was because that she bended the mist, having the mortals think that Lucifer had American citizenship. He also explained monsters, and that Lucifer was attacked by a telekhine back when he was in Germany. He also told him how normal weapons are useless against them, and that they need to be defeated with celestial bronze or a demigod's own powers. And then, he explained Camp Half-Blood. He told Lucifer, who had recently turned 14, that he was supposed to bring him to this place, that it was a safe haven for demigods like Lucifer.

Lucifer could've just laughed, and told Grain he was nuts. Yet, all of what he was saying made sense. The telekhine, the hell hound, all of it. No matter how hared Lucifer tried to prove Grain wrong in his mind, the answer always came out to be the same. The Greek gods and goddesses are real, and that he is the son of one of them.

It was a lot to take in, especially for a kid like Lucifer. Grain smiled, he could sense Lucifer was distressed. He stood up, put his pants back on, and said, "Alright kid, I can tell your stressed by all of this. I'll go get you some food from the grocery, while you stay here. Understood?" Lucifer nodded, and Grain went off.

But Lucifer was curious of the area around him. He had never been to America before, and wanted to at least see what it's like in New York, before coming back to Grain's home.

Lucifer was amazed by the large skyscrapers in the city, he had never seen so many buildings before. Compared to New York, Germany's buildings were like a child's toys.

But like the saying, curiosity killed the cat, Lucifer's own curiosity would soon get the better of him. Walking around by himself, he didn't realize he had positioned himself in a gang's territory. He was analyzing a vandalized building in front of him, before he was knocked out.

As it turned out, the gang was made out of rouge demigods. They were going to kill Lucifer, just for the fun of it, when they realized he too, was a demigod. Seeing they could use him for their own crude advantage, they took him in.

Lucifer went through harsh training. The gang's leader, Johnathon, a tyrant son of Poseidon, had him spar often. In time, Lucifer soon grew to be strong, he became equipped with a sword, and now knew multiple ways of how to defeat his opponent. But Lucifer knew he could not submit to Johnathon's rule. Lucifer enjoyed fighting, but killing innocent people was a different manner together. He lived through hell with them for several years, until the day something horrific would occur.

It was a normal day, at least, that's how it started off. Summer had already began, and Lucifer was now 16. The gang was laughing together, telling each other stories of how drunk they had once gotten while they were drunk, while Lucifer just stared at them with disgust.

A girl and a boy later appeared. The girl and boy, both around Lucifer's age, were both armed with weapons. The girl appeared to be an Asian, while the boy was also Asian, probably Japanese. There was a large height difference between them, but they both had something in common: They had the cold eyes of a born killer. Lucifer knew something was about to begin, and he didn't want to be there when it happened. He yelled at Johnathon and his men, "You idiots, look!" He pointed at the figures but they were no longer there, their attack had begun. The first one to fall was Jackson, a son of Thanatos. The Japanese boy had impaled him with his katana, that had a dark energy around it. Soon, all of the other men were killed until only Lucifer and Johnathon was left.

Johnathon practically got on his knees and pleaded for them not to kill him. The girl responded with a quick movement of her battle axe, and Johnathon's head hit the floor.

Lucifer grimaced. He knew who their next target was, and he started running. The girl laughed, and chased Lucifer. Unfortunately for him, the girl was faster. He was tackled to the ground, and Lucifer stared at the girl with hatred in his eyes. "Now, now," The girl mused. "It's okay, I'll make it quick."

She brought out a dagger, and was about to slit Lucifer's throat, when he delivered a head butt to her face. The girl screamed, but not in pain. She seemed to enjoy the pain given to her. "Oh, I think I'm in love . . ." Lucifer stared at her with disbelief, before pushing her off him. "Freaking masochist!" He called at her before running off.

The girl was about to chase after Lucifer again, when the boy put his hand on her shoulder. "Enough, Paradox. Let the boy go, he won't last long." The girl, Paradox, pouted. "Aww, but I wanted to kill him, Rai!" Rai smirked. "I'd say a monster will find him in the next hour or so."

Unknowingly to Lucifer, the boy and girl, known as Rai Yukino and Paradox Yukino, were also rouge demigods. Hearing that another group of rouge demigods were also in the area, thanks to a rumor, they decided to attack the group, in hopes of being able to enjoy an actual fight. Much to their disappointment, they easily slaughtered the group.

Lucifer coughed, gasping for air, when he realized where he was. Grain's house. Lucifer sighed, and hoped that Grain would be home, when he was suddenly tackled again. "Agh, I thought I out ran you!" Lucifer yelled. "Huh? Whatever, Lucifer, where the heck have you been!" Lucifer brought his head up, only to realize that the person who tackled him was Grain. "Grain?"

Grain sighed. "Yes Lucifer, now while I go get a cab, you tell me where you've been." He muttered, but he was clearly happy to see Lucifer.

On the cab, Lucifer explained everything, from the gang, to the mysterious boy and girl. Grain's expression darkened. "Another group of rouge demigods, Lucifer." Lucifer didn't ask him what the Broken Covenant was, being too tired to bother anyway. Grain looked at Lucifer with a troubled glance. "Did you even use your sword?" Lucifer cocked his head to the side, confused. "What sword?" Grain explained that the necklace given to him by Mary could actually turn into a sabre once taken off the person's neck. Lucifer blinked twice. "Well, this could've been useful information." He muttered.

Eventually, they reached the camp and Lucifer was claimed by Deimos when he was 16. Thus, Lucifer's true story began.



  1. Children of Deimos have the ability to send a wave of terror out in front of them which causes anyone effected by it to imagine something they fear; the bigger the wave, the more energy used.
  2. Children of Deimos have the ability to unleash their battle-lust and fight to their full potential; however, they are temporarily blind to friend or foe and attack anyone nearby.
  3. Children of Deimos are able to project a person’s worst fears into their mind, causing temporary trauma and confusion into them. This power is only active for a short time.


  1. Children of Deimos can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.


  1. Children of Deimos are innately proficient in most forms of combat and hold a higher state of physical prowess.
  2. As more people near them are affected by fear, children of Deimos become stronger.
  3. Children of Deimos know the fears of everyone around them


  1. Children of Deimos have the ability to calm the fear of others.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Deimos can perpetuate an aura of pure terror which brings the thought of a great disaster to the forefront of the minds of everyone nearby, making them panic.


  1. Children of Deimos are generally immune to fear and terror.


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