Lucy is usually sweet, caring, and happy for the most part. It takes a lot to get her really angry, but when she does get angry at someone, she can hold a grudge for a long time.


Elizabeth and Lucy's dad met while Elizabeth was in New York, and they got very close. After a while, she got suspicious of him constantly leaving. When she would start questioning him, he would panic and leave. Eventually, she got fed up with it and told him that unless he explained, she would leave and not come back. He finally told her he was a god and what and where Camp Half-blood is, so he left before Lucy was born. They were together for about 1 year before he left, and he left and never came back, though she knew he was a god. Even at a young age, Lucy always wondered what had happened to her dad. Her mom told her that he died in a car crash, but she didn't believe her, because she had a feeling that he was still alive. Growing up with a single mom was hard for her since her mom didn't earn much money working as a teacher her mom worked a part-time job in a bakery. As a result, she didn't get as much attention as she would like from her mom, but she was grateful for what she had. In school, she was different from the other kids. For example, when she was in 5th grade, someone was teasing her. She felt anger bubbling up inside of her, and just as she was about to burst, the water fountain next to her burst instead, yet she remained dry. When she was 10, she was walking home from school and she took a shortcut that went through an alley, where she saw a man huddled in a corner. She walked over to him, and he suddenly grew larger, and eventually morphed into a baby Cyclops. She was in shock, and she dropped her bag on the ground, and her eraser fell out of it because it wasn't zipped up all the way. As soon as it hit the ground, it turned into a celestial bronze sword with her name engraved on the handle. The eraser was a gift from her father who had given it to her mother to give to her, but it was enchanted so if she lost it, it would come back to her. She hadn't payed any attention to it before. She threw it at the Cyclops, and out of pure luck she hit it, and it disintegrated. She ran all the way back home before it could recover. She didn't tell her mom what had happened, but one year after the attack, her mom decided it was time for her to know she is a demigod anyways. Lucy was in denial for a little while, and refused to even go out of her room, but she came around and realized she was just acting childish. Her mom took her to Camp Half-Blood, but they were attacked by a Harpie on the way. Luckily, they were just at the bottom of the hill of Camp Half-Blood. Lucy made a run for it, barely making it onto the camp grounds before the Harpie could catch her. Her mom had already sped off and she was long gone. Lucy just turned 12, so she went without monster attacks for about 6 months.


  • Lucy can control water
  • Lucy can breathe underwater
  • Lucy has good aim
  • Lucy is a good dancer

(Lucy's model is Brooke Hyland:))


Name Relation Feelings
Elizabeth Conlin Mother Lucy is pretty close with Elizabeth
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