Luna is very quiet and often doesn't know how to act around people. She is scarred for a tragedy that happened so it makes her feel uncomfortable around males, especially her father. She doesn't sleep because she's afraid to but she thinks of herself as "nocturnal" because she loves the night as much as she loves people, but not as much as singing. Her father describe her voice as "hypnotic" because he said it could lure in people.

Luna loves to sing and loves to be alone. She thinks more clearly when she is drawing, sketching, etc. because it relaxes her. Luna believes her pain can wash away by music or reading. Her vision isn't very clear and needs contacts because every time she wears glasses, she ends up breaking them. Despite the fact of her shyness act, she's actually very brave and doesn't like it when people stand in her way of trying to accomplish her goals. She loves kids a lot and helps other kids when she was younger.

Luna hates being picked on and thinks of herself as an easy target. She is quite sensitive to harsh word. Luna can be very sarcastic and rude, usually when she's stressed. Luna can be very calm when she's singing her favourite cover song from Hocus Pocus. Luna maybe described "emo" but she isn't. Her motto is "Never judge a book by it's cover" and she can be a bit of a brainiac. When you first approach Luna, she would be very shy, but eventually she'll get used to you. If she's ever in "Shy Mode" and someone is being very harsh to her, she'll breakdown.


One a dark night when the moon was full, Daniel Knight, a 30 year old bartender was tending a bar at his friend's party for his son's graduation. One young lady walked up to the bar and asked for a cocktail and was very interested on how Daniel can do those tricks. He told her that it takes practice. Daniel asked her name and her name was Nina. Daniel was being flattering and asked his old roommate from college to cover the bar for him as he wanted to know more about Nina. As his roommate accepted, he took Nina for a walk around the edge of the pool. Music was playing loudly and as people were dancing, someone accidentally hip-bumped Daniel which caused him to trip into Nina and caused for both of them to fall into the pool. Daniel and Nina laughed at each other as they were all wet. A slow song started to play and Daniel started to slow dance with Nina in the pool. Nina said it was the best experience she has ever had. Daniel helped Nina out of the pool and he led Nina inside where they were lots of other people, talking and eating snacks. Daniel started to fall for Nina and Nina started to fall for Daniel. Daniel led Nina upstairs and... you probably know the rest. Daniel woke up the next morning at his house. He didn't remember anyone taking him home which was strange to him. But, he never saw Nina again and he was pretty upset.

About nine months later, a knock was heard at his door, he opened it and there was a baby in a basket with a blanket wrapped around her. He picked up the basket and brought it inside. There wasn't a note but a tag that said "Luna" and he guessed that was the baby's name. He looked on the back of the tag and it said: "From, Nina/Persephone." Daniel was glad that Nina, or in this case, Persephone, sent him something, but he was confused why there wasn't a note. But, a sheet of paper with some writing on is was slipped underneath the door. Daniel set the basket down on the counter and picked up the sheet and it read: "Dear Daniel, if you are now reading this, you may have found a baby in a basket. Her name is Luna and she is our child. I'm sorry I never kept in touch, but I'm actually the Greek Goddess Persephone. One day, Luna will have to go to this special camp called Camp Half-Blood because she's a demigod. A map should be on the other side of this note. I have many priorities to keep and I don't have very much time, but do know that I will always love you. Goodbye. Love, Persephone." Daniel was sadden but, he cared for Luna. He flipped over the sheet that there was a map. Daniel hid it in one of his desk drawers in his study just in case for later.

When Luna was 3, Daniel married another woman and her name was Angelina. Angelina had 2 children two years older than Luna and their names were Maya and Melina. It was weird for Luna becase Luna had black hair while Maya had blonde hair and Melina had brown hair. Luna was confused by it. Angelina explained how they were different. Luna really liked Maya and Melina because of their hair and matching blue eyes. Luna said she wasn't special because she had boring black hair and boring green eyes. But the twins told Luna how they always wanted green eyes and said that she was special. Luna decided to look up at the twins as a role model.

At age 7, Maya and Melina were being picked on by a group of kids and when Luna saw this, she got mad. She walked up to the bully and yelled at him to stop picking on his sisters. The bully replied "Oh yeah? What're you gonna do 'bout it?" Then, Luna stepped on his foot really hard and slapped him across the face. He ran away with his group, wailing. Maya and Melina saw how Luna can defend herself and though that was super amazing.

When Luna was 10, she saw someone stalking her with glowing white eyes. She yelled at the top of her lungs: "STRANGER DANGER" because her father said if anyone was trying to watch her from afar, was to yell that. The teachers chased away the stalker and asked Luna if she was okay. When Maya and Melina went to pick up Luna from school, because their middle school isn't far from Luna's elementary school and both of their schools weren't far from home, Luna told Maya and Melina about her encounter with the stalker. Even though Luna was 10, she knew some pretty big words like hysterics, havoc, etc. Maya and Melina knew what Luna was because their mother told them and Angelina knew that because Daniel told her.

When Luna was 12 years old, she wanted to try out for the part of Wendy from Peter Pan for the school play. When she got there, a bunch of other girls were going to try out also. Most of them were really good singers and others were not so good. When it was Luna's time to sing, she got really nervous. She went up and sang her favorite song from Hocus Pocus. The judges liked how Luna would be a good character to the play. But, they said they would call Luna back in if there weren't any girls who could play the part. Luna went outside to think. She thought to herself if she wasn't any good, if she was bad, etc. but, she heard growling. She turned around to find a large dog growling at her. She bolted into the auditorium, the dog chasing after her. All the girls and judges saw this dog and ran in havoc. One girl threw a knife at it that looked like it was made form bronze, the knife getting stuck into the dogs head, just about it was lunging at Luna. Luna was confused how the girl did that and how that dog turned into gold dust. The judges were impressed by her bravery. Even though Luna did not get the part as Wendy, the directors decided that Luna's raw talent couldn't be wasted. So, they all agreed to make her Tinkerbell because the other girls didn't have that much talent as Luna.

At age 14, Luna realized she wanted to help people. She asked if she could come with Maya and Melina to the care center for disabled children. Maya and Melina smiled and brought Luna along. When Luna arrived, a bunch of little boys and girls, ran around laughing, giggling, and listening to one of the teacher read a story book. Once the children saw Luna, all of them ran over to her and ran around her. One little girl who had one of her legs removed and had to have an artificial leg walked up to Luna. Many of the other kids went back to doing what they were doing. Luna crouched next to the girl and though she was the most special girl of all. Even though other kids had an arm removed or were crippled, this little was the only one with her leg removed. Luna though she was so cute. The little girl said her name was Amanda and that she loved the piano. Since Luna had piano lessons when she was 13 and was taught out to fight as well, she called over Maya to the piano. Maya and Luna sat at the piano and played a duet of Heart & Soul. The children gathered around the piano and were amazed by the two girls. Melina snapped her fingers along to the beat. When Maya and Melina were going home, Luna decided to stay a bit longer because one of the nurses were having a hard time putting the children to bed. Luna went to one of the bookshelves and pulled out a storybook called Goodnight Moon. She read the book to the children until they were sleepy. The nurse was grateful for the help and Luna went home.

But, on her way home, some man put a cloth around her mouth and brought her to a dark ally. There, he saw how beautiful she looked and raped her. Luna didn't want this. She was so afraid. But, she couldn't fight because he had tied her wrists together. Once he was done, he untied her and left, but not before Luna got up and kicked him in the back, causing him to fall and hit his head. She was still very weak and she though he had the advantage when out of nowhere, her step-mother along with her father and her step-sisters came. Maya, Melina, and Angelina helped Luna home while Daniel beat up the guy for hurting his little girl. Angelina said she was gone for over an hour and she was very worried. When they got home, a package for Luna was at their doorstep. Luna was very suspicious about it, but it said "To Luna". Angelina opened it for her to make sure it wasn't a bomb or something. In the package was a bronze saber sword. Luna picked it up and it fit well in her hand. She figured she could use this for her own good.

Now 17, for the past two years, Luna had to deal with bullies and monsters. No one told her what she was or anything. She was very upset about this and didn't want to feel left out. The only contact with her mother was the sword. She appreciate it very much but she was still confused. She was afraid to sleep now due to the incident. One night, Luna snuck down to her father's study, looking for answers. She pulled out one drawer to find a map. She unfolded the map to see it was a route to camp. She heard footsteps coming and she pulled out her saber sword. The light flickered on and Maya was there. It startled Luna greatly. Then, a knock was heard at the door. Maya approached it with caution and looked out the peephole to find one of Maya's classmates. Maya opened it and it was the same girl who threw that knife at the hellhound a few years back. The girl, who Maya said her name was Penny, said she had been looking for Luna since the incident. Penny said she didn't know who Luna was. She wanted to take Luna to camp that day but she didn't get a chance to because Luna's dad took her out of the school and they ended up moving to a different house. It took Penny a while before she could smell out Luna. Penny said it was time for Luna to go, but she didn't want to leave without Maya and Melina. Maya woke Melina and said that it was time for Luna to go. Luna did understand about the whole demigod thing, but still confused about the saytr thing. Melina wrote a note on a sticky note for Luna's father. Luna picked up her sword and put it away. Maya, Melina, and Penny drove Luna to camp but at the entrance was a hellhound. Even though it was like 1 in the morning, a few demigods were there to help. Luna was scared about these kids for Luna had grown shy over the years. One camper led Luna into camp and told her it was a safe place from bad people. Luna liked this girl, but was still confused.


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