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Daughter of Nyx
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Lunes is an individual of high decorum who bases her ideals and views off of powerful individual around her.She is an individual who keeps to herself and often makes great efforts to not divulge her emotions to those who ask. Lunes demeanor is seen as cold and elusive to those who interact with her which causes her to not make friends as easily. Though, the rare cases when she does make an acquittance or two she is extremely loyal so much so that it may fault her. She isn't one to keep her mouth shut in confrontation, often going to the use of violence in situations where said tool is needed

Echo was a man of gentle and silent composure who was held in high regard in the astronomy world.He had been on a five-year mission to track down the location of an elusive comet that had crashed on earth many years prior. With university funding, the scientist made his way into the british columbia wilderness with an excavation van traveling through the dense and frost covered forest to find the comnet. He traveled for many hours deeper into the forest until he came upon a clearing where the grass lay dead and the trees hung sideways, almost as if weeping. The solum man walked forward into the clearing until he came upon a wide crater that had been eroded and charred away. He came upon the crater and saw exactly what he had been hoping to find all these years, the comet that collided here, on earth many years ago. Echo jumped with joy, he could finally publish his findings on the phenomena he had been studying for for many years. The man, happy with his discovery, began to walk back to his van to grab the equipment analyze and sample the comet. His movement was stopped when he heard to warm yet cold “Hello” from behind him. He, surprised by the voice turns around and grabs a tire iron, only to put it down when he sees a women of angelic allegiance. The women had black hair the color of ink that flowed like water over her porcelain skin. The wide moon that hung over cast a white shine over the landscape and reflected in the electric blue eyes of the female.

“Hello”? he asked as he approached the women

“I am Nyx”. she said with a look a majesty and serenity blessed upon her delicate face.

“Did you also make the journey to this location to find the Owlese comet?” he asked with admiration

“No , I often come to this area as I find this domain to be…let me would I put it, calming?”

“Oh, I can see why”.

Echo then proceeded to look around and admire the various frost covered floral and fauna that went beyond the ring of death. His eyes fell on the women and he went on to stare into her eyes and then is when he knew that they were meant to be. Now, Echo wasn't much for love at first sight but this just felt right and He wasn't going to let his logical get in the way of his heart.

“Your beauty rivals that of Aphrodite, your eyes are orbs of blue that look as though they should be swam in, I feel as though you are my lost goddess and that is why I ask you be my love”

Nyx smiles and nods , and Echo smiles as he sees his future in the flesh.

The two begin a loving and intellectual relationship with each other in which both individuals were happy and content. Four months into the devoted relationship, Nyx found out she was pregnant five months later with a baby girl. Nyx informed Echo of her goddess heritage and the struggles that their daughter would have as she got older. She informed Echo of the precautions the he would have to take with their daughter and gave him tools to take care of her. A few months later the baby was born and a day after said birth Nyx was gone. Echo was deeply saddened and despondent but he knew that she could not stay with him forever, he also knew he had a beautiful baby girl whom he had to worry about.

      At age six, Echo sent Lunes off to her first day of school. Once she arrived it was obvious that she was mature beyond her ages, often not being able to relate to her peers which cause her friendship accumulation to be pretty no existent. Echo was sad to see the social turmoil that his daughter was suffering due to her introvert personality characteristics. She often stayed home reading and drawing while the neighbor children played hopscotch and street hockey. Echo hoped for his daughter that as she got older, she would would open up and become more social with those around her. 
 When Lunes was nine, the family moved to Portland, Maine which would allow Echo to could continue his independent studies on lunacy and full moon effects. In order to try to get his daughter involved, he put her in art classes at the local YMCA. The action was met with mixed results as Lunes love  for the arts flourished and she began to drawing and painting on a regular basis, but still did not any friends or acquaintances from doing the activity. At age twelve she was (officially) diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia which Echo had suspected Lunes of having, which provoked the check up. The diagnosis did indeed affect Lunes self-confidence in her academics but not to the point in which her application to her studies wavered. Though reserved, Lunes and her father were two peas in a pod, chatting about astronomy and the space that surrounded their universe. 

At age thirteen, while Lunes was foraging for sticks for a sculpture she was working on for a local art gala she came upon a boy in a clearing that was home to beautiful sunflowers and daisy. Not the one to start a conversation, Lunes tried to ignore the curious sight and continued on with her actions.

However, this is not what occurred when the boy who seemed have some kind crutches, bent looking legs, and long black shaggy hair spoke.

"Isnt it beautiful, the mountains, the animals, its like the gods handcrafted each and every aspect of this landscape" 

“Yeah...Its real beautiful” Lunes said with a small smile on her face. She actually felt a connection with random individual, a connection that she usually didnt get with well...anyone. That day, she threw her insecurities and cautions to the wind and took in the boys melodic voice and the wind soothing sounds. The boy, Trevor was the first legitimate friend she had actually made and she wasn't going to let it go. No one saw nature and life like Trevor saw it and that what Lunes liked about him.

   One Day, at age fourteen, she and Trevor were walking home from a jazz festival at the park, when a dog red as blood came from a wooded thicket that lay adjacent to the pair. Lunes, with her blue eyes wide in fright looked over to Trevor seeing an exact mirror of dread plastered on the chubby face of the teen.The beast's eyes were a dark crimson that were pools of malice, blake smoke pooled out of wounds and orifices on its body, pooling around its legs and the trees around it. A freighting growl came out of a mouth full of jagged and razor sharp teeth ready to shred them to pieces. from its mouth. "

“HELLHOUND!!!” Trevor shouted, disparity etched in his voice.

The statement set the beast off and it began its trail of destruction towards the group like fire in a forest. Trevor hit Lunes to the side with his crutch to try and separate her from the situation but the creature had its eyes set on her and began to make a beeline straight towards its prey. 
Lunes jumped up from the ground and tried to run to the parking lot that desolate across the land. The creature was faster than her and jumped on her back , throwing her onto the pavement. She screamed  as she tried to shake off the precious nightmare creature. All hope was eroded away as lunes stared into the face of death. 
 The creature jaw opened wide and came down a few centimeters from Lunes face, drool dripping down her face in wet globs until suddenly the creature turned into golden dust that for some reason made Lunes think of Tinkerbell. There behind the dissipating ash cloud stood Trevor holding a large sword that appeared to be some type of bronze metal.His face held a expression of great disdain and concern, eyebrows furrowed and lips upturned. Breathing heavily, his arms relaxed and he let the sword drag heavy to the ground then as his breath began to regulate he put the put the sword in the hilt on his Backpack. 

“err...Thanks for saving me back there...though can you tell me what the heck is going on?!” Lunes asked frantically yet awkwardly.

“ all in time, all in time, though, we need to inform your dad of the incident”

The pair walked the few miles back to Lines's houses both battered and beaten from the attack.They arrive at their destination, Lunes tries frantically to open the door ,missing the lock several time until she finally able to get it into the keyhole open the door. Lunes runes into her living room to see her dad reading in his leather chair, glasses at the tip of his freckled nose. Echo looks up from his book and see his daughter and her friend battered and beaten, he quickly gets up and runs to console her.

“Are you okay, what happened? Oh she said this would happen, dammit…”

Trevor interrupted Echo’s ramblings and informed of what happened with the pair.After the explanation, Echo knew that it was time to tell his daughter everything. Lunes was in shock and lay quiet throughout the whole ordeal and conversation.

“ I think Mr.Primm that it is time to take Lunes to camp”

Echo thought for a long second, feeling sadness overtake him, as he knew what was to come. He knew that his daughter would have to leave for this camp his daughter’s mother had told him about but to actually have it happening right now...was surreal to say the least.

“Yes..Take her…” He said, voice cracking and eyes glazing over.

“Oh Daddy!” Lunes said as she began hugging her father, burying her face into the crook of her father's neck, tears trailing down her ruby red cheeks.

After what seemed like days. the pair broke apart and Trevor queued that it was time for Lunes to leave. They made their way out of the house and into the old red cadillac parked in the driveway of the small colonial house. As the car came out the driveway, Lunes looked the window, seeing her dad's solum form in the window, looking in sadness as his daughter journeyed off. They drove to camp with no other monster attacks, which was “to much surprise” as Trevor put it.

Basic Info
Full Name: Lunes Primm
Titles: Astro Girl
Current Location: CHB
Affiliation(s): CHB
Current Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: December 31, 1999
Current Age: 16
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Candian
Sexuality: Straight
Accent: none
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: OculusOpium
Inspiration Behind Creation: Artist
Love Interests Char/Owner: Painting, Writing, Drawing
Active RP's: none :(
Created Page On: December 28, 2015
Page Last Updated On: Today
Plans: WIP
3/6/9 Month Powers: none


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Lunes Primm ~ Daughter Of Nyx
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