Lyra isn't cold in the same way as Aurelia seems. Instead, Lyra is much more distanced. She's a daydreamer, and like to keep away from everyone and everything but her sister, because of her rougher life. She doesn't share anything. She doesn't purpose push people away from her but it sorta just happens because of her distanced mind. She just found it much less hurting to just distance herself. However she also has a very mature time, that steps in tougher situations. A side that could make her risk her life for the sake of her sister. A side that will make her yell back instead of crawling into her shell. She has a desire to help the people around her, however her more distanced side often comes in the way of her doing that. She's quite creative and can at times be very adventerous as well.


Seamus Flanagan grew up in the Irish Republic being a total ladies' man. One would describe him as a player, and he would often go through many girls in a matter of months. He had a very smooth personality, and had a huge ego. However, his charming ways and good looks was a foolproof plan of luring in the ladies.

Seamus was walking in the park one day when he spotted Pandia. Pandia's striking looks interested Seamus almost instantaneously. Pandia took a fake persona by the name of Bridgit Moriarty. He consorted with her that night after he took her out on a date, but left her early in the morning. Pandia originally had plans to reveal herself in the morning, but she found that Seamus was gone. However, when she found out she was pregnant with two twin girls, Pandia tracked down Seamus' house and left the babies on his doorstep a short period of time after finding his house. Seamus had no idea how to take care of children, let alone infants. He was also very young—only twenty. So he signed the documents and put them up for adoption. Seamus had to name them, however. The two infants were the very definition of purity in Seamus' eyes, so he gave them names that represented purity and grace.

Lyra and Aurelia Flangan were born on March 14, 1998. Since they were given up at a very early age, they were sent to a long-term foster home with experienced foster parents. The foster parents were very kind and caring, and adored the twins. Sarah and Emmett O'Sadnick raised the twins for three years, doing everything from changing their nappies to encouraging their first steps. The twins were very fond of their foster parents, and loved them despite the couple not being their biological parents. The couple wanted to adopt them so badly. However, Sarah died in a fatal car crash after their third birthday, never giving the idea of adoption way. The whole foster family was in consumed in grief. Emmett found that he couldn't raise both the twins alone, no matter how hard he tried. He abandoned the idea of ever adopting Lyra and Aurelia. For the girls' sake, he chose to give them up to another foster home that would be more suitable for the growing toddlers. Unluckily, the few foster homes in Ireland were all occupied, sending the girls to New York.

In America, they stuck out like sore thumbs. Their heavy Irish accents caused them to be teased for girls their father didn't even want. Childhood was tough. The twins stuck with a long-term foster home for girls for two years until they turned five. After their third foster home, they wished they just stayed in the home for girls or better yet, in Ireland with Emmett and Sarah. However, the odds were deifinitely not in their favor. No one wanted the twins. They preferred darkness over daytime and were very quiet. Most foster families saw them as creeps. They switched foster homes every six months, always moving schools.

At school, they were also bullied for being different. The twins grew up relying on no one except themselves. Sure, their foster parents would clothe and feed them, but the twins knew they only did it for endorsements from the government. They didn't love them. Only Aurelia loved Lyra, and only Lyra loved Aurelia. They got through their childhood together through all the obstacles.

When they were thirteen, they were positioned in a long-term foster home for girls again. The home for girls have them a breather before they were subjected to switching foster homes every six months. While their year long stay, their scent was sniffed out by a hellhound. The girls secretly went out of the foster home to the convenience store that full moon night when a hellhound picked their scent up. Walking in the dark, damp alley, Lyra caught sight of a monstrous beast. She and Aurelia hid between the dumpsters despite the smell. Unknowingly, they were already developing powers of Pandia children. Lyra blinded the hellhound temporarily with a strong beam of moonlight, giving way for the girls' escape. They escaped safely to the foster home with luck. The situation always puzzled the girls, but they pushed it away and classified it as a hallucination. The next two years went by with a repeat of their horrible childhood. Uncaring foster parents, horrible homes, and false concern from their foster parents.

When they were fifteen, they finally had enough of the foster homes. The ran away in the middle of the night from their current home on Long Island. During the runaway, a hellhound picked up their scent. This time, it actually attacked the girls. Power and helpless, the girls had no idea what to do. Lyra wanted to protect her younger sister, so she mortally wounded herself in order to do so. Aurelia was badly injured. The hellhound was close to finishing her off when a hunter of Artemis slayed the beast. The hunter saw how bad of a condition the twins were in, so she immediately brought them to Camp. Luckily, because of the location of their latest foster home, it was only a mile or so to Half Blood Hill. However, they could not save Lyra in time. Aurelia was crushed at her death. The only person she still knew truly cared for her had just passed away. Pandia pitied her children and gave mercy to Aurelia by transforming Lyra into a moon nymph. They reached Camp when they were both 15 (although, Lyra doesn't age anymore). Now they reside happily at Camp, finding a place they feel as their true home. They were both trained there, and they no longer had to bear the terrible feeling of being helpless ever again.


Name Relation Feelings
Aurelia Flanagan Twin sister The only person I trust fully. I gave my life for her, and I would do it again.
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