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Mac is tall, 6'5" with brown hair and green eyes. He dresses casually sometimes, but usually likes to dress his best and wears button downs and ties of some sort.


Mac grew up in a rather idyllic manner, unlike many demigods so he tends to be rather naive, and trusting. He is quick to make friends, and quicker to help people. He has a good sense of humor, and tends to smile a lot. His weakness though is that he freezes up under pressure, and doesn't understand this new world he was thrust into.


Mac's father was born incredibly lucky, he was class president in high school, he even won the jackpot when he tried slots. All of these things didn't inflate his ego though and he soon attracted the attention of Tyche his senior year of college. They began dating and shortly after getting his first job they found out Tyche was pregnant with Mac. She knew as soon as it happened that she would have to leave him, and so began to push him away. After dropping off the newborn Mac, Tyche vanished. Being lucky the father soon found love again, and when Mac was just eighteen months old his father married his step-mom. The new couple decided that it would be less painful for Mac if he never knew that his mother abandoned him, and so for the first fifteen years of his life Mac lived in blissful ignorance of his mythologic background. Well that is not completely true, as Mac did grow up knowing he was different. He never really had to deal with problems other kids his age did, he always did well in school, no one bullied him, and in general things went his way usually. He was incredibly lucky in short. Then when he was just sixteen things started to go wrong in his life sudddenly. First his car had a branch fall on it, then his mom slips and falls breaking her arm, his dad gets fired, and many more unusual and unfortunate occurrences. Finally as his dad drove his family home from dinner one night a tire pops and they go careening off of a bridge, with Mac as the only survivor. After calling the police, and going through the steps, he eventually returned to his supposedly empty home, only to find Bella there waiting for him. She explained how all of these accidents were caused by his birth mother the goddess Tyche herself. She told him he was a demigod and that she could train him in his powers. In his grief Mac believed her and soon followed her to her house where he met the rest of her little group. There he trained in both his powers and weaponry focusing on the bow and arrow because his luck made him incredibly accurate. After he had been with this new group of people for six months, the group fell apart leaving Mac to decide whether to go to Camp or the Broken Covenant. After rather frantic decision making, Mac began to see Bella for what she really was and left with the group destined for camp.


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