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Fire Arena

Fire arena
  • At first glance the arena seems to be hills of lush vegetation surrounded by some sort of fog, however on closer inspection, it is really islands of vegetation and hills suspended over lava rivers and fire beneath, so watch your step, the fog isn't fog at all but steam from where there are streams flowing off the sides of the islands and down onto the lava below.
  • On the top level of the arena it is open to the air above, and has lush green vegetation and hills, lots of shadows, lots of places to hide. Some of the islands are only a few feet across, more like stepping stones, while some are quite large, the central one being the largest with a Greek style building at the top.
  • Within the Greek style building there are a few 6 foot tall Greek statues
  • Beneath the "islands" the lava an fire below are broken apart by rocky areas that are free of lava and fire
  • There are some stone steps leading down towards the lava/fire beneath at various points
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements

Character Introductions


Zella Merina -Child of Hephaestus
-Puppeteer of the Forge, Lt. of Hephaestus' Cabin
Age:= 15 Height:= 5'2
Sexuality= Bisexual Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= United States
Species= Half-blood Main Weapon= Puppet, Pentra Claws

Zella enters the arena, and is placed at the high up floating rock in the center, where the greek building is positioned. She is wearing a greek-styled breastplate that stops at her waist, and shoulders.On her forearms are personalized gauntlets that will allow use of her weapons. On her shins are CB shin guards. Her head is free of any armor, except for a hair-band preventing hair from covering her face and eyes. There is a single ring on each hand, and a small puppet hanging from her back. She looks around for Dirk, wanting to get situated before starting practice.


Dirk Stålstyrke -Child of Hephaestus
-Tempered Steel
Age: 21 Height: 6'4" Relationship:Single
Health Status: Healthy
Species: Demigod Main Weapon:Chained Warhammers, Patas

 – "The world is built by killers... So you better get used to looking at them."

Dirk steps into the arena and takes an appreciative look around at the fiery chaos around him. He is wearing a black tanktop covered by a sleeveless celestial bronze chestplate. He wears a pair of jeans under which he wears a pair of greaves. Visibly protecting his hands and wrists are his special pair of gauntlets from which he can unleash his patas. His pair of chained warhammers are strapped securely as always to his back.


Zella: She sees Dirk, and walks over to him. She waves, and asks "So, any tips to start with?"

Dirk: Dirk laughs and launches a fireball toward Zella. "Always keep your guard up."

Zella: Zella appears to get hit directly by the fire-ball and falls backwards. Her hair falls over her face, and her body limp.

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