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Marlee Fowler
The Flower Child
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"Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change."
Hella rad
Marlee is free-spirited, compassionate, and optimistic. She is extremely layed back and is a generally chill person. In fact, at her old school people used to think that she was always high because of how chill and happy she is. Marlee always sees the good in people and tends to look on the bright side of things. She can always find a reason to be happy, even in the worst situations. Marlee always puts others before herself and would risk her life for another's without hesitation. Marlee is extremely humble and doesn't like to think highly of herself. She hates being complimented because she doesn't know how to respond. She isn't one to hold grudges and it takes a lot to get her angry. Marlee considers herself to be a flower child. She is your stereotypical Californian, blonde surfer girl. She had many friends back in California because of her caring, friendly nature. She is more of a listener than a talker and likes to help others with their problems. Marlee is a major supporter of equal rights. She isn't one to judge people, no matter how nasty their personality is. She believes people act the way they do for a reason and no one is truly evil in this world. While Marlee's caring nature can be a good thing, it is also the reason why she is a vegetarian. She hasn't eaten meat since she was 7 because she feels bad for the animals killed. Marlee has been called a hippie too many times to count because of her extreme pro-peace nature, but she doesn't really mind. Marlee is probably the nicest person you'll ever meet, really.
"The windows of my soul I throw

Wide open to the sun."

John Greenleaf Whittier

Marlee Blue Fowler was born on July 3, 2000 to Jennifer Fowler and Poseidon, the god of the sea in Carlsbad, California. Jennifer had met Poseidon one year prior to Marlee's birth on Carlsbad State Beach on the fourth of July. The pair immediately clicked. It wasn't long until they began dating. It was safe to say that things were moving fast for them. Jennifer was head over heels for Poseidon. However, she didn't know at the time he really was Poseidon. It wasn't long until Jennifer found out she was pregnant with Marlee. Overjoyed with the news, she was quick to tell her lover. Poseidon was not so ecstatic, however. He hadn't planned on staying much longer so this meant he would have to stay a few more months, at least until his daughter was born and reveal his true identity. Sure enough, Poseidon told Jennifer the truth shortly after Marlee's birth. He explained that he had to leave and go back to where he belongs. Jennifer was angry at first. She was angry that he had used her and left her to care for a child she isn't fit to take care of without any support.

Her anger was shortlived however as she met Evan Fowler about a year after Marlee was born. Evan and Jennifer fell in love almost instantly. However, this time the relationship wasn't one-sided. Similar to Poseidon, Jennifer again got pregnant but this time with Evan's child. They were quick to get married, going straight to the courthouse rather than having a real ceremony. Both Jennifer and Marlee took Evan's last name and went from Brooks to Fowlers. Sure enough, when Marlee was 2-years-old, her younger half-sister, Delilah Violette Fowler was born. Marlee grew up with Evan as her father. In fact, Jennifer never exactly told Marlee Evan wasn't her real father. She grew up thinking that Delilah was her full sister and Evan was her father by blood.

All was well for Marlee throughout her childhood. Evan was a huge influence for Marlee. She had always looked up to him and wanted to be just like her dad. Growing up on the coast of California, Evan would always take Marlee to the beach to surf. He started to teach her how to surf when she was only 7 years old. Evan taught Marlee how to swim at an even younger age of 4. Every weekend, Evan would take Marlee down to Carlsbad State Beach. Once Delilah was old enough, she would tag along with the pair. Marlee got better and better at surfing. By the time she was 9, Marlee was entering surfing competitions. By the time Marlee was 10, she was a state finalist in her age division for surfing. It was safe to say that Marlee was a surfer girl.

Marlee was 11 when she had her first monster attack. She was out with Evan, surfing as usual, when Evan left the shore for a while to go buy some food for the two. Evan had told her not to get in the water until he got back. Marlee was intent on listening to him until she saw possibly the biggest wave in her entire life. Determined not to miss it, Marlee was quick to grab her board and ride it, disregarding her step father's rule. She managed to make it in time and was riding the monstrous wave skillfully, when she saw an odd figure beneath the water. Terrified that it was a shark, Marlee was quick to change her course and get to the shore as quickly as possible. Much to her dismay, just before she could reach the shore, a clawed hand reached out from under the water, grabbing her board and flipping her over. At this point, Marlee was finally able to get a good look at the creature. It looked like a mixture between a dog a human and a seal: a telekhine. Luckily for Marlee, she was just by the shore. Marlee reached out for the surfboard floating by near her and hit the creature with it as hard as she could. Although this didn't stop it, her actions gave her just enough time to swim/run out of the water and onto the shore. The monster was close behind her, however. Once Marlee was able to run normally, she ran for her life away from the water. She eventually lost the creature as it wasn't fast outside of the water. Marlee ran straight to the food bar where Evan was getting her some snacks and told him what she had seen.

Jennifer had told Evan of Marlee's father years before, so while it was shoking at first, Evan believed Marlee's story without hesitation. Evan and Marlee went straight home to tell Jennifer. Marlee was confused out of her mind. She was convinced that she was dreaming. It was then that Jennifer decided it was time to tell Marlee about her father. Marlee was furious. She was angry that all these years she had grown up living a lie. However, she was mostly hurt that Evan didn't tell her he isn't even her father. Evan had been more than her dad. He had been her best friend. To find out that they weren't even related by blood really hit Marlee. Even Delilah was upset to find out her sister was only her half-sister. Marlee refused to speak to anyone except for Delilah for a week. Delilah eventually convinced her that Jennifer only had Marlee's best interest in mind. Although it took time, Marlee fully forgave Evan and Jennifer.

However, there was a much bigger dilemna in mind. How would Marlee be safe from monster attacks now? One thing Poseidon had forgotten to mention before leaving Jennifer was Camp Half-Blood. From then on, Marlee wasn't allowed in the ocean without at least two people in the water with her. Jennifer insisted that Marlee quit surfing altogether, but surfing had become a part of her life. It would be like ripping away a part of her heart. Jennifer and Evan became extremely protective of Marlee at this point. They would never leave her alone in fear of another monster attack. Sure enough, Marlee had several other encounters with monsters as the years went by despite her parents efforts to protect her from them. Marlee was able to narrowly escape each creature safely thanks to her own wit and her parent's protection. The attacks were mostly minor ranging from fire breathing horses to giant scorpions.

Marlee was 15 when she met a boy by the name of Lysander. Being the happy person she is, Marlee quickly became friends with Lysander despite the fact that he looked like he was at least 5 years older than everyone else in her grade and had a slight limp. Marlee and Lysander were using their free period to go eat at a burger joint nearby. Marlee was yet to get her permit and Lysander had no idea how to drive, so they had to walk. In order to not miss their next period, the pair took a shortcut behind the school. They were just about to make it off campus when a strange woman/bird creature flew out from nowhere, charging at them. Lysander grabbed the shocked Marlee and pulled her into the small alley behind the school behind the dumpster to confuse the Harpy for a few moments. Lysander ripped off his pants before Marlee could stop him, revealing his goat legs. At this point in her life, Marlee had seen a good share of supernatural occurences so she wasn't as surprised as she should have been. Lysander threw her a small lighter. Confused as to how she was meant to battle off a huge bird woman with a lighter, she flicked it on anyways to satisfy her screaming friend. Much to her surprise, the lighter turned into a huge, bronze sword. Understanding Lysander's intentions, Marlee was quick to jump from behind her hiding place to battle the Harpy. Just as it flew towards her ready to strike, Marlee slashed the bronze sword at the creature to protect herself, causing it to crumble into ashes. Lysander rushed Marlee to her house, disregarding the rest of the school day. Lysander explained that he was a satyr, and told her family about Camp Half-Blood. Jennifer and Evan were quick to agree that Marlee go to camp where she would be safe from harm. Marlee and Lysander took the first plane to New York, much to her dismay as she is deathly afraid of heights as a result of being the sea god's daughter. Lysander and Marlee took a cab to the strawberry fields of Camp Half-Blood. Marlee has been at camp for about a week now.

"Love, Love, Love. All you need is love. Love is all you need."
Basic Info
Full Name: Marlee Blue Fowler
Titles: The Flower Child
Current Location: Camp
Affiliation(s): Poseidon Cabin, Fowler Family, Brooks Family
Current Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: July 3, 2000
Current Age: 15
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Accent: American
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: ThatBloodyMuggle
Inspiration Behind Creation: Just a thought of mine
Love Interests Char/Owner: None
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  1. Children of Poseidon can fire a powerful blast of water from their hands, equivalent to that of a fire hose, which evaporates after a short time.
  2. Children of Poseidon have the ability to conjure and freeze small amounts of water into durable ice weapons, which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also make small non-combative objects out of ice.


  1. Children of Poseidon can create an area around themselves that inflicts others with intense seasickness, making them dizzy and nauseous for as long as they remain inside. The user must keep their focus on maintaining the effect for the duration.
  2. Children of Poseidon can turn their body to water for a very short time, letting an attack pass harmlessly through them. This can cause extreme dehydration with repeated use.


  1. Children of Poseidon can breathe, are swifter and more powerful, and can heal slightly faster while underwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon can keep themselves and everything they touch dry in the water, unless they choose to become wet.
  3. Children of Poseidon can survive falling from any altitude as long as they land in water, and can go as deep into the ocean as they desire without any effects from the cold or water pressure.
  4. Children of Poseidon can communicate with and command equestrian animals, as well as all creatures that dwell in the sea.
  5. Children of Poseidon are innately less inhibited by severe wind and precipitation.


  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create minor earthquakes, large enough to knock anyone nearby off their feet, for a few seconds.
  2. Children of Poseidon are able to telekinetically move water at a high rate. The larger amount of water used, the more energy it drains. This can be used on ice, but is much more difficult and draining.
  3. Children of Poseidon are are able summon a specific horse, pegasus, or sea creature directly to their position, regardless of distance. This only works on creatures that they have a strong personal bond with.
  4. Children of Poseidon can calm, strengthen or influence the direction of the winds, though to a much lesser extent than children of Zeus or the anemoi.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create a torrential rainstorm overhead, which will downpour and cause high winds over a large area. The storm will gradually clear over time, and afterward the user would be substantially drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to shape a semi-living construct out of water, no larger than 3 to 4 times the size of the user, that fights for them for a short time. The user is weakened while the construct is active, and the longer they maintain the it, the more energy it drains.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to transform their bodies into a state of pure water for a short time, becoming immune to most attacks. The hydrokinetic abilities they already possess are enhanced by this state, and they are capable of covering great distances in an instant while underwater. The user will be extremely drained once the transformation ends, and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Poseidon always know their exact coordinates when in water and are able to innately feel the difference between freshwater and saltwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon normally have a love for water, and generally excel at water sports.
  3. Children of Poseidon tend to be favored by animals of the sea.
  4. Children of Poseidon often have a natural affinity for horses and many grow up to become equestrians.
Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: Adaptable, quick, calm in difficult situations
Preferred Weapon: A lighter than turns into a bronze sword
Strengths: Her compassion towards others
Weaknesses: Wears her heart on her sleeve
Quests/Missions Led: None
Quests/Missions Been On: None

I promise that I shall never give up, and that I'll die yelling and laughing.
Possessions & Favourite Things
Pets: None


Likes: Animals
Dislikes: Heights
Colour: Shades of blue and yellow
Music: Indie/Folk
Food: Anything from In N Out
animal: Dolphins
Book: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Quote: I see humans but no humanity
Drink: Suja Mighty Greens juice
Song: Budapest by George Ezra
Movie: Monsters Inc.
Sport: Surfing
Other Favs: WIP
Appearance & More Images
Model: Peytie Slater
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Umm
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Handedness: Right
Shoe Size: 6
Blood Type: O-
Voice: Silvery
Distinguishing Marks: Mole on the left side of her nose above her mouth
Body Style: Athletic build, tan
One Word to Describe: Radiant
Best Physical Trait: Riding her first wave
Worst Physical Trait: None, really
Mental/Emotional State: Stable
Things to Change: Fairly quickly, she's pretty adaptable
Mental/Emotional disorders: Dyslexia
Medical Problems/Ailments: None

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Jennifer Fowler
Father: Poseidon
Creator: Poseidon
Half-Siblings: Delilah Violette Fowler (younger sister)
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: Evan Fowler (step-father)
Home: Camp, Carlsbad
Earliest Memory: Going to the beach with Evan
Best Memory: {{{best memory}}}
Schooling: Carlsbad High School
First Kiss: Noah Strickler in 7th grade
First Love: No one yet. Waiting for the right person.
First Sex: Sorry?
Other Firsts: WIP

General Info
Nicknames: Marls, Blue (by Delilah), Kiddo (by Evan)
Native Language: English
Character Flaw: She lets people in too easily and isn't quite cautious enough
Fears/Phobias: Heights
Hobbies: Surfing, playing ukulele, making friends
Personal Motto: "Live without pretending,

love without depending,

listen without defending,

speak without offending."

Things S/he Won't Do: Be prejudiced about someone
Most Admires: Layne Beachley
Most Influenced By: Evan (her step-father)
Moral Compass: Her sister
Most Important Person Before: Her step-father
Most Important Person Now: Her sister
Reacts to Crises: Not anything, really
Faces Their Problems: Calmly
Reacts to Change: Fairly quickly, she's pretty adaptable
Alignment: Become a famous surfer or work with endangered animals
Dream Job: Become a world famous surfer
Current Job: Make new friends
Happiness looks gorgeous on you.
Vices: Too selfless
Bad Habits: Nail biting
Sleeping Habits: A pretty decent 7-8 hours, usually
Quirks: She is really bad at lying
Attitude: Happy, carefree
Special Talents: She is an amazing surfer and ukulele player
Social Skills: Social butterfly
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: Surrounded by nature
Main Priorities: Meet new people
Past Failures: Not being worthy enough for her mother's love
Biggest Accomplishment: None
Darkest Secret?: Nothing, really..
Secret Known by Anyone?: Her uncle
Personal Tragedy: Life is good
One Wish: Bring her sister to camp with her
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? Never
Relates to Others? Yes
Perceived by Strangers: Chill, sweet, optimistic
Perceived by Lover:
Perceived by Friends: Amazing listener, loyal, fun to be around
Perceived by Family: A small girl who will make a big difference one day
First Impression: Someone you'd want to be friends with
Family/Friends Like Most? Delilah and Evan
Family/Friends Like Least? No one