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Matilda Rathaway acts like how anyone expects her to; closed off and shy.Matilda has always been troubled when it comes to fitting in and prefers to hide in the corners. Even so, she trust very quickly and once you have her trust, she will act cheerful and carefree. Matilda is an engenius child, and sometimes partake in the act of pranking with the Hermes' cabin. Matilda has anxiety troubles and swears more often than not.


Ariana Rathaway was a carefree and rebellious person, she loves to have fun and not give a care in the world. To everyone's eyes she was a sarcastic and rude person but she was also very kind and caring. Ariana loves to help and will if there was a way to. On one very fine evening, as she was visiting her late father's grave, she saw a man-- late twenties with dark hair and dark eyes. He held himself in a way of proudness and seems to be staring at her. Ariana does not like to be stared down, reminds her too much of her days in High School where she was often stared at for being who she is. but the man looked lonely so she offered him a smile, forcing away a sarcastic remark forcing that was itself out. "lovely day, isn't it?" she had asked, the man looked at her before reluctantly replying: "indeed it is," She smiled and moved to where the man was standing, "so tell me then, what is a fine man like yourself doing here at a cemetry?" she asked, playing with the hem of her blouse. "the same goes to you, don't you think?" he had encoutered back, feigning annoyance. "ah see, my father passed away years ago from cancer. I am merely visiting him is all" she had answered, not an ounce of sadness on her face.

"I can tell he was a great man, to have such a great daughter like you," he said in a knowing tone and she looked up at him with fake surprise. "are youu flirting with me in a cemetry? bit unrespectful don't you think?" she had said and the man laughed quietly.

"is that a hint for me to take you somewhere else?" 

"More like going away, stranger" she replied with a giggle and that was how they ended up talking about life and music in a cafe thirty minuutes later. Few months later, sitting on a roof of a building the man, who told her his name was Hades asked her a peculiar question. "do you believe in gods, Aria?" and she had replied with a frown and a shake of her head. The action messing up her pink dyed hair. Hades reached over and gently tuucked it behind her ears with a smile. "do youu want to hear something crazy?" he asked next and she smiled at him. "crazy is my middle name" she told him like it was a known fact and he laughed lightly, replying; "of course it is," he looked down at the beautiful pregnant woman next to him and sighed. "I am a God, Aria. I am Hades, God of the dead and the underworld" she giggled and replied, "why of course, and I am a queen" He smiled lightly, seeming unable to resist doing that whenever he laid eyes on her. "that is not a lie, Ariana. It is true, you are a queen in my eyes." He told her, and sighed. "and it is also true that I am a god, do you not find my name weird, Aria? not many men have the name Hades, after all." 

"I thought it was unique," she replied quietly, before smiling. "then prove it to me, my fine king, prove to me that you are a god after all." and he did just that, summoning a skeleton of a cat that purred against the woman next to him. Ariana Rathaway gasped before slowly bringging her hand to stroke the skeleton. Once she did, she looked up at him and smiled weakly. "So, you are a god after all these times? so what will this child that I carry with me be?" she said quietly, too quiet that only the ears of the god could hear. "the child will be a demigod, my love. but be warned, that the child will face plenty of monsters and difficulties in times of growing up" he told the pregnant woman, slinging his skinny buut strong arms on her shoulder and bringing her close to him. "no offense, my love but I do not wish for a half god child, I wish for a normal family in a surburban area. I love the child, Hades I really do but how will I care for the child?" her tone was filled with confusion that the god felt his heart ripping. "worry not, Aria. give birth to the child and leave her at the apartment. I will take it from there,"

Months later after giving birth to the child, Hades picked up the girl from her mother's grasp. she had his hair but her eyes and she was sleeping soundly. "tell me that I will see youu again, love." she asked the father of her half god child and he sighed. "there will come a time where you will build your perfect family and I cannot be in the way, Aria" he said softly, kissing the top of her forehead with a sigh. Hades place the girl, wrapped in pure white into a golden carrier and gave it to one of his trustful furries. "she is in the hands of the foster care now. I promise you Aria, I will come to visit and show you our beautiful daughter. I love you Aria, do expect surprises in your bank account." with that, he kissed her once last time before vanishing, leaving her for what she hoped momentarily.

As Matilda grew, she went through phase of confusion, sadness, grief and happiness. moving from family to family, foster home to another one; she had never fit in very well and she doubted she would. The girl was picked on for not having proper parents, and being unloved. She learned self defence to protect herself from bullies, she learned to lie to help cover up for the strange occurings that she seem to cause. She learned to live by herself until a woman with eyes as green as her's showed up and took her away. How, she did not remember; she only remember the rage because after all these years she had a mother. The woman took her to a beautiful home and made her hot chocolate. They sat quietly for a moment before the girl broke. She was on 11 after all. "where were you?" she asked the woman with distaste and the beautiful woman who looked too painfully much like her sighed. "I'm sorry baby, I had to. I had to leave you, I cannot care for a godly child. I am sorry, my love. please know that your dad and I always check up on you. we love you, Matilda." the woman said quietly and rushly, coming up to the girl that shared her eyes and embraced her tightly. "what did you mean, godly?" the girl then asked as she stayed rigid in the arms of the woman. "your father my love, he is a God. He cannot be with us today, but he has been watching you dear." when she did not get a response, the woman pulled out a necklace with a moonstone pendant on it. "this is his gift to you, for when the time is right. more will be explained later, my love. for now, make yourself at home." the woman, named Ariana Rathaway said softly. 

The first attack was painfully blurred. She didnt remember what had happenned very clearly. she was walking down the street of the gated neighbourhood, attempting to ride a skateboard. She remembered a huge dog making its way to her, at first her instict told her to pet it, it was a dog after all. but a whisper in the brain urged her to run, and thats what she did. She turned, grabbed the skateboard and ran as fast as her eleven year old legs could take her. the dog was fast, too fast for a normal dog. And Matilda wasn't dumb, she's played with plenty of dogs before and none of them this fast. She didn't know why but her hands moved to raise the skateboard and she turned to face the dog and slammed the piece of wood with wheels with as much forced as she could muster onto its head. The dog stagerred and that gave her time to run to her house, yelling for her supposedly mom. She came running down and gaspes when she saw the dog. "Your necklace, Matilda! press lightly onto the pendant!" her mother told her and she did just that. Matilda didn't know how but a black ironed sword materialize into the grasps. Matilda closed her eyes, and felt the presences of the dog close. She waited for the dog to come closer before stabbing it with the sword. She felt a strong pressure before it dissapeared and she opened her eyes to be met with dust on the ground over where her sword was held. From that day on, strange attacks kept happening and she used the self defence skill she learned to help her with the usage of the sword. Her step-siblings and step-father seems reluctant to trust her because weird things happens when they're around her, and honestly, Matilda don't blame them. she would've done the same.

On her fourteenth birthday, they packed up her belongings before driving to Long Island to a place where her mother said she would belong. During her long stay at her mother's house she learned how the woman never intended to leave her, it was all too much for—what she called herself—a mortal. Nevertheless, Matilda began to accept her mother more as she was the only person that she has.

Luck wasn't on their--or particularly her side because as they were driving, and listening to her mother's explanation of her father and what she knew from mythology studies, their car was being followed or more preciesely, chased by a huge man with one eye. A cyclops. It ran for them and her mother pushed on the gas pedal harder, straining the Camaro into a high speed that would have the police yelling bloody murder. They clambered out of the car and Together, they ran up Half Blood-Hill where they were cornered by the cyclops. She screamed for her mother to hide but she didn't listen. The only person to accept her rush infront to protect her godly child and got herself killed for that, giving Matilda just the time to ran into the Camp Half-Blood boundaries where she was 'safe' from harm except for the monsters in her head.


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