Maverick Keres
Son of Eris • The Chaotic Instigator
Owned by: Soc

Full Name: Maverick Wesley Keres
Born: November 9
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Mav
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: American (New York)
Birthplace: New York, New York
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Camp Half-Blood, Eris

Godly Parent: Eris
God(dess) of: Chaos, Strife, Contention
Special Abilities: Can Warp/Disintegrate Objects and Materials, Make Opponent Weaker in Battle for Short Periods of Time, Stronger in Chaotic Situations, Can Cause Chaos
First Monster Attack: Hellhound
Weapons: Pair of Celestial Bronze Daggers; Celestial Bronze Spear
Year at Camp: First
Age Upon Arrival: 15

Favorite Food: Apples, Meat
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Activity: Capture the Flag, Practicing Combat, Photography
Favorite Song: "Heathens" by Twenty-One Pilots
Likes: Art, Storms, Concerts
Dislikes: Dull People, Birds, Vegetables

Maverick is one of the most contentious individuals you'll ever have the displeasure to meet. Ever the stubborn one, Mav will literally argue for hours over something insignificant. Sometimes he even argues against the side he agrees with just to stir the pot. Not only is he an expert in banter, but also deceit. Maverick can lie his way through any situation. If the truth isn't juicy enough, he's sure to spice it up when telling other people. Again, he likes to stir things up. If he's talking to you, he's trying to cause conflict. Period.

His talent for combat is impeccable. Not only does he enjoy a good verbal fight, but physical ones do just as well if not better. While he's good at causing others to tussle, Mav also tends to get into fights himself. And when he does, he wins. There's just something that seems to spark inside him when he throws a punch. He feels right at home amongst the chaos.

While Maverick can seem like the worst being to ever walk the earth, there is a side to him that isn't all that bad. He's one of the most passionate people you'll meet - he has a thing for photography and could go on for hours about its artistic relevance. Of course, he usually refrains from sharing his interests - his love for cameras doesn't make for the best debates. Mav's also very protective over the people he does manage to let in. He'll fight until his dying breath for his friends - no questions asked.

Johnathan Keres was a very hard-working lawyer for a very prominent firm. He had everything a man could ever want: fancy cars, expensive clothes, nice penthouse - the man definitely wasn't hurting. Although, like every other human being, that feeling of loneliness always tugged at him, begging for the attention of another. John found that in a woman presumably named Emily. It was the perfect set-up for him. All she wanted was someone to occasionally bed - no strings attached. Perfect for the ever busy attorney. However, it wasn't long before that "no strings attached" came with a string. His name was Maverick.

Born in New York, New York on November 9, Maverick Wesley Keres came into the world already kicking and screaming. His mother left him with Johnathan as soon as he was born - and she never came back. As a baby, he was always yelling about something: a poopy diaper, food, milk, toys, blankies - everything. Mav was never happy. Until he was old enough to fight with the other toddlers, that is. That made him happy. Because his father Johnathan was always having to work, Mav spent most of his time in day cares or with baby sitters. He never lasted very long with either before he would get kicked out for "inappropriate behavior." Of course, it wasn't all Maverick's fault.

Johnathan, being abandoned with a son he never wanted, tended to take his anger out on Mav whenever he wasn't at the office. Between the verbal and physical abuse, Maverick grew to greet pain and strife as an old friend. And what else would you expect the boy to do at that point other than to reflect it onto others. After eight schools and countless fights, the eleven year old encountered his first bout with a different kind of pain from a different kind of world - a Hellhound.

It was his average day at a new school when he overheard that there was a rampant dog running around the school. Maverick didn't pay much attention, passing it off as a rumor. It wasn't until he was going back to class from the bathroom that the "dog" came running around the corner. Only thing was - that was no dog and it was headed straight for him. It all happened in a flash: the hellhound leapt for Mav who managed to dodge the attack by ducking into an empty classroom. The creature was incredibly fast and Maverick knew he was utterly outmatched. For once, fighting wasn't the answer. Running was.

At the time, he didn't give a single care if the other students got hurt in his attempt to escape. In fact, he aimed for the most populated areas in the school: the gym, the halls, and eventually the cafeteria. He hid in the kitchen where, unbeknownst to Mav, the food stench covered up his scent. He didn't get away without a few injuries though. Needless to say, he went home early that day.

Soon after, he was found by a satyr named Griffin. Initially, Maverick tried to smash his head in with a lamp for fear that he was like the hellhound from before. But after a lot of explaining and questions, Mav was able to believe the magical being. He wanted Mav to come to some camp where he'd be safe. But Maverick didn't agree. He was afraid his father would come after him. Griff refused to leave the demigod unattended, knowing there'd be more attacks. The Satyr gave him a set of celestial bronze daggers to protect himself with (because who doesn't give an eleven-year-old weapons). Together, they were able to fend off anything that came their way. It wasn't until a near-death experience at age 15 that Maverick decided to finally go to Camp Half Blood.

Lead by Griffin, Maverick ran away from home without looking back. The promise of a camp where he'd be safe from not only other monsters, but also his dad was too great to pass up. He finally realized that his father couldn't reach him if he went. But if he stayed, he'd have to put up with Johnathan the rest of his life. With that mindset, the two made their journey to Camp Half Blood. Along the way, they picked up another Demigod named Cherrie. She was only ten. They faced other monsters along the way, but managed to get almost all the way there in one piece. Almost. The very last stretch was where all hell broke loose.

Faced against multiple creatures with only blood on their mind, the trio ran as fast as they could. Fighting wasn't an option. Griffin was the first to go, protecting Cherrie from a cyclops. Then, right at the barrier, a harpy took out Cherrie right in front of his eyes. She was only ten. To this day, Maverick still wishes he was the one to suffer the Harpy's attack, not her. It was only through the help of a small group of Half-Bloods passing by that Mav was able to survive. They took him to the infirmary where his injuries were tended to. Griff and Cherrie were given a proper funeral the next day.

Despite his depressing arrival, the camp welcomed him with open arms. Which made him resent them all the more. People had just died. Children had just died. It didn't seem right to just go about your business after that. But the demigods at camp had seen plenty of death in their time. This was no different. You had to move on. Mav didn't agree. He caused all sorts of arguments to break out - the whole camp was on edge for a couple of days. As they should be. Death was nothing to take lightly.

The shock and despair of losing a camper and a satyr soon passed, yet Maverick was still as contentious as ever. He picked fights and went toe to toe with the others. But after a while, he found an outlet in their capture the flag games and dueling. It was a way for him to fight without getting in trouble. When he finally learned to put his talents to use with the more socially acceptable activities, he began to truly appreciate Camp Half-Blood. Now, Maverick is just trying to enjoy all the opportunities the camp has to offer while starting his new life as a demigod.

Model: Miles McMillan
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Brunette
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 132 lbs
Voice Type: Baritone
Distinguishing Marks: None

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Father: Johnathan Keres
Mother: Emily aka Eris
Brothers: None
Sisters: None
Guardian(s): None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: None

Johnathan Keres Sperm Donor "I hope I never see that man again. All he ever gave me was a hard time."
Griffith Satyr/Guide to CHB "He was my best friend for four years. And I lost him in a matter of four seconds. I won't lose anyone like that ever again."

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