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She is fun loving and cheerful. She has a good sense of humor. She is forgiving and doen't take things too personally. She enjoys playing practical jokes. She likes to starts fights when bored . Though she looks weak and soft she's as tough as nails.


How Parents met: Teresa was a well to do woman. She did not work and she had inherited all her money. She loved sports and enjoyed lerning and trying out new sports and games. She was at her friends party where she met Adian, who was really Ares/ Hermes/ Dionysus. She liked him and enjoyed his company. When she was leaving Ares said he'd drop her home and they left together. She was very drunk that night and they ended up in bed. Soon afterwards she found out that she was pregnant. She had always wanted a kid and was happy. When her child was born she decided to name her Megan. Early Childhood: Megan was doted upon by her mother but was never spoilt. She grew up very close to her mother and they loved each other more than anything. She was soon diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia at the age of 8 but she always tried her best and didn't let this interfere in her studies. She was good at sports and never let Teresa down. As years past they grew very close. She was a likeable peson and made quite a few good friends. She was good at sports. She could play most sports very well. She used to get into trouble often because of starting fights but somehow managed to wriggle out out thre problems.She was a quick learner and despite her bad record teachers used to like her.

First monster attack:Megan was 13 years old at that time. She was returning home from school. She was attacked by a harpy. She ran screaming from the harpy. Her neighbour and a demigod from her school heard her shouts saw what was happening. She took out her sword and qattcked the harpy, disintegrating it, The demigod, Rita, explaines about demigods to Megan and took her home. She gifted Megan a hairclip which was actually a sword. Rita tried to tell Teresa that megan had to go to Camp but teresa didn't understand the danger, and, Megan and Teresa were so close that she didn't want her to leave. Nevertheless, Rita now stayed close to Megan to ,ake sure nothing happened to her.

Second attack:Megan encountered one more monster a few months later, a hellhound, this time too Rita was there nearby. It happened as they were cycling near the park when the monster came. Rita drew her sword. Rita attacked the monster so that Megan could flee. She stabbed at its legs and then disintegrated it. Rita tried her best to covince Teresa but she coudn't bear leaving her daughter. Megan realized it was dangerous to stay like this for long but wanted to stay with her mother.

Third attack:This attack happened about almost a year later. Megan and Teresa were retuning home after watching a movie when a hellhound attacks them near the house. Megan, unsure what to do, draws her sword. The monster lunges and she panicked and swung the sword at its legs. Megan only manages a few shallow cuts but still runs. The hellhound swipes and though Megan tried to escape she got scrached. Megan was still alive but injured. Teresa had started screaming and her screams were heard by her neighbour, Rita. She saw what was going on and attacked the hellhound and after a a good fight stabs it in the heart.. Megan was taken to a hospital and she was healed. Teresa was finally covinced that Megan had to go. Megan left for camp with Rita. Megan reached camp safely without meeting any monsters and is living there happily.



  1. Children of Ares can decrease an opponent’s strength and combat abilities for a short time, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
  2. Children of Ares are able to clap their hands so hard and fast due to their enhanced strength that it sends a small shock-wave out. The shock-wave generates enough force to knock an opponent off their feet and possibly leaves bruises on their skin.


  1. Children of Ares can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Ares have the ability to call forth civil justice onto the battlefield for a short time, making all opponents lose the will to fight if their actions are unjust. However, if the actions of the opponent are justifiable the power becomes redundant, and if the user attempts to attack the opponent while the power is in use it immediately wears off.


  1. Children of Ares are innately proficient in all forms of combat.
  2. Children of Ares are stronger and faster than the average human. Their skin is also capable of enduring more injuries.
  3. Children of Ares are always emitting an aura of violence and war, which makes people around them more likely to attack each other and start fights. They can shut it off for a long time.


  1. Children of Ares have the inhuman ability to leap great distances at once which can be used to dodge or attack. Upon landing, a small tremor is unleashed which causes anybody within a few feet to lose their balance.
  2. Children of Ares have the ability to empower strength upon nearby allies and instil fear upon nearby enemies with a deafening war cry.
  3. Children of Ares have the ability to enchant nearby weapons with either a positive effect or negative effect for the duration of a weapon; some examples would be increasing the sharpness of a blade or dulling it.
  4. Children of Ares are sometimes able to cause a small (3-5) group, to turn against each other by inducing a lust for violence and victory in combat. The targets would become irrational and fight among themselves determined to be the last warrior standing, causing chaos for a short time. The more affected the more energy is drained.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Ares can create an illusion of massive bloodshed, destruction and devastation on a battlefield, instilling everyone around them with cowardice and terror, causing them to panic and be routed for some time, until it wears off and they return to battle. Similarly, they can also do the opposite, causing everyone nearby to go into a battle frenzy, in which they recklessly fight the enemy. This power drains them significantly.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Since their father has command over dead soldiers on the losing side of every war in history, children of Ares have the ability to summon a large group of armed skeletal soldiers, up to seven, which can then be controlled by the mind of their summoner. The longer the period of time for which they are summoned, the more the summoner is drained. Ex: The user can summon skeletal red coats, confederate soldiers, Nazis etc. Dead Soldiers who belonged to the winning side of the war cannot be summoned.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Ares can draw power from all the violent actions and desires they’ve seen, felt, or committed in their lives and become an embodiment of war for a short time, in this state they are as twice as strong and fast than before and are immune to all attacks. They emit a powerful aura which somewhat makes enemies think they are weak and doomed for failure. Once the transformation subsides and the user reverts to normal, they are immensely drained, cannot move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Ares are usually more courageous than most, especially when facing danger.
  2. As Ares is the god of civil order, his kids are often adept at creating order when there is chaos and fighting around them
  3. Children of Ares tend to love the thrill of battle and fighting, feeling natural when partaking in combat.
  4. Children of Ares often love the chance to show off their abilities, they’re often somewhat arrogant and hotheaded.
  5. Children of Ares typically have the potential to become great soldiers, agents or generals. Able to perform remarkable feats within the Military.



Name Relation Feelings
Ares Father Loves him, despite not knowing him
Teresa Mother Loves her more than anything
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