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This character is a child of Demeter.


She's fun and sometimes crazy. She loves music and never goes anywhere without her iPod. She's often outgoing and sometimes flirtatious. Her major fault is her bluntness. She doesn't candy-coat anything and she's been known to hurt people's feelings that way.


Caleb Sharp owned a flower shop in a small town. He got his flowers from a farm that grew them out in the countryside. Every few days, a van would drive out from the farm and take the flowers to Caleb's shop. One day, instead of the usual flower deliverer, a beautiful woman stepped out of the van. Caleb fell in love instantly and looked forward to her deliveries more and more. After a month had passed, Caleb had the nerve to ask her out. She agreed and Caleb had the happiest few months of his life. His happiness came to an end however when instead of the beautiful woman he loved, the usual deliverer hopped out of the van and gave him his flowers. When he asked the man where she was he shrugged and said she'd quit and mysteriously left. Caleb was incredibly saddened and almost lost the will to live. As he was closing up shop one night, he came upon baby Meghan on his doorstep along with a note saying she was his baby and that the woman he had fallen in love with was Demeter. He raised Meghan as best he could, training her to assist him around the shop and home-schooling her. Caleb fell in love again, and got married to a woman named Sienna. Sienna became Caleb's constant companion and Meghan felt forgotten and unneeded. She spent lots of time out in the woods or in the back of the shop, just to get away from her new stepmom who she despised. She began to neglect her studies since they became too hard with her ADHD and dyslexia without her father's help. As she came in one afternoon from the woods she heard Sienna talking to her father. "I'm just saying, Caleb. The amount of time she spends in those woods... it's not natural. She should be here studying. She's failing all her subjects." There was a long stretch of silence before Sienna continued. "I think we should send her off to finishing school. She'll learn to be a proper lady there and maybe they can give her the extra push she needs to help with her grades. I bet I could get her into Cadbury's by the end of the week. I was their star pupil and still keep in touch with most of the staff." Caleb sighed. "Whatever you think is best, Sienna." "I'll call about it tomorrow." Sienna said with finality. Meghan ran up to her room above the flower shop and packed a bag full of supplies, determined to never be sent to finishing school. She left that night, not bothering to say goodbye. She went to her tree house she'd built in the woods and spent the night there. In the morning, she set off again. She felt something following her and turned around to face it. It was a large hellhound. Frightened, she tried to run away but tripped and fell. As the hellhound grew nearer she searched her mind for a way to stop it. For some reason she felt something was telling her that plants would help her if she asked. Having no other option, she urged the plants around her to form a wall between her and the hellhound. To her surprise they did; giving her time to flee. Once she had placed a fair amount of distance between herself and the hellhound she stopped to rest and lit a campfire. A satyr that had owed Demeter a favor and was sent to find her the moment she ran away, saw the smoke and emerged from the undergrowth close by. She prepared to defend herself again but the satyr rushed to reassure her that he had been sent by her mother to help her reach Camp Half-Blood. After he explained a bit more, she agreed to travel back to camp with him.



  1. Children of Demeter have the ability to shoot poisonous pine out from their hands which acts as a powerful paralytic for a short time.
  2. Children of Demeter can create weapons made from plants, flowers, and trees in order to aid them in combat. The larger the weapons, the more energy is drained. Flowers, plants, and trees, can also be reshaped to reinforce existing weapons and only one weapon may exist at a time.


  1. Children of Demeter have the ability to create a large protective dome of thick plants around them for a short time. Although they will die after a few moments.


  1. Children of Demeter have the innate ability to talk plants to life, either making them grow more quickly or bringing them back from a recent death.
  2. Children of Demeter can understand the overall well-being and conditions of plants, as well as fully interpret their emotions and communicate with them.
  3. Children of Demeter are always surrounded by an aura that normally causes plants to grow where they have walked. They can shut it off for a moderate time if they wish.
  4. Children of Demeter are innately stronger during the Spring and Summer months due to the happiness of Demeter with the return of Persephone.


  1. Children of Demeter have the ability to create ropes of vines and telekinetically move them.
  2. Children of Demeter can create and control sap, the sticky substance, distract an opponent ,bind their bodies in it and cloak themselves in a coat of sap that grants extreme resistance to physical attacks due to most weapons simply sticking to the thick sap. .
  3. Children of Demeter are able to make plants (i.e. grain, barley, corn, etc) grow so tall that it hampers the movements of those around them for a short time; the longer they maintain the growth, the more energy it drains.
  4. Children of Demeter have the power of Plant Travel which grants them the ability to teleport from one plant to another. A small tree, patch of grass or even a flower will suffice. The further the distance traveled, the more energy is drained.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Demeter have the ability to create a Venus Flytrap, roughly two to three times the size of the user, which will attempt to swallow anything that comes near it. It will only appear for a short time before dissipating.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Demeter have the ability to animate a tree to the point that it can walk around and fight for the user. The animated tree will be quite strong and durable and unable to feel pain. It only lasts for a short time and more energy will be drained depending on the size of the tree. Only up to 3 trees can be animated at a time.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Demeter can transform their bodies structure to match that of a plant’s for a short time. The user will be a humanoid plant, the type of plant will be completely up to their choice. As long as it’s not poisonous or carnivorous. In this form, the user is immune to pain and can quickly regenerate from any injury, their existing chlorokinetic abilties are stronger as well. Once the transformation ends, the user will be extremely drained. Unable to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Demeter are normally good cooks, as their mother is the goddess of harvest and agriculture.
  2. Children of Demeter generally grow up to be excellent gardeners and farmers, possessing a love and talent for raising plant life.
  3. Children of Demeter tend to be much happier during the spring and summer and often very sour and grumpy during the fall and winter.
  4. Children of Demeter often have a taste and love for bread.


Name Relation Feelings
Caleb Sharp Dad Misses him
Demeter God Parent Never met her
Sienna Sharp Step-mom Doesn't like her at all
Kyle Troy Fiance Loves him more than anything
Wren Erotiad/Daughter Loves her
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