Note: This mission is connected/influenced by the corresponding quest, The Lost Throne Quest.


1. Strike, Mael

2. Josie, Mel

3. Asterick Seilers, RubyRose


Heinrich Alten ~ Leader of the Broken Covenant
Heinrich Alten

00:24, January 31, 2013 (UTC)
Character's Bio

 Age: ???  Height: ???  Weight: ???
 Sexuality: ???  Relationship Status: N/A
  Main Weapon: His weapons are unknown while his attire is a white hooded robe, and a set of black and gold armor complimented by a full-face mask.

 – “???”

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Child of Hebe:

  1. Children of Hebe have the ability to force the effects of age upon a person for a short time; making them feel pain and cause their movements to be slow and sedated.
  2. Children of Hebe can become temporarily changed during battle and become even stronger and quicker in combat than they were before, for a short time.
  3. Children of Hebe can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  4. Children of Hebe can cause an opponent to feel aching bones and muscles for a short time.
  5. Children of Hebe are innately stronger and faster due to their slow aging.
  6. Children of Hebe have an innately faster rate of healing than other people.
  7. Children of Hebe always have an unlimited supply of Ambrosia, even if none is on them at the time, they can create it out of nothing
  8. Children of Hebe can restore energy to a weakened person and heal some minor wounds.
  9. Children of Hebe are able to curse someone with being very young children again, this has the potential to cause the victim a feeling of being lost, helpless and often leading to fits of crying, this only lasts for a short time and drains the user considerably.
  10. Children of Hebe have the ability to strike someone with a curse of old age for a short time; however, the person will not only feel old, they will become old and be unable to fight or even defend themselves, this also drains the user for a considerable time while using the power
  11. Children of Hebe can bless water to have the effects of allowing whomever drinks it to feel young again for a short time, their appearance may also take on a more youthful appearance for as long as the effects last.
  12. These children age slower than normally, beginning around the age of 12, and retain a youthful appearance far longer than most.

Owned by: Admins & Crats ~ Posted on: "Strike, your chance to prove yourself has finally come. We have received word that a very powerful object has recently been found in Manhattan. This item will increase our power immensely. I charge you with the task of finding it and bringing it back to headquarters."


Point Genesis

The party has arranged to meet at 527 East 72nd Street, New York.

Josie: ' sits down near the exit with a bag waiting for the rest

Strike: He arrives. Hey, you're here a bit early. Sits down next to her. I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to this.

Josie: 'really? why so??

Strike: Well, it's an opportunity to do something useful, to move towards my goal and to further the cause of the BC. Also... well... never mind.

Josie: nods as she looks away soo who else is going with us?

Strike: Good question. I believe her name is... Apostrophe? It was something odd. I don't really remember. I've never met her.

Josie: oh so we wait for her then?

Strike: It seems we'll have to. Did I tell you what this mission is about?

Josie: shakes her head no so what is it about?

Strike: Well, in the old stories Hephaestus once made a special, golden throne for Hera. It was a trap though. When Hera sat in it, it imprisoned her, and she could not rise. She could not even use her powers to escape. Eventually, Dionysus made Hephaestus release her though. No one has heard about the throne since, until just recently. Apparently, the pieces of the throne have been moved to Manhattan; where they were before, I do not know. The point is, they're underground somewhere, and it's our job to find them.

Josie: how do we do that exactly?

Strike: Well, I supposed we just need to scour the sewers until we find something. I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, but I can't think of a way around it.

Josie: if its for the mission ...I guess ok?

Asterick: She walks towards the two, Hmm? What's okay? Oh, I'm Asterick, by the way.

Josie: oh nice to meet you asterick

Asterick: She nods, then shrugs, Uh, you too, I guess. She turns to Strike, So I assume you are the leader of this mission?

Strike: nods I am technically in charge, yes. My name is Strike, and this is my... good friend, Josie.

Josie: smiles nice to meet you anyhow now everyone is here can we go?

Asterick: She shrugs again, Sure, let's get on with this

Strike: Strike stands up. All right, so the reason we met here at 527 East 72nd Street is because it is a dead end, and therefor has little traffic, meaning we can do this. Strike walks over to a manhole in the center of the street, takes a deep breath, and slowly lifts the cover off. He suddenly drops it off to the side and takes a moment to catch his breath. Those are heavier than they look...

AsterickShe frowns, Do we really have to go in there?

Strike: I'm afraid so. Don't worry, Manhattan sewers are spacious, and the alligator thing is a myth. Then again, that's what they said about the Greek gods.

Asterick: She rolls her eyes, Great. I'm so reassured now. Grudgingly she walks closer to the manhole. So, who first?

Josie: I'm glad we share the same opinion

Strike: Looks around. Well, no one said being the leader was going to be easy. He slowly lowers himself into the hole and calls up. It's all clear! There is a bit of dry space on the side of the tunnel, but it's very dark.

Asterick: She sighs, following Strike down the hole. This is not what I signed up for. 

Josie : takes a deep breath before she went down I'm suddenly glad I'm blind..

Asterick: She turns towards Josie's relative position, trying to make her out in the dark. You're blind, really? I wouldn't have thought you were

Josie : smiles weakly really..

Strike: Hmm, I'd pay a small fortune to be nose-less right about now. Let's have a little light. Strike focuses his power to create a cube of light, about decimeter across. The light illuminates the tunnel, which is made of brick and slanted towards the middle. A river of slime runs down the center, but the sides of the tunnel are clean, mostly. This solid light stuff is still so weird to me... Strike wraps his knuckle on the cube and it produces a strange tone.

AsterickShe looks somewhat impressed, Well that's a bit better. So, how far should we follow this tunnel?

Strike: Until we find a clue or pass out from the noxious fumes. Let's go. He begins to slowly make his way down the tunnel, walking on the clean area around the edge.

Josie : she tries hard to follow them while paying close attention to the soroundings

Strike: Hey um, Josie. Can you tell where the sludge is from where the ground is? I just realized that might be difficult.

Josie : shrugs dont worry I;ve survived worse...

Strike: Well... OK. Suddenly a splash is heard up ahead.

Asterick: She stops walking, looking in the direction of the splash. Automatically, her right hand moves to her sword.

Josie : takes out one of her throwing daggers

Strike: Strike reaches out and fires a light beam down the tunnel, illuminating it farther in. The light reveals a man in a white lab coat in the distance. He flinches and runs down a side tunnel. There is another person down here! Strike says so Josie knows what they say. He might have something to do with the throne! Strike begins to run after him.

AsterickShe summons miniature stars and throws them in the direction of the man, hoping to slow him, simultaneously running towards him

The man yelps as he tries to avoid the stars. He trips, but quickly gets to his feet and rounds a bend out of sight. A strange creaking noise is heard.

Asterick: She chases the man until he makes the turn, then looks around, having lost him. Where could he have gone? She hears the noise, And what is that?

Strike: Follows Asterick around the corner. Hmm, he couldn't have gotten away in such a short period of time, at least, not down this tunnel. Maybe there is a secret passage.

Asterick: She nods then begins looking around, hesitantly placing her hand against the wall of the tunnel, searching for grooves or other signs of an escape hatch.

Josie : finally reaches them you guys are fast..

Strike: I'm sorry, Josie. I didn't mean to leave you behind. We're looking for a secret passage. There might be air coming through the cracks or something. Can you feel anything?

Josie : takes a deep breath as she tried to concentrate yeah there is acctually...

Strike: Strike is searching the wall for cracks. Where is it coming from?

Josie : points to the middle of the wall there...

Strike: Thanks Josie, your the best. Strike draws his hunting knife and finds the crack. He tries to pry it open with the knife, but has no success.

Josie : whats the matter??

Strike: Well, this certainly seems to be the door, but it's stuck. That man probably had a key or something that opened the door, but we don't.

Josie :hmm looks at asterick can you do anything?

Asterick: She frowns, looking at the door I could try heating it with plasma, depending on what it's made of, it might work."

Strike: Wouldn't that cause it to expand though? You'd have to heat it until it melted for that to be useful.

Asterick: Yeah...and I guess that'd take too long?

Strike: Probably, if you were doing this mission solo, but as it turns out both myself and Josie are rather good at heating things. If we all chip in, it might just work.

Asterick: She grins, Awesome. Well let's get started, that man's already had plenty enough time to escape. She extends an arm and a beam of plasma intensifies in the palm of her hand, which she presses against the crack.

Strike: Strike's eyes and right hand begin to glow as he prepares to create a light beam. Um, can you maintain that beam from a slightly farther distance? We need to focus on one point, so if your hand is in the way you'll probably get burnt.

Asterick: She nods and backs away, giving Strike enough room to create the light. Josie, you want to join in?

Strike: Fires his light beam at the same point as the plasma beam. Yes Josie, we can't melt this thing by ourselves, at least, not within any pragmatic time frame.

Josie :snaps out of her stare oh sorry I thought I heard something...anyhow she called upon a heat storm as she blow at the door

After several seconds that section of door is white hot. A few drops of molten brick drip down the side, followed by a large chunk of rock. The door, now too small for the opening it was blocking, falls inward, creating a monstrous noise as it falls down a steep set of stairs and smashes to pieces on the floor below.

Strike: Excellent. Strike carefully inspects the steep the passage ahead. Well, it can't be worse than the sewer. He begins walking down the stairs.

Asterick: Let's hope not. She follows Strike down the stairs, turning around briefly to speak to Josie. Watch your step, Josie, there are steep stairs.

Josie :started to hover thanks

The First Hurdle

Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, the demigods are faced with a long hallway, but one with a much higher roof. It is not lit. Footsteps echo from some distance ahead.

Strike: It seems he did not get far. Strike frowns. But those footsteps... there seems to be more than one of him now, and are they carrying something heavy? Strike illuminates the passage, and quickly staggers back in surprise, almost running into Josie and Asterick. A trio of massive, humanoid forms lope toward them in the darkness.

Josie :why do I feel there's something bad in front of us?

Asterick: She squints at the shapes, What are they?

Josie :flinches as she takes out her daggers I what ever they are they are not the welcoming committee...

Strike: Strike removes a rubber band from his wrist and stretches it. It morphs into a crossbow. Whatever they are, they aren't mortals or demigods. They must be some kind of monster, probably some kind of giant. I wonder how our cowardly friend got past them.

The giants pick up the pace and run towards the trio.

Josie :she makes a fog to surround the giants someone please tell that they have a plan?

Strike: Well, I don't have anything specific in mind, but if you want a plan I'll do my best. He fires his crossbow, hitting a giant in the arm. It lets out a bellow. OK, they barely fit in this tunnel. Try to hit them with projectiles; they can't dodge them in this constricted space. They have to hunch over a bit, even to move. That gives us a mobility advantage. If I can identify the monsters, maybe I can think of something else.

Josie :ok then want me to add rain?

Strike: Fires the crossbow again. If you think it will help, go ahead.

Josie :makes an isolated rain above the giants as she throws a few daggers their way

The giants are not slowed by the rain, but the daggers deal them minor wounds. The first giant reaches the party and swings at the demigods.

Strike: Jumps back to avoid the swing, but is too slow and is thrown against the wall.

Josie :as the first giant swings she felt the air current change thus quickly shed her skin to avoid it but it left her feeling severely drain

Asterick: She conjures up a large star, which she promptly begins to ride on, making her way towards the giants and slashing at them with her sword at high speed

The first giant is caught off guard and blinded by the sudden brightness of the star. Asterick's sword slashes him to dust, but the second giant swings his fist directly at Asterick.

AsterickShe is taken by surprise and knocked off the star, which continues zooming around. She gets up as fast as she can and takes a swing at the second giant again

The giant blocks the blow, hurting himself significantly in the process. The sword is lodged in his arm. With a heave, he yanks his arm back, sending Asterick's sword flying. The giant cradles his arm for a moment. He mutters to himself. ...only want a bit of demigod to eat... haven't eaten in ages... He raises his good arm to attack, but suddenly a crossbow bolt appears in his skull. He lets out a surprised yelp and crumbles to dust.

Strike: So they can talk then? I guess that narrows down the possibilities of what they are.

Asterick: She shrugs. Well, why don't we try asking them?

Strike: I... well... that's a good point. What are you?

Giant: The final giant sneers. We are the Laestrygonians. Now that you've killed my brethren, it seems there will be enough of you for a proper meal! The giant produces a crudely shaped, stone mace and swings at Strike.

Strike: Strike quickly shuts off the light he was emitting, meaning Asterick's star is the only source of light in the tunnel. The star, being behind the giant, casts a strong shadow on Strike, who uses it to shadow travel out of the way of the blow.

Asterick: With a little bit of strain, Asterick manages to create a living constellation, about twice her size, which immobilizes the giant while simultaneously attacking it

Giant: You cannot stop me fools, I am stronger than my brothers! The giant pushes the constellation away, then swings at it with his mace.

Asterick: She groans, becoming increasingly more fatigued and running out of ideas. While the giant is distracted with defeating the constellation, Asterick manages to retrieve her sword. This is not good, guys. I can try and summon an undead to come help us, but I doubt it'd help much.

Josie :I'm open for suggestion...looks at strike

Strike: We could try a joint attack. He my not be able to defend himself from all of us simultaneously.

Josie :nods ok what do you need me to do?

Strike: He whispers so the giant doesn't hear. Just get his attention. I'll try to knock him off guard so you can finish him off. Strike uses his amulet to melt into the shadows.

Josie: looks at asterick got any idea how we're suppose to do that?

Asterick: She shrugs, then throws a star at the giant Hey, you!

Giant: The giant is quick and blocks the star with his mace. Is that the best--Urk!

Strike: Strike comes out of a shadow and throws his weight against the giants leg.

Giant: Loses his balance and teeters, open to an attack.

AsterickShe quickly launches herself towards the giant and stabs him

Giant: Aaaarrggh! N-no! N-- He falls over backwards, almost landing on Strike, but turning into dust before impact.

Strike: Brushes the dust off his jacket. Well, that could have proceeded in far less preferable manner. Are quarry is probably long gone, so we can take a breather. Is everyone OK, Josie, Asterick?

Asterick: Yeah....fine... she says, breathing heavily, You good?

Strike: I've got a couple of new bruises, but I don't think I broke anything. Josie, how are you holding up?

Josie: was looking in her bag for some ambrosia but looked up to strike I'm fine

Strike: Smiles. Then if everyone is ready, we can move on.

Josie: strike a jar of ambrosia here..

Strike: Looks surprised What's this for?

Josie: for your bruises and I think there's more mosters here soo this is in case if anything happen..

Strike: Smiles. Well that's... thank you Josie, that's really thoughtful of you. He eats a square, saving most of it for later. Well, we should probably keep moving down the tunnel.

Asterick: She nods, sighing Yeah, let's see what else is going to want to kill us.

Height Disadvantage

The party proceeds down the tunnel until they reach a door. The lock is easily broken and the party finds themselves in a large, circular room, more than 50 meters across. The floor is wooden, and clearly some kind of scaffold. The ceiling is high above and is composed of a large, sturdy grid (like a portcullis). Through the ceiling, the sky can be seen, but the light keeps shifting as though through water. The walls of the room have many tapestries and decorations. Greek style swords are mounted on the walls, glistening in the shifting light. The room has several doors. A pair of double doors is positioned at the far end of the room, while six other doors line the edge of the room. Finally, there is an incredibly large, heavily barred door that reaches almost to the ceiling.

Strike: This appears to be some sort of... central hub.

Asterick: She looks at the swords, appraising them. These are amazing.

Strike: Indeed. I wonder if they are actually sharp or not. He turns slowly, noting the various decorations. This is a spectacular display of superfluous spending. The owners must be ludicrously rich.

Asterick: She looks around as well, And quite proud of themselves.

Josie: tries hard not to bump into anything

Strike: It is good to get some natural light again. Those tunnels are not at all pleasant. Now, which way do we go from here?

???: A voice echos through the room from a concealed speaker. Try back the way you came. We normally would try to accommodate such guests like yourselves, but we have our hands full.

Josie: why do I feel like we're not alone here...

Asterick: She rolls her eyes sarcastically, Well, it certainly couldn't be that creepy voice. She directs her voice to the unknown speaker, To whoever you are, sorry, but we're not leaving.

???: I'm sorry to hear that, but I did warn you...

With that, a loud crank-like sound is heard and the bolts on the giant door begin to slide out of the way. The door swings open and out lumbers a gigantic, 10 meter tall cyclops.

???: It's truly regrettable that you must be eaten, but our holding area for demigods is full right now. Your losses will be losses to science. The voice sounds genuinely sad.

Asterick: She groans, Great. More fighting.

Josie:takes out a few daggers

Strike: Takes out his bow and fires at the cyclops's head, but misses.

Cyclops: Demigods! Finally! Food for a hungry cyclops! He bends down and swats at the party.

Josie:hovers out of the way you are getting on my nerves..

Cyclops: Hmm? It's no fair when they fly! He attempts to clap Josie with both hands.

Josie:barely avoids it as she threw a dagger toward the cyclops

Cyclops: The dagger sticks in his shoulder, but he only grunts. He aims a punch at Josie.

Strike: Fires a beam of light at the cyclops' midsection.

Cyclops: Turns and instead of punching at Josie, punches at Strike.

Strike: Barely gets out of the way in time. The cyclops' punch hits the ground next to Strike, shaking the ground and knocking Strike over.

Asterick: At this time, Asterick manages to rush towards the cyclops and she stabs him with her sword

Cyclops: Grunts in pain and kicks at Asterick.

OOC: Sorry to interrupt, but the cyclops is huge. Please specify where you are attacking him. For instance, stab at his legs or throw a weapon at his torso. You can aim for his head, but he's so tall that hitting it will be difficult.

Asterick: She is thrown back, her sword clattering to the ground beside her. She picks it up again, this time feigning towards the right while meaning to attack the cyclops on the left, aiming at his upper legs.

Cyclops: The attack connects fully and produces a much deeper wound than the others. They cyclops howls in pain and tries to stomp on Asterick, but moving its leg produces a sharp pain and it misses.

Strike: Fires another bolt, hitting the cyclops in the shoulder, but seemingly doesShe little damage. The problem with this beast, is it can seemingly endure any attack we throw at it.

Asterick: She sighs, retreating a ways from the monster to catch her breath. And it's huge. 

Strike: That too. Strike runs over to Asterick and says in a low voice, Close your eyes. With that Strike unleashes a blazing flash of light, attempting to blind the Cyclops. (He didn't warn Josie for obvious reasons.)

Cyclops: The cyclops overheard Strike and closed his eye during the flash. He kicks Strike squarely in the stomach, sending him flying. Stupid demigod, I am a cyclops! My hearing is the best!

Asterick: She runs to Strike, then, when she gets to him, reanimates a dead corpse, becoming immobilized in the process. The corpse instantly starts attacking the cyclops with ferocity, aiming at his torso. Asterick turns to Strike, not able to move but still able to talk. You okay?

Strike: He slowly crawls to his feet, clutching his stomach. I've been worse. He winces. That really knocked the wind out of-- argh! OK, maybe my rib is broken. I eat some ambrosia later, but we don't have time for that now. The cyclops is coming!

Cyclops: Where did you find a dead man in this chamber? I can't eat a dead man! The cyclops crushes the corpse, but not before acquiring numerous wounds to the legs.

Asterick: She frowns, but with the demise of the corpse she is able to move again. She raises her sword once more, and trying a different tactic, runs underneath the cyclops, trying to get behind him.

Cyclops: Attempts to stop Asterisk from running underneath him be slamming both fists down, but is too slow. He stares at the point of the floor he just crushed in confusion. Where?

Asterick: Now behind the cyclops, she runs her sword through him again, aiming at an already wounded spot on his leg.

Cyclops: It lets out a howl and falls to its knees.

Josie:josie was still hovering threw one of her daggers aiming for its back

Cyclops: The daggers embed them selves in its back. The Cyclops regains its footing, but is starting to get shaky.

Strike: Josie, can you either reach his head, or knock him over with wind?

Josie:was being drain from all the hovering but gave a nod to strike as she hover a bit higher so that she can reach the cyclops head and knock him over

Cyclops: Swings his fist at Josie, but is slower than before.

Josie:sees the fist thus quickly shed her skin becoming steam and go through the cyclops before fainting a few meters away from over using her powers

Strike: No! Strike takes a step and flinches at the pain from his rib. This is going to hurt, he mumbles to himself. He takes out the jar of ambrosia Josie gave him earlier and eats a square to ease the pain, then runs toward the cyclops. As he reaches the cyclops, he creates a sword of light and slashes at its leg.

Cyclops: The blade sinks deep and the cyclops falls over, crippled.

Strike: Ignoring the cyclops, he runs to Josie. Josie, I'm sorry! Please be OK!

Cyclops: Begins to climb to its feet.

Asterick: Pulling out her sword again, she slashes at the cyclops, aiming at his lower legs in order to give Strike and Josie time to recover

Cyclops: Its left foot is cut clean off and it falls back to the ground. Its leg starts to dissolve; the effect is spreading up the leg. Unh! I... just... want... to eat... again... ARRRHH! He swipes at Asterick as his energy wanes.

Asterick: She's thrown back several feet, landing on her back, but is not injured

Cyclops: Crawls towards Asterick.

Strike: Is still distracted.

Asterick: Manages to get up, groaning, her sword growing heavy in her hand. She summons some more miniature stars, and she aims them at the cyclops, two going towards his waist and one flying by his right arm

Cyclops: The stars strike the cyclops and his lets out a moan, attempting to rise with only one foot. He manages to stand but immediately falls down. When he hits the ground the floors shakes terribly, and he bursts into monster dust, scattering outward.

Strike: The huge sound grabs his attention back. He turns towards the commotion. What was...? Oh, the cyclops! You-- Strike is interrupted by a loud creak. The floor shudders. This floor doesn't seem structurally sound; we need to get off it. The double doors are the most likely to lead somewhere important! Strike attempts to lift the unconscious Josie. Can you give me a hand?

Asterick: She nods and rushes over to him, trying to move as carefully as possible. Helping Strike support Josie, she starts walking with him slowly to the double doors. Are you doing okay?

The floor creaks badly; the stress the boards are under is almost palpable. The party reaches the doors.

Strike: I'm OK. My rib hasn't been hurting since I ate the ambrosia, but I doubt it's healed. Its Josie I'm worried about. He awkwardly shifts Josie so his hand is free, and creates a focused beam of light from his fingertip. He slips the beam between the two doors, destroying the lock.

Asterick: I'm sure she's fine. She motions towards the doors, Shall we then?

As the party leaves the room, shutting the door behind them, the creaking continues. Only after several seconds does it stop. The party finds itself in another long hallway, but this one is well lit. There is a door at the far end.

Strike: Slowly sets Josie down and then leans against the wall. I need to rest a moment, and we should give Josie time to wake up.

Josie:begins to wake up urgh..that shruts...

Strike: Josie, how do you feel? He offers her the ambrosia jar from earlier.

Josie:takes the ambrosia feeling a bit better soo where's the cyclops?

Strike: Asterick disposed of it. Josie, I'm sorry. I should have known attacking the cyclops at eye level was too risky. I shouldn't have asked you to do it.

Josie:shakes her head gently its my own foult I forgot my limits..

Strike: Maybe, but as the leader of this mission I'm technically responsible for everyone's safety.

Suddenly, a sound is heard over an intercom.

Intercom: Maintain an alert status. There are three intruders within the headquarters. Keep a look out for three teenagers, one male and two female. They are armed with throwing daggers, and a crossbow and are very dangerous. A different voice breaks in. I would like to report another emergency. Our captives escaped.

Strike: It looks like we can't afford to tarry for much longer.

Josie: yeah I and I think we need to move before something else get us..

Strike: Offers Josie a hand to help her up.

Josie: takes his hand and gets up still a bit wobbly ok where to next?

Strike: Well, our only option seems to be to go down this hall.

Josie: nods sounds better than where we were...

The party starts heading down the hall, but before long Strike stops them.

Strike: There is something... wrong. I can't put my finger on it, but something about this next section of hall is... off.

Josie: she used her powers to check the surroundings well now that you mention it it is a

Strike: After staring for a long time. I looks like there are niches in the walls, opposite each other. They may have something in them, but I'm afraid to go any closer.

Asterick: Well what do you suggest? It's not as if we can go back. She looks down the hall. Perhaps if I just take a quick look... She leans closer to the walls.

There is a small hole in the niche. It's purpose is unknown.

Josie: she uses he powers to blow some air into the small hole weird..

Strike: He thinks for a moment. Josie, I don't want to stress you after you were unconscious, but can you create a light fog? If you don't have the energy, then that's fine, but I think I know what's going on here.

Josie: looks at strike light fog? umm it wont drain me that much but ok? makes a light fog appearnow what?

The fog reveals numerous beams of light crossing the hallway.

Strike: That's enough fog. Thank you Josie. Strike ponders a moment. These must be a security system. The holes on one side of the hall project a beam of light, and the holes on the other side are equipped with light sensors. If someone steps in front of the holes, they break the beam, the light sensors no longer detect light, and the alarm goes off. There are too many to step around. How do you guys want to do this? We could just trigger the trap and see what happens, or we could look for another way and risk wasting time.

Josie: oh..umm would rain help?

Asterick: Hmm. I don't think so. And we really don't want to have time against us. I'm thinking we should just trigger the alarm. Hopefully, whatever the trap is, it's not so bad.

Strike: I'll go first then. Strike walks through the section with the light beams.

No alarm blares. No sound is heard. A heavy crash is heard behind them, but from the sound of it, it's just the floor of the previous room giving in.

Strike: Well, that was anticlimactic.

Bronze Battery

Suddenly a whirring of gears is heard. A section of the ceiling opens up and three automatons fall down. One has the head of a horse and is armed with a javelin. Another has four arms, all carrying maces. The final one has no head, but two eye-stalks and a massive claw for a hand.

Asterick: Wonderful. More fighting. She swings her sword at the automaton with no head, aiming at the claw.

The automaton catches the blade in its claw and attempts to wrest it away.

Asterick: She lets go of her weapon, backing away and starting to form a shield of stars in front of her so she can think on her next move

The claw-automaton shifts the sword to its normal hand. The horse-automaton jabs with its javelin.

Strike: Knocks the javelin out of the way with his hunting knife. This is no good.

Asterick: No. And I don't suppose there's any escape routes out of here. She rips apart her shield and the stars fly in the direction of the claw-automaton.

The claw-automaton falls over.

Strike: Takes the opportunity to shoot it with bolt, but it doesn't appear to harm the automaton.

Asterick: She causes her stars to immobilize the automaton, hoping to retrieve her sword when it is unable to move

The claw-automaton is immobilized, but the 4-armed-automaton steps in front of it.

Asterick: She groans, trying to dart around the 4-armed automaton

The 4-armed-automaton attempts to swing Asterick.

Strike: Sees an opportunity and fires a beam of light directly at the 4-armed-automaton's face.

The 4-armed-automaton's optical sensors are de-calibrated by the beam of light. Blinded, it misses and cannot effectively block Asterick.

Asterick: She reaches the claw-automaton, and tries to wrench her sword out of his hand

She is successful, but the horse-automaton turns and stabs at her with his javelin.

Asterick: She deflects the javelin with her sword, but it scrapes her arm lightly and she winces

Josie:takes a deep breath before she created a gust of hot wind to the horse automaton

The horse-automaton doesn't notice, but the heat begins to melt his internal wiring.

Josie:continues to blow the automaton with the hot wind

The wiring is ruined. The automaton suddenly convulses, then begins swinging its javelin wildly, knocking over the 4-armed-automaton.

Strike: Is struck by the shaft of the malfunctioning horse-automaton's javelin, and falls over.

Josie:stops the wind and threw a dagger at the automaton

The dagger embeds in the horse-automaton, which continues to flail around. The claw-automaton rises to its feet, but one of its eye-stalks is sliced off by the horse-automaton. The claw-automaton retaliates by promptly smashing the head of the horse-automaton with his claw. The horse-automaton continues to flai around for a few moments before going limp.

Strike: I guess they don't get along to well.

Josie:nods guess so

The four-armed-automaton begins swinging at Strike.

Strike: Dodges behind the claw-automaton.

The four-armed-automaton hits the claw-automaton accidentally. The Claw-automaton violent retaliates by ripping the four-armed-automaton in half.

Josie:makes a 0.0 face well one down..

The remaining claw-automaton turns back toward the party and swings its claw.

Josie:oh oh...

Strike: Ducks under the swing a stabs with his hunting knife. Unfortunately the knife does nothing.

The claw-automaton swings again, this time directly at Strike.

Strike: Has no time to dodge. He braces for the bone-shattering impact, but there is flash of light, and right before the attack connects, something happens. A bright red-orange glow surrounds him; it looks almost like a pair of wings wrapped around him. They are only there for a split second before they are shattered to bits by the claw, but they stop the deadly force of the blow and Strike is merely thrown back. W-what?

Josie:Strike! runs to strike what happen?

Strike: I... I don't know. I shouldn't have been able to block that. It should have killed me.

Josie:maybe its your mom?

Strike: Ha, that would be ironic, wouldn't it? Well, we don't have time to figure it out now. Strike climbs to his feet. He takes a step towards the claw-automaton, but falters. Whatever that was, it took a lot of energy.

Josie:grips her arms then release it even I dont have that much energy anymore...

Strike: We'd better finish this quickly then.

The claw automaton swings at the group again.

Josie:manage to avoids it as she threw a few daggers toward the claw automaton

The daggers dig into its joints, slowing it somewhat.

Josie:looks at the automaton before throwing more daggers

It deflects the daggers with its claw and snaps at Josie, attempting to crush her.

Asterick: Seeing the danger Josie is in, she hurls a giant star at the automaton.

The automaton changes direction and attempts to crush Asterick instead.

Asterick: She pummels the approaching automaton with several more, lesser stars, hoping to slow it

The automaton raises its claw to defend itself.

Josie:once again creates a gust of hot wind to slow down the automaton

Again, the wires begin to melt. The automaton lashes out at Strike.

Strike: Dodges to the side, but stumbles due to weariness.

The automaton punches Strike with its non-claw arm and Strike crumples to the ground.

Josie:continues to blow hot guts of wind to the automaton as she threw a few daggers

The automaton begins to malfunction. A shudder runs through it and it starts flailing around and falls over, thrashing on the floor.

Josie:stops the winds I think this is the time where we run corect?

Strike: Slowly stands up while clutching his stomach. Yeah... let's get out of here. He waits a moment for the automaton to stop flailing around.

Josie:goes to strike and helps to support him up come on..

Strike: Thank you. I'll be OK in a minute.

Asterick: She moves to Strike's other side in case he needs further help. So, where to now?

Strike: Well, there's only one way through this hallway.

Cowboys and Demigods

The party continues on. Through the door at the end of the hallway they find another room with multiple doors. After trying to find their way around a bit longer, they eventually find themselves in a dead end, a room with several computers and filing cabinets.

Strike: Walking without help now. This is no good. We need to find a map or something or we'll never find the throne.

Asterick: She approaches one of the computers, You think there'd be anything we could use from here?

Strike: It's worth a shot.

Josie: then I guess we should start?

A voice comes from behind.

???: Now hold on, you ain't startin' nothing.

Josie: sigh I think I was suppose to expect this..

???: The newcomer is a tall man wearing a plaid, butten-up shirt, jeans, and a 10-gallon hat. He has a pistol holstered at his side and a toothpick in his mouth. His ridiculously corny cowboyish outfit clashes with a collection of amulets hanging from his neck, and a pair of tennis shoes. He speaks in an exaggerated Texas accent. I reckon all y'all must be those intruders I heard so much about. Two gals and a boy, you ain't the ones we captured earlier. He leans in the doorway, seeming relaxed.

Strike: mumbles You've got to be kidding me. That accent can't be real...

???: Pardon? Would you be poking fun at my dialect? Right rude of you... Well, I ain't so rude as to not introduce myself. M'name's Jack Connerson. I help run this fine establishment.

Josie: so your the big boss that we need to fight?

Jack: Chuckles. The big-boss? No, I ain't the big-boss. I'm the third in command. There are five of us folks, and the boss-man is Mr. Kaiser. I answer to him, but not many other folks.

Josie: nods soo there's 2 more people we need to see..

Jack: Whoa now, Little Lady. You don't go to see the boss-man, he comes to see you. Now, I will be needing to know, what are all y'all doin' here?

Josie: shrugs poking around I guess wanting to see what pops out..

Jack: Grimaces, What do y'all take me for, a fool? You ain't just poking 'round. Y'all're here for a reason. Now what is it? Rustling our magic relics?

Asterick: She rolls her eyes sarcastically, Oh, no, of course not. We're really just here to see you. I mean, that accent is amazing.

Strike: Mumbles. Hold on, this might be just what we need. If we can get him to tell us... You get the idea.

Asterick: She nods minutely at Strike, then continues complimenting Jack. Really. It doesn't sound fake at all.

Jack: Uh huh, He says, obviously not fooled by the flattery. Listen, I ain't here for a chat. I'm here to bring all y'all back to the boss-man. It would be awfully obliging of y'all to come peacefully. Y'all see, we're doing a little study on you demigod folks, and if your alive, we can get more data. Still, He draws his gun and cocks it. I'm willin' to make sacrifices.

Josie: sigh as she blows a gust of hot wind to jack so are we..

Jack: Is blown back by the wind. He spits out the toothpick. Fine. He takes aim and fires at Strike.

Strike: Manages dodges out of the way just in time, but he trips, and bumps his head on a filing cabinet, knocking himself unconscious.

Josie: looks a bit angry now you shouldnt have done that..

Jack: Shrugs. You shouldn't have been brat. I figure I gave y'all a fair warning.

Josie: nods yeah but we have rights too a right to say no and a rights to fight she sorunds jack a funnel of wind as she went to strike hoping he's alright

Strike: Is still unconscious.

Jack: Is startled at first by the wind funnel, but after fiddling around with one of his amulets, he creates a small shock-wave the dissipates the funnel. Don't think I didn't know what I was getting into when I came after y'all. I'm prepared for all y'all worst demigod tricks.

Josie: All our tricks??

Jack: Reckon so. Here, He points to his chest. I'll even give you a free shot.

Josie: was more than tired as the funnel took a lot form her I doubt your worth all my tricks..

Jack: Looks disappointed. Come on, one of you folks take a shot. I'm being mighty hospitable. I reckon the least you could do is accept the opportunity.

Josie: was breathing a bit heavy but tries hard to hid it why should we we waste our time with the soft third in charge when we can save all this energy for the big bad boss? and maybe he can tell us about the throne..

Jack: Offended. Fine, if y'all'd rather die now than fight back, that's just the way it'll be. He aims his gun at Josie and fires. NOTE: Pistols have low accuracy, so keep that in mind when dodging.

Josie: manage to avoids it by just a a few centimeter

Jack: Suddenly, wings sprout from the heals of his tennis shoes, and he floats off the ground. I told y'all the boss-man fixed me up with more magical items then you could shake a stick at.

Josie: was trying hard not to faint from exhaustion which means you use that to fight us than your own strength?

Jack: Laughs. Says the one who inherited all her strength from her daddy! Jack rubs another amulet and a blast of electricity arcs out toward the party.

Josie: barely avoids it but manage to get her hair burn a little at the tip like I'm thankful...

Jack: You should. A lot of folks would would most anythin' to have the power all y'all have. Why did y'all think we were studying demigods?

Josie: shrugs to kill us?

Jack: No! We're studying y'all for your power. Y'all see, we're a special group of people. That stuff you call the Mist? It don't affect us. We see the world the way it is. We see the monsters, the demigods, everything. We can see it, but it's out of our home pasture. Our boss, Mr. Kaiser, he's a scientist. He's going to find out what makes demigods so special, and then he is going to do it to all of us! We'll be just as powerful as y'all are!

Josie: demgiods arent that powerful what you want is the gods not us..

Jack: Laughs again. The gods are bit tougher to get a hold of little lady. Maybe when we have the powers of the demigods we'll mosey over and have a look at them, but for now we'll settle for what we can get. Now fight me,or are y'all too yellow? Points his gun.

Josie: I doubt I'm good enough to fight you asterick?

Asterick: She groans, Oh thanks. Leave it all to me.

Jack: Grins. So y'all duel me then? Finally, I get to see if all these fancy-pants magic trinkets work. Y'all ready to see Boot-Hill from under the dirt?

Asterick: She rolls her eyes. All I know is, I am ready to win. She conjures a living constellation that immediately attaches itself to Jack, then as it's attacking, also creates a corpse which makes its way to Jack too. Asterick is thus immobilised.

Jack: Shoots the corpse twice, then attempts to throw the constellation off.

Asterick: She leaps into motion as the corpse disintegrates, attempting to throw herself onto Jack as he fights away the constellation.

Jack: Shakes off the constellation, but is unable to avoid Asterick.

Asterick: She lands on top of him, quickly taking out her sword and trying to stab him in the chest

Jack: Is unable to get out of the way in time, but the blade mysteriously glances off his shirt. He pushes Asterick away and laughs. That's more like it, buckaroo. You've got quite a bit more bite than your friends, but it's not going to make it through this. He gestures to his shirt. See, I don't know what y'all think this shirt is, but it's a Nemean Lion hide. Some poor fool demigod we we were stalking killed the lion, but forgot to take his prize. I can't say I remember him to well; Drake was monitoring him, not me, but he had a real silly name. Stroke? He shrugs. The point is, y'all've roped a steer y'all ain't able to drag down.

Asterick: She falls down, a bit battered but otherwise unharmed. She turns to Strike and Josie, Great. Any suggestions?

Strike: Is still unconscious.

Josie: bites her lips as she bites her lips not really..

Jack: I reckon I'll take another turn then. He rubs another amulet and a wave of icy air flies towards the party.

Josie: take a deep breath as she once again shed her skin and flies it through the icy air and then through jack but once she passed through him once again she was extreamly drain

Jack: Is confused. Looks for Josie, but not behind him.

Josie: is more than weak but throws a few dagers toward jack hoping one would hit him

Jack: The daggers bounce off his shirt/lion-skin. He whirls around.

Asterick: Before Jack can make another move, Asterick runs in front of him so she is blocking Josie from harm. She manages to grab one of Josie's daggers.

Jack: Aw, buckaroo's playing hero. He points his gun at Asterick.

Asterick: She freezes momentarily at the sight but tries her best to remain calm. Who says I'm playing?

Jack: That's what young-uns like y'all do. Play games... mess around... never stop to appreciate the power you have.

Asterick: She laughs. Oh, no, I wouldn't say that's true. We just appreciate things differently. Meanwhile, as she talks, tiny, almost invisible stars begin forming around her.

Jack: Do y'all? Well let's see how you appreciate this! Pulls trigger.

Asterick: The stars consolidate into a shield in front of her, which shatters upon the bullet's impact. Stardust falls heavily to the ground, making it hard to see.

Jack: Being quick witted, Jack attempts to use the thick stardust to his own advantage. He lunges forward with a punch.

Asterick: Jack's punch hits Asterick in the lower chest and she doubles over, coughing.

Jack: Alright, maybe y'all fancy yerself a real hero. Y'all aint very good at it though.

Asterick: She gets up a bit shakily, Well. No offence, but I'd still like to get a second opinion.

Jack: Laughs. That's good! Did y'all go to a seminar for yer banter?

Josie: she slowly gets up as she slowly created hot gust of wind to blow around jack

Jack: Surprised, jack is thrown backwards into a filing cabinet and is dazed.

Josie: gets up and stand a few feet in frotn of jack wanting to check whether he was unconcious

Jack: Dazed, but not unconscious, he begins to climb to his feet.

Josie: sigh as she a small localised rain storm in the room hoping to slow jack down

Jack: Shields his eyes.

Asterick: She sends a couple bright stars in Jack's direction, aiming at his eyes. You flatter me, but I've never even taken lessons. I guess I'm just a natural.

Jack: Jack is thrown back again. I've had enough of this. He stumbles to his feet. Let's see what this does. He produces a small bullet from his pocket. It glows a unnatural color of green. My pal Art cooked this up for me, says it's not ready. Says I should wait for more testing, but hey, I like to live a little. He loads the bullet into the chamber of his pistol and cocks it. If Art can be trusted, one shot and all y'all'll go up in flames. See y'all later. Much later. He fires, but something goes horribly wrong. An explosion of Greek Fire engulfs him, and he screams. In seconds, he is gone, but the fire begins to spread. It cannot be quenched.

Strike: Is still unconscious.

Josie: looks at the fire then well this is more trouble than its worth

The fire will soon block the exit. The party has only a few moments to escape.

Asterick: She creates three separate stars and turns to Josie. Think you can help me put Strike on one of these? We can fly out of here but we need to hurry.

Josie: nods as she helps asterick to pull strike on one of the stars


The heroes escape the fire and flee through the corridors, eventually finding themselves in front of a huge, well decorated, wooden door.

Strike: Falls off the star, jolting him awake. Ahhhhhh. What on earth...? *He pulls himself into a sitting position and clutches his head.* Ugh... was I unconscious? Rats...

Asterick: Oh, just a bit. Don't worry about it.

Strike: *Groans and removes the lid from the jar of ambrosia.* There's only one piece left... does anyone need it?

Asterick: She shrugs, I'm fine. Seeing as it's the last piece, perhaps we better save it until one of us gets a serious injury.

Strike: Nods and gets to his feet, wincing. This would be an impeccable time for some ice, though. He notices the door. That certainly looks important.

AsterickShe nods. So I guess this is the part where we try to enter and something terrible happens.

Strike: Grimly, I guess so. He approaches the door and tries the knob. Locked, of course.

Asterick: She sighs, then turns to Josie. Anything you can do?

Josie: maybe burning the door down?

Asterick: Well it's worth a shot.

Josie: takes a deep breath as she shed her flesh and turned into pure steam going through the door burning the door intensively

The door falls apart as it burns.

Strike: Excellent. He looks at Josie with concern. You look tired. Make sure you don't overexert yourself, okay? We still have that last piece of ambrosia if you need it. In fact, He offers Josie the jar, why don't you hold on to it?

Josie: nods weakly as she took the ambrosia ok

Strike: Don't hesitate to use that if you need to.

The party enters the next room. It is a massive room with a carved oak table running down the center and a high ceiling. The walls are wood paneled and covered with more carvings of gods and monsters. There is no obvious other entrance. At one end of the room there is a massive metal horse, easily 10-meters tall, that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Josie: leans agaisnt the wall feeling more and more tired please tell me we dont have to fight anything here..

Strike: I do too...

A long creak emanates from the horse. It's eyes light up.

Strike: ...but since when has Tyche been on our side? Maybe you should take that ambrosia now. It would rejuvenate you.

Josie: nods as she took just a small sip of the ambrosia

The grinding of gears is heard and the horse comes to life, a giant automaton.

Josie: sighs I really am hating this

Strike: I'm sure we're almost done. This is clearly some sort of meeting room for the leaders. The throne can't be far from here.

Josie: nods I'm glad for that but I still that points to the giant automaton cant be good

The horse suddenly charges forward.

Josie: manage to avoid the horse

Strike: Dodges to the side, fire a beam of light. The light barely singes the horses plating, though.

Josie: turns to strike this may take a while

The horse blows fire out its nostrils at Strike.

Strike: Rolls out of the way. Nonsense, we just need a plan, is all.

Josie: nods ok I'm open for suggestion here..

Strike: Well, Asterick, any ideas?

The horse attempts to stomp Asterick.

Asterick: She throws herself to the side, narrowly escaping the horse, then manages to move towards Strike. Umm. Try not to die? She laughs. What if all of us attack at the same time, from different directions?

Strike: That might work, or we could try focusing on one point. It worked on the door.

Asterick: She nods, That sounds good, too.

The horse charges and attempts to trample Strike.

Strike: Dives out of the way. If only it would hold still...

The horse stops to vent smoke for a moment and bellow fire into the air, before turning back and attempting to smash Asterick with its head.

Asterick: She quickly conjures up a hastily made shield of stars, which manages to keep the horse at bay, though barely. 

Strike: Let's try for the head. That's usually a good spot to strike. He fires a beam of light at the head and maintains it.

Asterick: Hoping that Strike's attack is a large enough distraction, Asterick manipulates her shield, turning it into a string of stars that launches towards the horse's head

Strike: Josie? May we have a hand?

Josie: nods as she threw a few daggers towards the horse's head

Strike: I meant with heat. We should try to see if what worked on the door when we started the mission will work on this thing. Dodges as the horse kicks at him. We need to focus all our heat based attacks on one point!

Josie: oh ok she took a deep breath as she called upon focused heat storm around the horse

The horse snorts fire as it begins to overheat.

Strike: Fires a beam of light and maintains it on the horse. It looks like we're having an effect!

Josie:either that or we have to find yet another plan..

Smoke begins to arise from the cracks in the horse's armor. It charges the group, but it's movement is more sluggish than before.

Strike: Sidesteps.

Josie: hovers to avoid the horse

The horse crashes into the wall and slumps to the ground, steam pouring from the vents on its back.

Strike: Did it overheat? We should get out of here before it cools off.

Josie: lands near strike I think thats the plan..

Strike: Turns to leave, but then notices something. Hold on... He runs over to the horse, where part of the wall has been destroyed. It seems there is a secret passage out of here. He slips past part of the destroy wall, than calls back. Hurry! I can here voices!

Josie: sighs as she follows strike being very careful not to fall

Level Playing Field Finale

The party hurries through a dark and twisting passage way, constantly ascending. The echoes of voices and footsteps emanate from up ahead.

Strike: I forgot to mention, you did great with the heat storm, Josie. Thank you.

Asterick: she nods Yeah, you did. Hmm I wonder who's up there.

The voices are getting closer. Soon, the party turns a corner only to find themselves in a dome shaped room. The sides of the room are lined with many pieces of golden scrap, clamped onto the walls. Four other people are standing in the room arguing, but fall silent when they see the demigods. One is tall and wears a lab coat. Another is wearing a belt lined with tools. The last two are dressed for battle, a man with a short sword and shield, and a woman with a broadsword. There is an exit on the far side of the room. After a second the man in the lab coat speaks.

The Man in the Lab Coat: Addressing the man with the tool belt, Art! You are too slow!

Art: I got it finished in time, didn't I? Would it kill you to give me a heads up, Charles?

Charles: I shouldn't have to work around your incompetence!

The man with the sword and shield steps between them.

Sword Man: Hey now, no need for that. The chamber is finished, isn't it? You've done your part. Let my sister and I take care of this.

Charles: ...Of course. Drake, Fiona, they're unfortunately too dangerous to contain. We have no choice; kill them.

With that, Charles and Art leave through the back exit. Both doors slam shut. (From this point on, demigod powers do not work.)

Asterick: She sighs. Here we go again. She pulls out her sword while attempting to conjure a star in her other hand, then frowns when one doesn't appear. What's happening?

Fiona: You walked into a trap. That's what's happening, idiots.

Drake: Hold on Fiora; there is no need to be rude before we kill them. Do you see all these golden chunks of metal?

Asterick: She looks around, then turns to face Drake. What about them?

Drake: Smiles. They're from a very special artifact. It's the throne Hephaestus built to imprison Hera. We, the Desecrators, retrieved them just recently from a particularly hazardous area.

Strike: The throne!

Drake: Ah, I see you're familiar with it! The throne is very important to us. As you may have gathered, our chief goal is to replicate the power of the gods. In order to do that, we need to understand them. There are two ways to do this. 1. Examine demigods to find the source of their power. 2. Examine the things that can fight against their power. The throne was built to imprison Hera; even when broken apart it retains its ability to impede divine power. That is why it is important to us. I don't know why you're here, but we can't let you leave with knowledge of this place and our operation. Since we've already established that we can't beat 3 demigods at once, we need a way to bring you down to our level. Charles had the brilliant idea to use the throne. In this room, you have no power. You're just like us!

Asterick: Well, she smiles slyly, not exactly.... She begins to raise her sword.

Fiora: Laughs. Don't take our skills for granted! We've trained for years!

Strike: Admittedly, we do outnumber you.

Drake: That is true, but the difference is that we are used to fighting without power. You will have to adjust.

Asterick: she shrugs, Good thing I learn quickly then.

Drake: Readies his sword. We shall see, demigod. Go ahead. Make your move.

Asterick: She narrows her eyes, feints to the right, then dashes towards the left, trying to slice at Drake's shoulder

Drake: Drake blocks the blow with his shield, and slashes at the opening left behind.

AsterickShe manages to dodge but stumbles back shakily

Drake: Steps in close, keeping his shield between himself and Asterick's sword, and stabs.

AsterickShe winces as his sword pierces her side, then backs away, holding her wound

Drake: Grins as he takes a step back. How does it feel to take the training wheels off and fight without your parents' powers to back you up? When it comes down to it, you're nothing special.

Asterick: She grits her teeth and clutches her sword more tightly, stepping in once again to try to attack Drake

Drake: Blocks her attack and goes for a leg sweep.

AsterickShe manoevres away from him, however, she is already considerably weaker due to her wound

Drake: Would you like one more chance as a prisoner? You're far more use to our research alive.

Asterick: She laughs harshly, Yeah, like I'd ever agree to that.

Drake: Fine. This is where it ends for you then. He draws back his arm to attack.

Strike: Fires his crossbow.

Drake: Notices just in time and raises his shield and stop the bolt. Very good. I'd almost forgotten you. Unfortunately, we have been watching you for some time, Strike.

Strike: Wait, what?

Drake: Back when you lived in the woods, we had our eye on you. We planned to abduct you at some point, never got around to it. Anyway, we know that crossbow doesn't have any spare bolts; it just returns the same bolt over and over with magic. I think you'll find the retrieval doesn't work in this room, either.

Fiora: All take him; you deal with sword-girl.

Fiora attacks Strike while he tries to block her attacks with his crossbow.

Drake: Turns back. Now where were we?

Asterick: With obvious effort she swings her sword again, aiming for Drake's left thigh.

Drake: Blocks again, and retaliates with a shield bash. It's clear that he cannot be defeated in such a straightforward manner.

Asterick: She falls to the floor but then rolls a few feet away, trying to make eye-contact with Josie, wondering if they could team up to defeat Drake.

Josie: rushes toward asterick

Drake: Sees her. Oh no you don't, Swings his sword at Josie.

Asterick: While he's briefly distracted, she gets up and dashes behind him, hoping an attack from the rear will catch him off guard.

Drake: Turns just in time to block the blow, but is off balance.

AsterickShe kicks him, attempting to make him fall

Drake falls to the ground, but before there is time to take advantage of the situation Fiona, having just disarmed Strike, swings at Asterick.

Asterick: She ducks and then rolls away from Drake, towards Strike's approximate location

Drake: Climbs back to his feet, breathing hard. You're obviously not ready for this kind of battle. Just give up and we'll make this quick and relatively painless.

Strike: Drat, my fighting style is useless when I don't have weapon or powers against swords. What do we do?

Asterick: Hmmm you want mine? She holds out her sword.

Strike: No thank you; have no sword training.

Asterick: She starts looking back and forth between Drake and Fiona. 'Turning towards Strike, she sighs. I don't know.. Her right hand presses against her wound, which has stopped bleeding but is still quite severe

Strike: I don't know, if we could get away from the throne or something, this would be easy, but I don't see how that's possible.

Asterick: She nods, And it's not like we can destroy it, either.

Strike: No, if Hera couldn't do it, I'm fairly certain we can't.

Asterick: Well, she sighs, I'm exhausted. I hate to say it, but she lowers her voice to a whisper, maybe we should at least pretend to bargain with them. Just until we think of an actual plan.

Strike: Nods slightly.

Asterick: She speaks up, turning her attention towards Drake and Fiona. Um, we.....surrender?

Fiona: Narrows her eyes and steps forward, sword in hand.

Drake: Holds up a hand to stop Fiona. A good choice, demigod. You can start by dropping your weapons.

Asterick: After looking at Strike then swiveling back to Drake, she slowly lowers her sword.

Drake: I meant drop them all the way. Drop them on the ground.

Asterick: She grits her teeth and does as he says

Strike: Glances at his crossbow reluctantly. A long moment passes. I can't drop this crossbow; it was my best friend's.

Drake: I'm sure your best friend wouldn't want you to die needlessly.

Fiona: Rolls eyes.

Strike: All the same, I just can't.

Drake: In a sudden moment he loops his sword under the limb of Strike's crossbow, yanks it out of his hands and bashes Strike in the face with his shield. I'm sorry to hear that.

Strike: Crumples to the ground, blood dripping from his forehead.

AsterickShe screams and lowers herself, approaching Strike. Are you alright??

Drake: Stand back. He made one mistake too many.

Asterick: She ignores Drake and runs to where she and her team mates left their bags, searching for any remaining ambrosia squares and finding a few pieces. She grabs them and tries to make her way back to Strike.

Drake: Fiona.

Fiona: Rushes forward and places her sword at Asterick's neck. Oh, would you like to die, too?

Asterick: She narrows her eyes in exaggerated thought. Is that a trick question?

Fiona: Sneers and pricks Asterick's throat just enough to draw blood. Step. Back.

Asterick: Geez. If you insist, then. She steps back ever so slightly, though she's still focused on Strike.

Drake: Sighs. What a mess this is... You demigods really have more fight in you than is healthy.

Asterick: She shrugs, still looking at Strike. That's a matter of opinion, I suppose.

Josie: I agree with asterick maybe if we got our rest you might know more about us..

Drake: Very well. Fiona, we are going to need some restraints for our guests.

Fiona: I still say we should kill them.

Drake: Sigh, You can still kill the one with the crossbow. Isn't that good enough?

Fiona exits the room looking for restraints and grumbling.

Asterick: She watches Fiona leave, her gaze apprehensive, then turns back to Drake warily. You're not going to kill him.

Drake: Unfortunately, I have no choice. He doesn't seem to be the submissive type; we can't risk keeping him.

Strike: Groans and starts to stand.

Drake: Pushes Strike back down. Having second thoughts?

Strike: One... How did you think it was a good idea... to have your sister leave the room?... Now you're... completely out numbered...

Asterick: At hearing Strike's words, she begins to smile, a flicker of hope making its way past her exhaustion.

Drake: Epiphany crosses his face as he takes a step back. Fiona! He calls. There is no response; she is too far away.

Josie: she heard no footprints cooming back thus grind your all alone now with 3 demgiods...

Strike: Picks up Asterick's sword, stands up, and hands it to her. You'll need this.

Drake: Swallows. I-I still have my sword and shield! I am still a master swordsmen! You cannot defeat me! His voice breaks.

Josie: grins as she takes the sword from Strike we'll see about that...

Drake: Clenches his teeth and swings his sword.

Josie: with the sword in her right hand she block the swing and with her free hand she took one of her daggers and tried to stab drake

Drake: Attempts to block the dagger with his shield, but in his has an fear he fails, the dagger strikes his stomach. Argh!

Josie: grins as she heard him fallwell seems like you need to put on more studies about us...

Strike: Indeed. Stay down, if you plan to live through this. He turns to his team mates. Let's see about gathering up these throne pieces.

Josie: nods ok but we better be fast before the girl comes back

The demigods gather up all the throne parts.

Josie: Soo what now??

Strike: Now I suppose we need to find a way out of this locked room. If only--

Fiona suddenly walks in, unlocking the door. She notices Drake lying on the floor, pales, and runs away.

Strike: Well, there's our exit.


The party leaves through the passage Fiona used, carrying the throne parts with them. After going upwards at a slant for a while, they emerge from the secret passageway into Central Park. The sun is setting.

Strike: It seems we were underground for the whole day.

Asterick: A very long day.

Strike: And what a bizarre organization we came across. I'd feel better if we had been able to shut them down, but that's not why we're here.

Asterick: She nods We got what we came for. That's all that matters.

Josie: But now all we need is a ride back to the santuary...

Asterick: And it's not like we can just call a cab... she frowns

Strike: Well, we're in New York; that's fairly close. Why don't we just walk? It'd be the easiest thing we've done all day.

Asterick: Don't jinx us. She laughs dryly but nods in agreement. I'm in. Josie?

Josie: nods I doubt we have a choice but sure..

Strike: Alright, mission accomplished, everyone. Let's head home.

And so the team returned to the Broken Covenant with the pieces of the throne in tow. Strike split off from the group to report to Heinrich, taking the throne pieces with him, and so of course their powers returned.

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