Naily Mays
Nelisande by acidlullaby


Immortal ,Fire Nymph,Alive




Naila Mays




She is strong, independent, She loves life in every way, she has changed after the years, she use to be mean, now she's nice


Her parents met at a Garage Sell, a very basic place the both wanted the same book and the lead to Naily being born. She was born in New York.By the time she was 13 she was attacked by a monster, actually a Karkinos. If it wasn't for a well trained Demigod name Dane, who she had saw around at school but didn't know he was a demigod son of Tyche was around the age of 16 who saved her. He told her about camp half blood and took her to camp. She was claimed after a few days at camp. She stayed at camp until she was 16, and Dane died in a quest. She became angry at the gods. She soon was kicked out of camp, for vandalizing cabins, to get revenge for the gods letting Dane die. She left camp. When she left camp she stole some weapons from camp to survive. She crashed with some of her Mortal friends. She didn't know but they were horrible in reality. Her friends were doing drugs.. She told them she didn't do that and was about to leave over it. They beat her up, thinking she was going to call the cops. They thought they killed her and freaked out. They took her to the forest and due a huge whole and were about to bury her when she suddenly came back from slowly dying from a brain injury. Her father saved her, he felt bad because Dane died and she hated the gods and he wanted to change her mind. She sprung up and burnt the mortals out of rage. The only condition of this is that she must serve the Hephaestus children when they need help.



Hephaestus-Dad-Loves himNaila-Mom-Loves her,never saw her agian after being turnt into a nymph she thinks she is DeadDane-Dead Boyfriend-She is very sad over him dying.She misses him a lot.

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