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Nathan Vilkas

Son of Horror
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[[|Nathan]] -Child of Deimos
-Son of Horror

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"Why hello there."
Keneva and Valek were deported from Lithuania during World War I. They fell in love while imprisoned in labor camps. Eventually, they were released from the labor camp and settled in America, where Keneva gave birth to the Vilkas siblings's grandparents, who later gave birth to Viktoria Vilkas. The siblings's grandfather started a successful business that manufactured weapons, so they're filthy rich.

Viktoria Vilkas was rather beautiful, as well as a talented artist. While studying at Harvard, she caught the eye of Apollo (or some other god) and they had a brief affair. When Mykolas was born, Viktoria panicked. She wasn't willing to drop out of college to raise him, but she couldn't bear to give him up for adoption. Eventually, she decided to send him to live with her sister, who raised Mykolas until he was seven. On Mykolas's seventh birthday, Viktoria sent him off to a boarding school in England. Shortly after Viktoria finished college, she met Hades and they had an affair, resulting in Auris's birth. She raised Auris until he was six, then sent him off to boarding school in France. A year later, she gave birth to yet another kid - Nathan, a son of Deimos. Viktoria sent Nathan off to a boarding school in Spain.

Nathan was sent to a boarding school in Spain, where he spent a few years. Sometime after coming there he met a demigod, Jason, who was in his class. Nathan didn’t know what he was at this point, but Jason suspected that Nathan was a demigod. So he decided to attack and frighten Nathan, in an attempt to draw out Nathan’s powers, and prove he was a demigod.

Unfortunately, for Jason, Nathan was indeed a demigod. He attacked Nathan a late night, when Nathan was exhausted. They had just finished their end of the year exams, so Nathan was completely exhausted.

When Jason attacked, Nathan unconsciously attacked the him with one of his powers. He projected Jason’s worst fear into his mind, paralyzing him. When the projection stopped, Jason looked at Nathan fearfully, and, stuttering, explained him what had happened. And about the gods, monsters and all that. When Nathan asked how he could defend himself from the monsters Jason said he would get Nathan a weapon. And he kept his word. A month later he gave Nathan a pair of daggers, made in celestial bronze. He refused to say how he had gotten them.

A couple years, and a few monsters, later he went to Vanessa’s family reunion, but kept a dagger on him anyways. You never know after all. He was surprised of how much of a brat Jason was. He didn’t even really care when he died.

When they were kicked out, he called Jason, and asked him where exactly the camp he always talked about was. He got the information, and went there by train. He arrived at camp about a day after being kicked out.

Some time after arriving at camp, he got a letter from his 'mother' telling him that he wasn't actually her son. It was true that she had been in a relationship with his father, but Deimos had asked her to take care of him, since his true mother had died in childbirth, and he couldn't bear to see Nathan go to an orphanage.