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Nia, as a child, was happy and artistic with her mortal father. She loved playing pretend and drawing mythical creatures. She even dreamed about riding Pegasus and unicorns. That lasted until she was about 6; when three anonymous dracanae attacked and surrounded her home. The last memory she has from her previous home was everything she owned turning to ashes, and her father screaming for her to run. So she did run, and hid in the shadows so the dracanae couldn't see her. After the dracanae left, assuming she was dead, Nia walked over to the remains of her house. Her father's face was burnt so much that half of his face was gone, revealing half of her father's skull. His body was covered in rubble and burnt bricks.

Heartbroken and scared, Nia ran to an orphanage her dad had always brought her to when she wanted to play on a playground (this orphanage had one), and hid under a desk. Early the next morning, the owner of the orphanage, May, found her under her desk. May woke Nia up and gasped. "Nia? Why are you-" (Remember, Nia came here a lot so May knew her.) Before May could say anything, Nia crawled out from under the desk and cried out to May, "Daddy's gone! My stuffed animals are gone too, and last night I saw big scary snake monsters and they burnt me and Daddy's house to ashes!" Nia wept, and May said, "I see it's already time for you to come to Camp Half-Blood. I didn't think it'd be so soon, but oh well." Nia wiped her tears off and asked what Camp Half-Blood was. May told her that May was something called a water nymph, and that Camp Half-Blood was where people like Nia go to be safe. So May drove Nia to Camp Half-Blood, and on the way called her assistant to take over the orphanage. Once they got there, Nia and May stepped inside the borders, where Nia was immediately claimed as a child of Nemesis. "Okay, sweetie. I'll be here to help you, along with your godly mommy." Right then Nia was confused, but when she turned 13, May explained everything to her. Now, Nia lives at Camp Half-Blood at age 16 like a normal camper, but sometimes when she's alone she still cries about the loss of her mortal father.


Nia is a mature girl. She stands up for what she believes in, and she's very smart and clever. She usually seems very emotionally strong, and she is, but when she is scared or excited she is very talkative.



My Weapon:

3 foot long (or one yard long) Celestial bronze sword with black leather hilt; sometimes (Celestial Bronze) throwing knives. I call my sword "έκλειψη", or "Eclipse".


"He's gone. There's nothing I can do about it." -Nia talking to Lilia about the loss of her father

"I hate dracanae. They killed my father." -Nia talking about dracanae


Lilia Kindel: Friend (Nia thinks Lilia's pretty nice, and friendly)

Michaela Taylor: Acquaintance (Welcomed Nia to camp)

Mikmak Blair: Acquaintance (Mikmak welcomed Nia, too)

Azumi O'Neal: Acquaintance (Also welcomed her to camp)

Ali Melanthe: Acquaintance (Nia wanted to be friends with her at first, but then Sam said that Ali called her insane, so Nia is reluctant to talk to her.)

Sammael: Friend (He saved her when she was captured by the Ortu Justitiae.)

Annabelle Flora: Acquaintance (said hi to Nia)

Jade Valentine: Friend (Also said hello to Nia, and they got to know each other better and Nia likes her personality so asked if they could be friends. Obviously Jade said yes.)

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