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Nirvana is a very curious person by nature always trying to see the world through new perspectives. He is constantly getting lost in his thoughts about one thing or another and is rarely ever fully on earth even when not high. However there are times when his full attention is devoted to a task and in those moments his brilliance shines extremely bright. His kind is a bubbly one and a chill person no matter the occasion but he was only ever really truly ever fully himself with his sister


History: Van presses record on the tape recorder from their mom Soooo this is Nirvana, Van for short like Von but with an A, Cornerstone and i am recording this just to remember i…...Sis do we really have to do this? You could hear Kehlani’s voice off from the distance Yes,Van or how else would this new kids know what happened to us. Van groans and continues fine fine...Well we are the Cornerstone twins and ,Born and raised in LAX Cali!! Have to give a shout out, and this is how we got to camp and our story and blah blah blah Van is heard laughing in the background as he steps away from the recorder Kehlani walks up and takes the recorder and begins to talk about random stuff. Soo hiii,Kehlani here or Lani for short, i remember when i was 5 and me and Van decided to give each other nicknames that only we could use for each other. He picked Lani for me and i picked Nir for him. What people don't understand is that with Van, he's everything to me, he's my twin. We shared everything but not his “medical Marijuana” i never tried it and i won't planned too. *she puts back the recorder and heads back to her side of their room* *Van hops out of bed and walks over to the recorder. He picks it up and then walks over to his sis sprawling out on her bed.* Whatever she told you about me...I promise it is probably not but maybe all the way true.- she cuts in you're such a liar Van laughs and pokes his sis in her side The rest of this story is a wild ride and we will tell it together. Our cousin may join us later and when she does the story will get a lot more funny but i will let her tell her parts.

Mom only ever spoke briefly about dad since he walked out on us and all Van goes quiet for a second but she did tell us bits and pieces like how they met and sappy stuff like that. Lani takes the recorder from Van and comforts him What Van is trying to say that our father was a massive dick to our mother and most importantly to us. She told us that they met on a cruise through the Bahamas she talks to Van is that correct? Van just speaks up from his place on the bed Dad wasn’t all bad come to find out. Well once we got to the camp we found out he wasn’t able to by god laws but still even a phone call would work. Van let’s out a weak laugh Ha Olympians using phones. Anyways I remember mom saying they met on a cruise. Though beyond that my memory gets fuzzy. She always spoke about how he and she would “Tear up the dance floor” and “Move like they had known each other for years” Van furrows his brow in thought and looks at Lani Yeah, that's how it happened, just like how Van told it, but I really think it was the Bahamas, but we really don't know. But what we do know is, is that on one night when they got fucked up, and when our dad took our mom back towards her room, let's just say 9 months later me and Van came into the world. Van starts laughing uncontrollably Yea because that is how babies work!! Moving on though. She laughs alongside Van Our family is weird but we love it. Van can be heard in the background Didn't he jump off the cruise boat and disappear once he found out she was pregnant....she used to say he was lost at sea Van pauses for a moment You are right about our family being weird sis. I do love it though.

Growing up as kids it seems as if my sis inherited a lot of the free spirit and athleticism while i got the….leftovers i suppose. She was the athletic one and i was the brain and no one was a better combo at that than we were. hmm? Lani butts in Like Van was always the 1st place winner in the science fair conventions, while I was the top athlete in our whole school, we never lost a game. Van takes the recorder back Yeah. What can i say. We’re just the best. I remember we both starting receiving recognition for everything we were doing in school and people begin to approach us. Of the good and bad variety. I remember i was approached by a boarding school and approached by the guys who first introduced me. Too the super plant Cannabis. A lighter flicks as Van gets lost in his thoughts As just the nerdy kid in the back of the class i didn’t have many friends besides Lani but the guys i met through weed were my supposed brothers in arms. I met them behind the school after an Expo hosted by the schools association; they offered me the blunt, Mellow Yellow if i remember, and i almost lost a lung coughing but when i got the hang of it and puffed again my eyes glazed and i was lost in my own name. I got lost in the Nirvana of cannabis and since then my life has been different. He is about to continue speaking but decides against it and goes back to fiddling with the lighter in his hand. In a kind of reverent tone he asks Lani if she could speak for a while. Lani takes control of the recorder. Well aren't you guys bored by hearing his voice all the time, i know i am because every day you hear him talking non-stop Van takes his shoe off and grabs his sock waving it threatingly for his sisters sly comments , but don't get me wrong, we're twins, it's what we do to each other. But enough about Van and let's talk about a very exciting topic, which my brother is better at than me, school. I mean ever since we were kids we were like the opposite, he excelled in class while i excelled in sports. Some say that we're double trouble because we were the best and we even topped the record of a swim thing, i apologize, i forgot what it was Van interjects You mean the interschool swim meet? Yea i was shocked by that too though you came in first. Didn’t we meet the “Pony” afterwards? Van laughs and Lani throws something at Van to shut him up I'm so sorry for whoever has to hear this, we are very messed up, but hey who isn’t but back to school. I was approached by a recruiting scout person and he told me that if i continue to be the top player of the sports that i play in, I'll be banking in cash in no time, but i gave it up, because the school recruiter was bad-mouthing me about my brother, who didn't know that Van was my older brother. Van sucks his teeth at that I am not a violent person but he was about to catch these hands. Let’s talk about our other fight though. We have to explain the pony. Van mumbles something about how they won’t be let into to camp if they don’t

Lani speaks into the recorder Okay so we we're like umm I'm gonna say we're like 11 when it happened. We were at our grandparents ranch for the Summer Van interjects We didn’t tell them that we are really rich by mortal standards did we? Yea our family is loaded with old money and we have access to it...well all of it because mom had us out of wedlock and stole what our grandparents wanted to leave for another “Relative”. After that through a few proper channels we had it put in our names legally and even took their estate by rewriting the will, though we didn’t kill them they died of shock when the money disappeared. I think they loved us though and besides we buried them for a lot of it. He slides the recorder to Lani with a chuckle um okay, back to what i was saying before someone cut in, we hated it. Trust me, when i say that, they called us wedlock children,we didn't care because we took everything that they had as of cash wise. Van calls out from his bed More than just cash we still got their house ranch and a couple other businesses! If anything Van comes over to the recorder we own everything our family owned, owns, or was supposed to own and even acquired more but that is a story for another time we were speaking about the monster fight. So we are at our grandfathers ran Lani moves and is heard lying down in the background nh….damn she left, so sad but moving on. While at the ranch we are feeding and playing with the horses when one of the broncos start acting up and breathing, well smoke i mean not just steam actual black smoke. It butts against the wooden fence getting angrier and angrier till it kicks it open and when it does me and Lani try and run but it is a fucking horse and it catches up quickly. I trip over a hill and consequently Lani falls with me and we lay there on the ground we my sis grabs my hand and being the older brother I raise mine just out of desperation to protect my sis. She is out to protect me and does the same when the earth rumbles and water like a geyser rushes out of the ground and punches a hole through the chest of the horse. We were shaking up after it but learning we had super powers was gr8 I mean I am a comic nerd of course it is gonna be awesome.

Lani doesn’t really feel like talking so i will finish it solo. We took off after defeating the monster and being chased by more unable to jeopardize anyone close to us because we had powers we didn’t even have a clue about. Using the funds we had “acquired” from our grandparents we were able to fly far away from our home and all we had known before able to be safe together which eventually lead us to Chicago, Illinois at the ages of seventeen for me and Lani perspectively. We ran from back in California to be safe from the monsters but the massive fight that broke out through the city had us fighting off everything from giant demon dogs to snake ladies and bird women even birds with weird bronze beaks. We learned to control our power better and through trial and error I learned to use tasers and electricity with mine Lani found a weapon off another demigod who had been on the side of the demigods causing trouble through Chicago. Using the new abilities we fought through Chicago and finally made it to an airport where we booked a flight to camp half blood having learned the location from the demigods we met down there who had saved us from monster. Though we were still being hounded by monsters we did eventually make it to New York and from there we had another adventure just making it to camp.

Well after all of the amazing things that happen like being cast out of what used to be our great family and losing our mom to natural causes we were rich but had nowhere to go. We did what everyone with money does and took a vacation (lol nah we were fleeing the state) out of state to Chicago because when i spun a globe that is where my finger landed. Me and Sis rented out the to floor for an indefinite amount of time and spent time in Chicago pursuing things we loved. Sis got around to things on her own i think a fencing class but i started playing around with different ways to grow weed, weed in general, chemistry, botany, fiddled with biology and biochemistry but found a love for playing with everything electrical. While running the business and growing and selling weed i had plenty of time and money to pursue these through classes in the city and what I could find online till i eventually always had a couple of tasers and a stun gun and a stun baton on my person and i created then grew a weed who only needed sand and salt water. That weed hit the market and took off so quick i almost let go of running the ranch because the weed was making three times the profit in Chicago alone but Chi-Town was about to take a turn for the worse. While in Chicago a massive wave of riots, monsters, and ill-tempered demigods and humans alike flood the city destroying things and generally messing stuff up. Some of the writers of my life planned this i know it but me and my sis didn’t know it at the time and we fought our way through moving our stuff downstairs when the abandoned the hotel and then using what we found out while down there rigged most of the hotel with traps. These were broken through by monsters and humans alike and when things seemed at their bleakest! We were saved by demigods from camp. I still remember their names and I see them around camp since we have been in camp they were Harmond, Vifera, Blake, Nyxil, and Luke all of them were strange but great guys (though Vifera doesn’t really like the smell of weed..or smoke.)Blake gave us a single Greek coin called a Drachma and told us to say yada yada yada yada ling then island and though those aren’t the exact words i still felt weird saying it. However I must be naturally fluent in Greek because the grey sisters appeared out of smoke and thin air and gave us a hella of a ride all the way to camp. Still feels like it happened yesterday but it was a week and a half and time flows differently in here anyways so hey come what may but after all we have seen done and heard...i think we are ready for anything!

Van clicks off the recorder and leans back in the chair feeling a weight off his shoulder after getting that off his chest. He smiles before getting up and pulling a blunt out of his pocket sliding a puff cap over it before walking outside and lighting it with one of his tasers. He takes a long drag and coughs hard already feeling high and giggles feeling lighter than air and safe for the first time in a long time.


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