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Considering her old home life, Nora's surprisingly cheerful. Her bright smile is on her face almost every minute of the day. She's more than willing to hang out with or befriend lonely-looking people. Nora is something of a hopeless romantic, with a strong love of fairy tales / fantasy stories. However, the cracks often show themselves; Nora will, if triggered, either cry at random or throw a yelling, screaming fit. She's fiercely devoted to her half-siblings, as well as friends and other loved ones. And she's quite brave.


Lots of people claimed young, carefree Daniel Weber wouldn't amount to anything; His own sister was among them. Daniel, with his tan, chiseled features, chocolate eyes, and chestnut hair, was your average surfer boy (Minus the blonde hair and blue eyes) with a pinch of slacker. He'd much rather be out partying or riding the waves than be inside, studying or any other boring activity. Quite surprisingly, he did good enough in school to pass. A couple of weeks before graduation, 18-year old Daniel was sitting through a boring Science lecture when She entered the room.

A stunning beauty to behold, the mystery girl introduced herself to the teacher, and the class, as 'Miki' (Ariadne in disguise). After giving an excuse for being late, 'Miki' sat herself next to the lucky Daniel. The two of them managed to chat a bit during the lecture before being caught. It wasn't long before a date to the movies was planned, and a relationship began. They were intimate for the first time the day of graduation.

Daniel never saw 'Miki' after that. He merely shrugged it off, assuming she went to a different college than the one he was attending. His life went on. He played football, joined a fraternity, went surfing when he could...

Out of nowhere, his life changed. Daniel had just walked into his little house when a cry broke out. Understandably, this shocked and confused the young man. He discovered the noise's source in the living room: On the couch, in a little carrier, was a baby girl, with an envelope that contained a note and a ring. Said note was written by 'Miki'; Who, in writing, revealed herself to be Ariadne, a Greek goddess. It was also explained that Nora was a demigod, and when the time came, Daniel would have to give her the ring and send her to Camp Half-Blood. Daniel was understandably skeptical, at first. But like before, he just shrugged and dealt with it.

Daniel branded the girl 'Nora Lily'. His first course of action was telling his family the news. His Mom and Dad were fine with it, but his sister, Megan, just about exploded. She claimed her brother was in no way a capable parent. They might as well just call Child Services now, and get her off his hands.

Daniel managed to prove his sister wrong. He balanced education and home to raise his beloved baby girl (With help from a couple of his frat brothers). Any free period or vacation, Daniel would take Nora somewhere fun: To the beach (He taught her how to surf), the zoo, the park, you name it. Nora was his world.

Nora had a happy childhood, aside from the occasional family reunion. Why? Well, her Aunt Megan had twins with her husband, Aaron: Jason & Josephine. The two weren't exactly kind to the girl. And Aunt Megan had a tendency to badmouth Daniel in front of Nora. Eventually, Daniel landed one of his dream jobs: Teaching at a great surf school. Thankfully, they moved away from Los Angeles (Daniel's hometown) to Duck, North Carolina. At some point, little Nora was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. The last one was hard for her, seeing as she developed a fondness for reading.

Nora was 11 when her first monster attack happened. She had gone with a friend to the beach, to surf and swim and have fun. Their good time was interrupted by Telekhines; Nora assumed they were weirdos in fish suits. The two managed to outrun the beasts, and Nora made a beeline for home. Her story convinced Daniel it was time; The letter had said something about weird creatures that would be trying to eat his child.

Daniel sat Nora down, and told her that, when she was a baby, her Mom wrote him a letter. She had revealed Nora was special, and so she needed special things. He gave his daughter the ring, telling her it would help against stuff like what she saw at the beach. Figuring she'd have to learn HOW to use a sword, Daniel signed his daughter up for fencing lessons.  Little did Nora know, she and her father wouldn't be together long.

Age 12 saw Nora's second monster attack: She was just getting off the school bus when a lady she never met before approached. The stranger said that her Dad sent her to get Nora. Of course, the girl didn't buy it. So, the last used force, and when no one was paying attention, pulled the girl to a secluded spot. It was there Nora witnessed her captor shed the Mist and reveal her true form: A Scythian Dracanae.  Luckily, Nora was armed. She wasn't very skilled with the blade yet, but was able to dispatch the beast.

The worst attack came when Nora was 13; Four days before her birthday.  Daniel and her had taken a hike in the local wilderness. As the Fates would have it, a stray Chimera had been roaming the area. The big creature caught a fleeting whiff of demigod scent, and followed it. Right to their home.  Nora had just settled in for the night when loud crashing noises reached her ears. Next came the sound of her father yelling and screaming, then the scent of smoke.  She reached for her ring, turned it to blade mode, and charged downstairs.

What happened next faded in a blur of claws and fire; Nora was the winner. She awoke in the hospital, covered in burns and scratches. The first thing she asked was how she ended up here. The doctor explained how a neighbor called 911 when she heard the sounds of a struggle, and saw what looked like an inferno starting. No one knew who or even WHAT caused it.

Then Nora insisted on seeing her father. Worried glances were exchanged between hospital staff. She was told to wait until she was recovered enough. While in the hospital, Nora received visits from her Aunt and Uncle. Aaron brought her a gift (A nifty little puzzle box), while Megan ranted about how Daniel 'attempted' to 'murder' her niece. Nora insisted her father did nothing to her. Long story short, the two females got into a heated argument, that would've gotten worse if the staff and Uncle Aaron hadn't intervened.

The day finally came when doctors told Nora she could leave the hospital. But first, she HAD to see her father. She insisted.  What she heard next knocked the air out of her lungs: Daniel was dead. Apparently, he burned along with the house. And there was more news.

You know WHY Megan & Aaron were visiting? Well, Nora would be living with them from now on. Once everything was settled, the three got on the first flight to California. Nora had slightly high hopes; Maybe her cousins would be nicer than they were as kids. Maybe she'd love it with her relatives. Maybe THEY'D love HER.

Boy, was she wrong.

Jason & Josephine, both 15, reacted with hostility. They kept the abuse of their cousin secret by only going after her when their parents' backs were turned. Jason's method of torturing Nora included beatings (With fists, feet, or both) or pretending he was going to kill her; She never knew if he was serious or not. Josephine used words as her weapon, calling Nora names, spreading rumors about her, getting her in trouble, and all that. Both twins used their cousin as a slave, making her do chores they didn't want to, their homework, or things for their amusement (Like a court jester).

Sometimes, Nora would try and tell her guardians. Aaron merely said that his kids weren't capable of that. Megan was a lot more aggressive; She claimed Nora must've done something to make them act that way. That it was Nora's fault they attacked her. At the same time, Megan blamed the way her brother raised the girl. To her, it was his fault the three didn't get along.

School was even worse. Nora was enrolled in the same ritzy, elite private school as her twin cousins. Unfortunately, Jason and Josephine had *great* influence among the students. Soon enough, her life outside of home was the same as her one inside: She was a slave; A punching bag. The majority of students had nothing but hate for her.

Her next monster attack did nothing to help her reputation. Nora was 14, and while coming home from studying at the library for a huge test, she came across the CUTEST black pug she had ever seen. Seconds later, that adorable critter transformed into what it really was: A vicious hellhound. Nora summoned her sword, and handled it. The fight was fairly easy, but its aftermath was horrible.

Apparently, a kid from school witnessed the whole thing, or just snippets. In their mortal eyes, it looked like crazy, heartless Nora had slaughtered an innocent pug. The next day, boys and girls alike called her crazy. She received more beatings from the boys, including Jason and his delinquent buddies. Even some girls got in a few good punches. 

Nora was 15 when she had a run in with a flock of Stymphalian Birds. She went on a nature walk, just to clear her head, and took a wrong turn. Poor girl stumbled across the small group, and found herself running for her life again. She outran the birds.

At age 16, Nora decided she was done. No way was she staying in a place where no one liked her. She had taken everything with a smile, and that was it. One night, Nora told her Aunt & Uncle she was going over to a friend's. In reality, she was running off.

She made it to a bench outside of a movie theater. She decided to sit down and think over where to go next. A scary-looking man took a seat right next to Nora. He walked with a cane, wore a ski cap, and had a wild beard. Generally, he was the kind of person your parents told you not to talk to. It turned out he was actually pretty nice; He and Nora got to talking. She ended up telling him her story, and this got him interested. 

The man told her there was a place for kids like her. She could go there, but first, she had to tell her relatives she was leaving. Nora was able to go by lying and telling Megan & Aaron that she had been accepted to a special school her father registered her for. Megan was reluctant, but Aaron let her go. Jason & Josephine could've cared less.

Turns out, the strange man was a satyr. On their cross-country journey to New York, he explained things to Nora that Daniel had left out. It took days, maybe weeks, but in the end, they reached Camp Half-Blood. A little bit after her arrival, Nora was Claimed by her mother, Ariadne.



  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to cause someone to believe that they are trapped inside a labyrinth, disrupting their senses into seeing anything else for a short time. While under its effect, they become more vulnerable to attacks.
  1. Children of Ariadne, while a labyrinth is summoned, have the ability to create 1 to 3 lesser monsters (those classified as “easy” in the Monster Encyclopedia) nearby them within it; these monsters, however, will not be controlled and will attack anyone they see.


  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to create a large portion of a labyrinth wall to protect themselves until it corrodes after a short time. The walls can be created at all directions to create an absolute defense, but drains more energy from the user. Conversely, this can be used to imprison enemies.
  1. Children of Ariadne can cause a person to feel/be lost, as if they don’t know how to reach their desired destination and wander off aimlessly, which may induce distress, confusion and loss of concentration, for a short time. The effect can be used on a larger number of people, but drains more energy.


  1. Children of Ariadne have the innate ability to find their way through / around any sort of puzzle, maze, or obstacle without any aid, as if they have a psychic compass within them. They are also able to perceive any kind of hidden obstruction, trap, or dead-end within a 10 meter radius around them.
  1. Children of Ariadne have the innate ability to see in multiple directions at once, allowing their senses of sight to become more finely attuned to their surroundings.


  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to create a real labyrinth, which traps anyone inside it for a short time. The user has total control over the creation (Examples: Altering and closing its walls or even expanding the maze at any time). However, a larger maze will consume more energy from the user. The maze has a roof over it and cannot be teleported out of.
  1. Children of Ariadne can conjure a very durable wool string that can be used to navigate around a place, mislead / ensnare victims, bind / strangle enemies, hold / suspend things firmly, weave fine cloth, or in any way possible. The longer the string, the more energy it drains. The string can also be conjured from the ground or from any surface.
  1. Children of Ariadne can increase or decrease a person's passions, whether the purpose is to weaken one’s will to fight, to motivate them to do a certain hobby, or to love, etc. The longer this state is maintained, the more energy is drained from the user.
  1. Children of Ariadne are able to teleport themselves through the mazes they created. The further the distance traveled, the more energy drained.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to construct paths out of materials found around them that they can use to take them anywhere (up into the air, over trees, etc.) But as they move along the path, the path behind them slowly corrodes. The longer they use the energy required to make a path, the more they are drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to enchant a localized location into becoming an illogical, yet illusory, maze, which traps anyone inside it. With this ability, the user can cause a building’s passageways to lead somewhere else, such as an upstairs flight lead to the basement, a closet room lead to the rooftop, lead a door back to itself, and so on. The larger the area of effect and the longer it is held, the more it drains the user.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Ariadne have the ability to materialize a shadowy form of the Minotaur into existence, which is capable of both fighting and dying under their control, in a sense. Afterwards, it will vanish; This drains the user extensively. However, the conjured Minotaur is weaker than its real counterpart.


  1. Children of Ariadne have an excellent sense of direction, and are able to navigate and locate any location with ease, rarely getting lost.
  1. Children of Ariadne are typically willing to help others, even total strangers.


Name Relation Feelings
Ariadne Mother Tries to love her, even after everything
Daniel Weber Father Absolutely loves and misses him
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