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Oscar is not a fighter, he will defend himself if someone is being mean or trying to pick on him but he will usually leave the fighting to Astro. He is a kind-hearted fellow quick at helping others without thinking about getting anything in reward. Although if he is not thanked or not treated nice when helping he does the work sloppy and with a bad mood and will if it doesn’t change get extremely irritated at whoever his helping. But if the person apologizes or starts being nice again he usually forgets it unless it’s something really mean that happened. He doesn’t look to make enemies and if you make a good first impression with him you will often earned a friend for life.


Before Oscars birth Alice blunt lived in a small village in long island and worked in a semi active forge although mostly it was showing the few tourists who came to her village how the forge worked in the old days. At one of her tours there was a very handsome man who followed her entire tour and then later asked her for a dinner. She gladly said yes as she had never had a romance before (there was not many good looking guys in the village) and this man could, if she did a good impression be her ticket out of the small village. They had a lovely night and he took her to bed later that evening. In the morning Alice woke up and made breakfast for them both but the man came out of the bedroom fully dressed and ready to leave. Before he left he explained that she would maybe give birth the his baby who would be a demigod. Alice was very confused and asked the man who he really was as he had only named himself as Heph the night before. For a brief moment he allowed her to see thru the mist and showed her who he really was and told her that when her baby came of age she could send him to camp-half-blood where he could be with other half-bloods. He also told her about the monster that most likely would come after the potential child. Alice asked for some way to help protect her child from them. So Hephaestus gave her an Automaton that he had made in his forge a couple of years ago as an prototype for a new type of armored guard Automatons he were designing. 

Oscar was born and lived a pretty normal life for a child. He was always that happy kid in school who agreed with everyone and didn’t have any own opinions. This would wear of a bit from when he turned 10. He enjoyed tinkering machines and tools and especially with the old machine that his mom had in the basement (Astro.) Oscar did not have many friends in school although he had a happy and friendly personality because the fact that he was not special in any way. He was not good at anything special exept for mechanics and engineering and these were not talents that earnd you a good rep. He recived his on tool kit when he turned 8 and this is to this date one of his most precious items. He was not tall or strong or ever that much clever then any other kid but his happiness and his lack of opinion made him a bully target for the older kids although he tried to stay positive it became more and more difficult the older he got. He became shyer and started to stay home more and more tinkering with the old machine that looked like some kind of robot trying to figure out how it worked, as he couldn’t find any way to open it or what the purpose of it was. When he turned 10 his mom decided that it was time to tell him he was demi-god and so she did. At first it was quite a shock but Oscar hade noticed that he weren’t like the other kids and had “accidently” used his powers to randomly catch things on fire when he became mad and things like that. His mom told also told him about the camp Heph had talked about and Oscar became very eager to get there as he figured he would enjoy it much more there with people just like him. But Alice told him he had to finish school first. He became much more happy now knowing something was going to change in a couple of years and he started to enjoy life again and be out socialising with friends. At the age of 12 Oscar was first attacked by a monster. Oscar was out in the back yard playing around with his new powers who where starting to show themselves more and more when he heard a scream coming from the sky. He looked up confused, as he had never seen any birds with that sound before in the village. But it was not a bird it was an harpy. Oscar screamed and tried to protect himself by covering his head with his arms. This did not help at all and the harpy cut three big cuts in his arm and threw him over towards the house. He called for his mom but she was away so Oscar ran into the house trying to lock the harpy out but it just crashed through a window and followed him down the stairs to the basement where Oscar barely managed to close the door behind him before the harpy came rushing down. It started to tear the door down. Oscar climbed into the corner and held an old lamppost as a primitive weapon saying to himself that he would fight to the end. The harpy crawled in and bashed towards him. But when it came in the old machine busted up and rushed at the harpy smashing it into to the old concrete wall. It rapidily slammed the harpy over and over again in the wall until it died. Oscar being even more scared now but when the harpy was alive started crying thinking the machine would kill him to, but it just walked over to Oscar and sat down next to him. Oscar waited there for about 2 hours before he heard his mom coming home. He made a break for it and ran out the basement and up the stairs just as Alice came into the living room. But the robot had not followed him. After a couple of minutes of explaining about the harpy and him fleeing into the basement he got to the robot part and Alice now understood what the machine was meant for and she explained that it had been given to them to help protect Oscar from the monsters that they now knew existed. They went down in the basement together where the robot was waiting. It didn’t talk and just made bleeping noises in rapid order when it saw them. After some thinking and trying to communicate with it they understood it was talking Morse code to them and they could finally communicate with it.

They learned it was placed here to help protect Oscar from monster and other lethal things that might happen to him. They kept him in the basement for a couple of weeks where Oscar tried learning it to talk normally like humans as it had told him he had recording machinery in himself, Oscar also started calling the machine Astro as it made a sound that sounded like Astro when it tried to pronounce some English words and Astro found that he liked the name Oscar had given him. They grew very tight during the weeks Astro was in the basement and they always had fun when Oscar thought him new things about the world, as Astro did not know anything except basic things that Heph had programmed into his circuits. But outside of the basement Alice was getting really worried about the fact that if one monster where to find Oscar surely more would and so she one night told Oscar that maybe it was time to move to camp-half-blood where he would be more safe and have friends like him. Oscar got overwhelmed and gladly said yes packing his things and after receiving the location of the camp he left his home with Astro by his side. Since Astro did not fit in with normal people they had to stay of road and Oscar had to go into small towns along the way to get supplies but he still kept in contact with his mother who helped him if something went wrong or if he just missed her. Beginning to get close to the lokation of the camp Oscar got less attentive rising camp for the night and one night the got snuck up on by a hellhound as large as a great dane who teared down the telt Oscar was sleeping in to reach him. Oscar was now more used to his powers and managed to hold the hellhound at bay with his fire abilitys until Astro who had been out searching for a good place to settle down himself came running back to finish it up. After a few days of hiking they now finally reached camp-half-blood.</span>==



  1. Children of Hephaestus have the ability to create and control fire; however, it is extremely chaotic and will burn anything near it no matter the intention of the child of Hephaestus. They can shoot fireballs, streams of fire and coat weapons in flame. The more fire summoned and controlled, the more energy is drained.


  1. Children of Hephaestus can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Hephaestus are able to create a wall of stone, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, to temporarily block attacks


  1. Children of Hephaestus are innately extremely resistant to heat and fire.
  2. Children of Hephaestus are innately stronger and faster than others.
  3. Children of Hephaestus possess an ability to instantly understand how to use and wield any weapon they possess with no training beforehand.


  1. Children of Hephaestus have the ability to release heat from their hands in order to cauterize an open wound.
  2. Children of Hephaestus are able to create a smoke screen that suffocates and hinders enemies for a short time, using it to either escape or do one sneak attack
  3. Children of Hephaestus have the ability to control a single mechanical object with their mind; doing so, however, immobilizes the child of Hephaestus until control is broken. This only works on objects mechanically controlled, not objects controlled by magic.
  4. Children of Hephaestus can telekinetically move weapons under their own possession and use. They can move up to 3 large weapons at a time, such as swords, axes and hammers. Or up to 10 small weapons such as throwing stars, knives and caltrops. The longer weapons are telekinetically held, the more energy is drained.

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  1. Children of Hephaestus have the ability to curse an opponent’s weapons, armor and shields, make it softer, somewhat fragile or even rusted. This would last for a short time and make it easier for the user to attack. They can also repair weapons and armor with a thought and enchant weapons/armor to perform/defend against twice the amount of damage for a short time.

6 Months After Character is Made Not achived yet

  1. Children of Hephaestus are able to summon a humanoid automaton to fight for them for a short time, the automaton cannot be bigger than 2-3 times the size of the user. It may possess one weapon of the user’s choice and will take a basic appearance of a Greek soldier, but the user can customize their armor or facial appearance. The automaton will have no special abilities other than it’s strength,stamina and endurance. ( No powers over Electricity, Magnetism, Flight. etc) The user however has a hard time moving while the automaton is present. The automaton will follow any command of the user, after a short time the automaton will crumble and fall apart. The user will be left quite drained.

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  1. Children of Hephaestus can transform their bodies into pure metal for a short time, making them stronger and far more durable. They can also shift and transform parts of their body into weapons in this state. They also have the option to add an incredible amount of heat to their metal form, doing this would make the transformation even more draining than before. Choosing to become molten metal means the user burns anything they touch, enhancing their offensive abilities. Once the transformation is complete, the user is incredibly drained. Even moving wouldn’t be possible for a long time and they could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Hephaestus are known for making great mechanics and blacksmiths. Able to make,upgrade and repair all sorts of weapons, machines and devices including automatons, armor and transforming weaponry. 
  2. Children of Hephaestus normally grow up to be excellent sculptors, stonemasons, architects,construction workers, carpenters and woodworkers.
  3. Children of Hephaestus normally feel comfortable in forges and other warm areas, making them great fire-fighters and volcanologists.


Name Relation Feelings
Alice Mother Better then dad.
Astro Best friend The brother i never had
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