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Calm and happy, and yet somewhat suspicious....


I was born to Brianne and Jake. Brianne is a nymph. She was a demi-god, daughter of Poseidion. She died. Her father brought her back to life as a water nymph. My father is a satyr. He is always helping people get to a place they call Camp Half-Blood. My mother had lived at camp when she was young. she didn't like it because she was picked on by a daughter of Zeus. she left to live with my dad later. I met a lot of demi-gods in my life. Some of them were nice. Some of them just wanted to get the heck out of the mortal world. I never went to Camp before. I stayed home with my mother. We saw my dad maybe once or twice a year. Mum was never too happy about it. She always wanted to leave. We lived in Germany. I grew up there. I grew up speaking German, English and French, which was my mother's native toungue. I had a pretty normal childhood, for a nymph child anyway; as normal as it could get. We lived there until I was 13, then we moved to France to live with my grandmother. My grandmother was very protective of my mother, because she lived through her dying once, and still was terribly sad over losing the shock of losing her again. My grandmother had never healed the scar of the mark it left when Posiedon left her. My father returned to fetch a demi-god in France right near out home. He stayed with us, and that reminded my mother of all the good times they had before I was born. I was almost 15 then, and my dad took a young boy to camp. He returned not long after and asked if we would like to come live at camp. My mother agreed ammetietly after hearing that the girl who had been mean to her was no longer at camp, but I questioned. Isn't camp for demi-gods? when my father told me that there would be other Nymphs there I agreed. My father took my mother and me there and he gave me a bow and arrows. He told me I could use them to practice and "fit in" with the demi-gods. I asked why that was necissary, but he said it wasn't. I liked the bow so i kept it. we drove to camp with the demi-god. along the way, we saw several monsters attack and jump at the car. I was interested in the way the monsters moved and looked. One time, we had to stop so my dad could get out of the car to fight a monster. My mother was worried and anxious through the whole trip, but I was calm and I thought it was fun to ride along with a demi-god and see what my dad does. we arrived at camp and we waited for the demi-god to get claimed. when he did, my dad showed my where I would be staying and left me at camp.




Name Relation Feelings
Brianne Mother
Jake Father
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