Pedro Reyes at glance, looks like he's always serious and never laughing nor smiling. With his tendency to stare off into space and speak in a mumbled, monotone voice and his preferred attire of grey fleece pajamas and a fleece hoodie of the same color and a pair of Sony headphones around his neck and even the images of people dying in huge conflicts that he draws in his sketchbook seem to reinforce the belief that he is an anti-social person. That however, couldn't be any more further away from the truth. If one were to get to know him instead of judging at a glance they would find that he is gullible, naive and generally very silly. Always wanting to have fun even when he is practicing his skill set, he will always find some way to make a game out of it, when times are tough Pedro just goes on with a smile on his face soley due to his belief that one must smile in the face of adversity and persevere in order to gain the happiness that one truly desires. That doesn't mean that he is always sunshine and smiles. There are days when he feels angry and cynical for the strangest of reasons, or when his friends are in danger he will try his absolute hardest in order to get his friends away from the danger or if need be. Remove the threat in a lethal manner. Which is something he could do thanks to the hardcore survival training he underwent with his father and the Mixed martial arts tournaments he has attended and even participated in. He has also learned how to use an Executioner's axe thanks to his dad buying him one and showing him how to use one when he reached his eleventh birthday.


Pedro Reyes was born to a strict but fair father who was a retired navy veteran in the spring of 1997 under a harvest moon and an unknown mother. Growing up without a mother didn't have much of an impact on him thanks to the steady guidance of his father, whom he idolized as the 'epitome of manliness' Yes, he had issues when it came to math and sitting still. But when it came to the outdoors he was always on top thanks to his father taking him out on jogs at the crack of dawn and teaching him how to maintain and repair various weapons. All for the sake of 'training.' While his peers thought of that as stupid whenever he told them about it, he didn't really let it get to him. He was pretty happy and content with his life until one day, after spring break had ended and school was back in session for all the students of the small town he lived in, during his first year of middle school in a small town in Iowa. His regular fourth period teacher had called in sick, while this normally would not have bothered him, he felt something off about the substitute. As if his gut was telling him to bolt for home or the nearest safe location. Pedro, at the young age of eleven and very headstrong, being one to trust the gut feelings he would get. Decided to play it cool and ditch after the class had ended. But as the bell ended and he attempted to ditch, he was caught by the substitute who then proceeded to change into an Scythian Dracanae. (Though he didn't know what it was at the time.) He then proceeded to grab a fire extinguisher and slam it down on top of the creature's head after shouting out something about 'Ugly dragon lady' and 'kill it with Ice'. Hoping to stun it. Luckily for him, his impromptu plan worked as the creature was stunned and he immediately bolted. Running on pure adrenalin he high tailed it straight to his father house with the empousa on his tail. His father came out and tossed him the Executioner's axe that had arrived on his door step when Pedro was eight thanks to a strange mailman(Hermes, he was paid drachmas by Pedro's mother to deliver the package). Telling him to 'Stop running and chop that ugly beastie's head off like you would do to those training dummies!' Pedro caught the axe and swung it with all of his might at the dracanae and decapitating it and watching as it crumbled into golden dust. After Pedro calmed down from his adrenalin rush his dad told him what the creature he killed was and that his mother was a Greek goddess and also about a camp for demigod's. Needless to say,Pedro listened if only because of the fact that he was chased by a monster. His dad told him that 'You haven't finished your training yet, so don't think you can just wimp out on me.' This continued for six more years as attacks by monsters such as stymphalian birds for the first two years , fire breathing horses for the third year, for the fourth year Orthrus and his ex-substitute teacher came to try and kill him, for the fifth year it was his ex-substitute teacher again and a couple days before his seventeenth birthday, His ex-substitute teacher and Orthrus came back and had worked together to try and kill him in revenge for defeating them before hand. On May seventh he turned seventeen and his father said that his training was complete along with a touching speech on how he was proud of him, Pedro's dad also told him how he met his mother, 'Son, your mother was a beautiful woman who I met two years after I retired from the navy in nineteen eighty-two. I was in a slump due to some bad decisions in life and I resorted to gambling and drinking, I had dug myself into a hole and was knee deep in debt to a loanshark. One day, in the city of Des Moines, as I was deep in thought because I couldn't pay off my debts. I literally walked into this woman and knocked her down, I apologized profusely and I helped her up, as she was dusting herself off I asked her what her name was, and she said her name was Nemora Syne, we talked to each other a bit more as I slowly but surely paid the loanshark back. Of course I had my blunders but she didn't seem to care, in fact she just found them funny. As we went on various dates, she and I seemed to connect and to be honest. Other than having you arrive on my doorstep, those were the happiest moments of my life, but sadly everything must come to an end. It was in the middle of August that she told me she had to leave on an extended business trip and that she wanted to spend one last night with me.So we did, we spent all night together, revisiting the places we had spent time together. We made the most out of what would be the last time I ever saw her, we even took a photo together. But the morning after, she had vanished. Taking the photo with her as I knew what heartbreak felt like. Three momths later I got a mysterious package. Inside of it was a locket containing the photo and a letter. Ninne months after she had left. You appeared on my doorstep in a basket and a note, and that my son. Is how I met the most wonderful woman and your mother.' His father then proceeded to give him the locket, the letter and the money he would need to afford a trip by airplane to Long Island, New York, with money left over for at least two Taxi rides. Where he proceeded to try and find this 'Camp Half-Blood' his father told him about. But little did Pedro know that this would be the last time he would see his father. His father had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his lymph nodes but chose to keep this hidden from his son so as to not worry him. When Pedro left for his flight to Long Island, New York. Pablo José Reyes had died in his bed at the age of sixty eight with a smile on his face and no regrets.

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Name Relation Feelings
Pablo José Reyes Father 'He is the epitome of manliness.'
Eris Mother 'Never met her and I'm curious about her.'
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