Persephone's Flower

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Juan,

I've recently lost this flower somewhere in Las Vegas while I was... It's none of the business! This flower is extremely important to me since its made of pure gold and contains spring's life source and it will fade in one week if it's not brought back to me, destroying spring and me leaving me weak. Please find it soon. Oh one last thing! When you get near it you will feel it's presence.



In 7 days, Juan and 3 or 4 other questers have to travel to Las Vegas, on an airplane. There they are attacked by an Empousai disguised as an air maiden in the airport at Las Vegas. There they have to go to the Hotels and Casinos fighting monsters such as Telekhines disguised as crupiers and try to find Persephone's golden flower, which holds her life source to save spring. Juan feels the flower above him when he is in the Plaza casino they go up and find an Empousai who fights them. When the arrive to the rooftop of the casino they see a Keres with the flower. They will have to fight it. When they get it Persephone appears in the rooftop and gets the flower regaining her powers.


  • Empousai (In casino desguised as women)
  • Telekhines (Disguised as crupiers or normal men)
  • Lamia (In the casino as a woman in a wheelchair) 
  • A Keres with Persephone's powers (Final boss)


  • Camp Entrance
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Airplane
  • McCarran International Airport
  • The Strip
  • Eiffel Tower Experience
  • Plaza Hotel and Casino.


Juan Sanchez Child of Persephone (Quest Leader)

Blake Williams Child of Zeus

Dyla Leversky Child of Hades

Preston Blake Prescott Child of Melinoe

Jack Tybalt Oullet, Child of Eros


"Precious flower of nether Queen's possession,

Lost in Tyche's shrine, for Pestilence not to mention.

Amphibian life and seducing devils, to pounce is to hinder,

Retrievers of possession, never to linger,

For the season of the reborn, lies on petals as delicate as a finger."

Las Vegas Sign


Camp Entrance

It is midnight as they accorded to meet in midnight to start the quest as soon as possible

Juan: *Is sitting next to the camp's entrance holding a photo*

Walks up to Juan

Dyla: Never introduced myself at the Oracle have I? I'm Dyla *Holds her hand up*

Juan: Nice to meet you. So you're a Hades kid?

Dyla: Yes, and you're Persephone's son aren't you? Who else are going?

Juan: yes I am.the other 2 are Zeus and Melinoe. There is a third one but I can't remember the parent.

Dyla: Well they're late, I suppose. So we're looking for your Mom's flower?

Juan: It's more than a flower it's spring life source.

Dyla: Life source for spring? Cool. What do you want to do to pass the time until the others get here?

Juan: Yeah. I already said goodbye to people

Dyla: Goodbye to your boyfriend? Yeah, I know about it *smirks*

Juan: Yes said goodbye to him, problem with that?

Dyla: Nothing, nothing, nothing *smiles deviously* Just thought you ought to know. Is that his picture by the way? *Gestures to the photo Juan is holding*

Juan: Yes, *shows photo* isn't he cute?

Dyla: Sorry to disappoint, but no. He surpasses Severus Snape in the most ugly people in the planet..

Juan: For tastes colours. Everybody haves opinions.

Dyla: *Looks irritated at Juan's patience* Yes, and my opinion's shared by a few actually.

Juan: *smiles* For tastes colours.

Dyla: Hmmphh...Poetry is not my favourite thing you know. Being the only girl in this quest sucks.

Juan: Maybe the quester I haven't met is a girl.

Dyla: I have a feeling I'm the only girl here. But since you're gay, you don't really count as a girl, probably between male and female

Juan: Lucky me, you heard how the oracle said 'seducing devils' I'm not getting seduced.

Dyla: Wasn't paying attention to it. If you were seduced your boyfriend's going to cry his heart about it then *smirks*

Juan: I think he will cry because those devils after seducing you, they kill you.

Jack: walks in and finds them arguing. Guys enough. Juan, you and Antiko look cute with each other. Im Jack, son of Eros.

Juan: So you are one of his brothers? Is he ok?

Jack: I am one of his brothers, But he is fine and happy.

Juan: Could we stop talking about him?

Jack: Yeah sure. Sees Blake coming up towards them

Blake: *Sees them and walks towards Juan, Jack, and Dina* Hey guys, I'm Blake, son of Zeus, nice to meet you. 

Juan: I already know you from the cave.

Blake: Yeah, but I've only known you for a little bit. I never got to introduced myself at The Oracles' Cave. 

Juan: Oh I see.

Blake: Um sorry I'm late. *Looks around* So who else are we waiting on? 

Juan: Melinoe child he is running late while spring is about to fade to never return.

Blake: Yeah, seven days is not a lot of time, I know how you feel. But don't worry, we'll get the flower back in time. *Looks at his watch* It's fifteen minutes after midnight already, we better get going once he gets here.

Juan: While waiting we should make a plan.

Blake: That's a good idea, once the Melonie kid gets here, we should head straight to Newark Liberty International Airport, we have no time to spare. What's your plan leader?

Juan: I expect monsters in the airport so we should divide in two groups there, we will decide them when the moment arrives. We will take different paths to get to the airplane so the monsters get confused.

Blake: We also need a place to meet back once we land at McCarran International Airport. What time's our flight? 

Juan: I think it will be at 1:30 am we should get sleep in the plain but one of us should stay awake to make sure passengers aren't monsters.

Blake: So we have about one hour and fifteen minutes left to get to the airport. Plenty of time if you are a normal person, not so much for five demigods that lures monsters. 

Juan: I know but we will easily overtake them and I wanted to go in night time so we are unexpected.

Blake: Monsters will be no match for us. I feel there will be a bigger threat guarding te flower. 

Juan: i agree with you, the 'seducing devils,

Blake: I wonder who they are?

Juan: Sirens?

Blake: Maybe Furies? *He was talking to Juan when he sees Preston running here*

Preston: *comes running* Im sorry guys!

Juan: Its fine but we need to hurry. 

Blake: Oh you're here, great! I guess we should get our stuff and head to the airport. 

Juan: We should get a taxi and cross our fingers that all goes ok.

Preston: Yeah *smiles* shall we get going.

Blake: Okay! All we need is a taxi now. 

Juan: I could rose travel into the forest and call the taxi, after I will hide my phone there and rose travel back.

Blake: Sounds good, be careful, we'll wait for you here. 

Jack: Nods in agreement with Blake

Dyla: Grabs a Coke can from her bag So when will we leave?

Juan: *does the >.< face* Where you hearing?

Dyla: What do you mean?

Juan: I already explained the plan...

Dyla: Cool then, just in case you morons forgot, did you pack any food?

Juan: Yeah, if Im gonna die it's not from hunger. Should I call the taxi?

Dyla: Of course you should! Are we going to walk to Las Vegas?

Juan: Wish me luck. *rose travels away, minutes past*

Dyla: I'm not gonna wish you luck, you know

Juan: *10 minutes have passed*

Dyla: Hmmph! How long does it take to call a taxi?! Side tracked into the Underworld probbably

Juan: *rose travels back with some scratches*

Dyla: Ignores his scratches Got into the Underworld?

Juan: I got chased by hellhounds, I had to climb a tree, anyway we will fight more dangerous things in the quest. Oh! By the way, the taxi arrives in about 5 minutes.

Dyla: Good then Throws her Coke Can into a nearby trash can Janelle's going to kill me if I litter

Juan: Look the taxi is arriving! *the taxi is seen in the distance*

Dyla: I see it, I'm not blind

The taxi arrives and they get in it. The phone plan worked as all the monsters stayed in the forest and they arrived to the airport safely

John F. Kennedy International Airport

51 minutes later, they arrive at John F. Kennedy International Airport

Juan: Ok we need to divide now.

Jack: Nods Hmm, I suggest we divide Blake and Dyla, since they are children of the Big Three, many monsters could come from miles around.

Juan: And I should go in a different group with Dyla since we can both shadow/rose travel. So I go in Blake's group.

Blake: Okay, I'll go with Juan then. I got our tickets *Hands them the tickets* Remember, our flight # is AA 257. Good luck guys.  Anyways where will we meet once we land at Las Vegas?

Juan: Dyla remember any problem, shadow travel to us. *he walks away with blake*

Blake & Juan

Passengers boarding on Flight AA 257, please head to Gate T-8 to board the plane. 

Blake: Well, that's our flight, so we should get going *He grabs his stuff* You got your ticket?

Juan: Yes here. *shows ticket*

Blake: Let's board the plane. *Gives the person his ticket.* We are sitting at 28A and 28B.

Juan: *gives ticket and boards plain*

Dyla & Jack & Preston

Passengers boarding on Flight AA 257, please head to Gate T-8 to board the plane. 

Airplane (Boeing 737 heading to McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas)

Blake & Juan

Blake: *Puts lugguage in the overhead compartment and sits down* You sleep for a bit, I'll keep guard for any monsters. 

Juan: okay *closes eyes* wake me out if anything happens

Five hours later... Passengers we are approaching McCarran International Airport, we are ready to land. Please nake sure you have your seatbelts on and await further instructions.

Blake: *Wakes Juan up* We're almost landing, I guess we safe, no attacks. 

Dyla & Jack & Preston

McCarran International Airport

Blake & Juan

Juan: *the plane arrives to the airport passengers start leaving the plane Juan & Blake are one of the few left they start going to the exit*

Air maiden: *A blonde hot, air maiden walks up to Blake she is wearing a long dress that covers her legs* Eh... Excuse me sir. *winks*

Blake: Hey hottie, what can I do for you? *he smiles at her*

Juan: *facepalms*

Air maiden: I have a problem with one of the trolleys, it got stuck and I can't move it! all the other maydens are at the other side of the plain and since you are so strong and sexy.

Blake: *blushes* No problem, i'll help you. *He stares and smiles at her while following her*

Air maiden: Thank you so much! *starts walking* follow me please.

Juan: *notices her dress* Blake...

Blake: What Juan, aren't she hot? 

Juan: Monster...

Air maiden: Lovely aren't you coming?

Blake: What monster? There's no monster, you go do whatever you're going to do. Just leave us, it's time for us to have some fun! Aren't I right? *He looks at the air maiden*

Maiden: Sure! I know a good place lovely. *walks down the corridor*

Juan: Look. *starts turning the maiden's dress into flowers revealing the legs, he then stops not wanting to see the rest of the body*

Blake: *Sees the legs and he snaps out of it* Whoa whoa whoa, you're a monster? Get the h*ll away from me! He shoots a lightning bolt at her. Thanks Juan, you saved me! Anyways we should take her out. 

Empousa: *reveals her fire hair and attempts attacking Blake*

Juan: *gets his wallet and turns its coins(the mist form of his knives) into his knifes and throws one at her arm*

Blake: To actually think I fell in love with her for a sec... please don't tell Tiffany about this. *He takes his sword and slashes her.*

Empousa: *dies*

Juan: What an arrival to sin city. This is a quest after all.

Blake: I agree, so where are we heading to next?

Juan: I need to iris message someone mind if I leave a sec wait me with the others in the entrance of the airport.

Blake: *Grabs his lugguage and heads towards the entrance of the airports waiting for Juan and the others*

Dyla & Jack & Preston

Empousai: *Attacks Jack and the other questers*

Jack: Takes off his bracelet and necklace and both turn into a whip and daodao respectively. He uses the whip to ensnare around an attacking empousa's neck. Violently pulls back and she begins to struggle with the whip. He then plunges the daodao into her back, killing it. 

Dyla: Shadow travels to the side of one empousai and quietly stabs it in the back, killing it.

Jack: Nice work. High fives her

Dyla: Thank you. Doesn't high five back but smirks

Jack: So harsh....

Dyla: smirks Thank you for the compliment

Jack: Never mind, we should get Preston and move on.... Snaps an empousa's neck with his whip. The goes grab his travel bag and waits for her

Dyla: Grabs her bag Where is that Preston dude?

Jack: Looks around, Good point.

Dyla: Probbably been taken by an empousa

Jack: I will go back into the plane, coming or not?

Dyla: I'm not going to miss any action

Jack: Runs towards the entrance to the plane they got off off.

Dyla: Walks serenly to the entrance

Jack: sighs and looks onward and sees Preston captured.

Dyla: Told you he's been taken. Maybe I could see the future, or the present, I think, like Harry Potter! Oh yes, should we save him?

Jack: Yeah we should, besides leave no one behind got it? sprints towards the nearest empousa and stabs her at  the head, vaporizing her.

Empousai: *grabs Dyla's neck and is about to rip it with her teeth

Dyla: Not yet pretty, I reckon you should do vegetarian  Shadow travels to the back of the empousa and stabs it vaporizing her

Empousai: *sees that Dyla can shadow travel so she charges with her teeth to jack

Dyla: sighs Really? Afraid of someone who could shadow travel? Throws her dagger towards the empousai

Jack: Kicks her in the stomach to distract her.

Empousai: The dagger hits home and it dies.

Dyla: Your welcome smirks Really that one was a coward

Jack: Thanks, and I don't care, just as long as these things are dead.

Dyla: So do we have to save the Preston boy?

Jack: Rolls his eyes and taunts the last two empousai Hey donkey a****, over here!

Dyla: Sighs Guess we should..Turns to the other empousai Psst! Over here! Maybe we can have a vegetarian chat!

Jack: Stabs the hand of the empousai. and Punches her in the face. Hurts doesn't it

Dyla: Bends shadows so that she 's hidden'  and walks up to the back of the last empousai  Here's the freebie of the vegetarian seminar! Death! Stabs the empousai in the neck

JacK: pulls his weapon out and stabs her in the face.

Empousai vaporizes

Dyla: There! That's finished! Can we go now?

Jack: Impatient girl, hold just a sec, tends to Preston's wounds

Dyla: Mmmphh Searches in her bag for ambrosia Here, might have thought you morons might haven't packed anything useful Grabs a coke can I'll take a sip until you finish

Jack: Takes the ambrosia and breaks a piece of it to give to Preston. Here take it.

Dyla: Walks around drinking coke Hey, where are Juan and the Blake dude?

Jack: They are probably at the entrance....

Dyla:Okay..I'll go and get them

Jack: kk

Dyla & Juan & Blake

Dyla: Finally! Where have you two been? We met some empousai and had a vegetarian seminar with them and the Preston bloke's wounded..

Juan: Apparently you met the other air maidens. Blake here got seduced by one.

Blake: To actually think that I almost fell in love with her *shivers* Anyways, where are the others?

Juan: I saw them at the entrance we should go there.

Blake: Okay, you lead the way! *he follows Juan* *Checks watch* Wow, it's already 7:45 AM. 

Jack: Walks behind them carrying Preston, bridal style. He is okay, for now, just had to make him sleep.

Dyla: Can we go now?

Jack: Hold your horses, let Juan decide....

Dyla: I don't see a horse, and we do need to find this flower thing unless we go bye-bye spring

Juan: We should get going,the plan is go to the hotel/casino my mother told me and after investigate at the strip.

Dyla: The Strip? It might be eaiser for some empousai to get you men there. Just look at the name, The Strip.

Jack: Shush, we need to get Preston to the hotel...

Dyla: Glares at Jack

Jack: Hey, do want to fight about it?

Dyla: Try me

Jack: *Gently settles down Preston. and pulls out his whip and daodao*

Dyla: Glares at him Never thought you had it in you Grabs dagger But very well then

Jack: He lashes the whip at her hand which is holding the dagger. Then triees to slash her with the daodao but doesnt want to hurt her.

Dyla: Lazily jumps to the side That all you can do Raises the dagger higher

Jack: Gets enraged and puffs up a dense cloud of perfume. hoping to suffocate her. But not kill her...

Dyla: Shadow travels to his back while covering her nose Perfume was never my favourite

Jack: turns around tries slashing her with the daodao.

Dyla: Bends shadows around her so that she is hidden and jumps onto Jack's bag with her dagger to his neck

Jack: Feels the cold metal against his neck and little bit of warm blood trickles down. You win... for now...

Dyla: Jumps down sneering Only for now? Sheesh think you can beat me?

Jack: Calm yo tits! I just cant stand your attitude. Your half-brother I know is more nicer.

Dyla: You mean Cody? Well everyone has different attitudes and different standards.You just don't go up to mine Smirks

Jack: Not him, Samael slaps her across the face...

Dyla: Have you ever heard the rule don't hit a girl? You just broke it kicks him between his legs That was for ruining my makeup dude. And watch your back next time, I might not be able to be as merciful as before or save your neck

Jack: Groans in pain while his hand are between his legs, Whatever, I don't care. But I apologize for doing that, that wasn't like me at all...

Dyla: Sneers Apology not accepted Stalks off to the comfort room I'll be back in five minutes

Jack: Runs towards her and kisses her. You and your siblings are stubborn you know that? walks off before Dyla gets angry with her.

Dyla: Yuck! Unsheats her dagger 'and points it towards Jack Don't do that or else you're going to the Underworld, I mean it! Wait until my father hears about this!

Blake: Shoots a lightning bolt at those two Calm down and stop fighting! If you haven't forgotten, we are on a QUEST right now! 

Juan: We should get going...

Blake: Yeah, we better get going. So where to next? 

Juan: As I said we should go to the casino. taxi!

Blake: Which Casino? There's a lot of casionoes here at Sin City. 

Dyla: The Strip duhh...Wait, the Strip?! My aunt works there..oh no

Jack: Sheathes his weapons and carries Preston again.

Juan: *facepalms* The strip is the main avenue of Las Vegas... , Jack: Chuckles a bit..

Dyla: She's a crazed woman who thinks the Strip's a casino! No one really minds her..and we just go along with her really

Jack: Nods silently but gives no comment.

Juan: *gets inside the taxi* Am I going alone?

Dyla: Gets in the back We could leave Jack!


Jack: Glares. and sits in the front with Preston on his lap. The driver looks at him wierdly Don't even think about it the driver nods.

Dyla: Turns to the driver They're dating

Jack: Just shut it!, blushes madly

Dyla: Ignores him and remains talking to the driver They jst got together, can you offer them congratulations?

Jack: Hey Juan, where was that hotel again? ignores both of them...

Driver: Congratulations Men! So when's the engagement?! I love weddings and wedding parties and all of that! I prefer you honeymoon in the Bahamas that's where me and my wife go chuckles

Dyla: Laughs

Jack: Blushes wildly and goes along with it. umm... in just two months. and we are heading to the Bahamas.... gives a death stare to Dyla

Dyla: Oh does that mean you already did it? Snickers

Driver goes on a rant about underage sex and all that stuff

Jack: Nods dumbfoundedly But we love each other, gives the driver the best fake smile and mutters, "your so dead."

Driver: I don't need that no nonsense love son! Doing that at a young age is very bad!

Dyla: Yeah it is snickers Dad's gonna kill you if you do it

Jack: Lets see about that... Shoots an imaginary love arrow at Dyla..

Dyla: Ducks letting the arrow pass by to Juan

Juan: *is hitted by the arrow just as they are arriving infront the great casino and turns it into a rose*

Jack: Dammit!, so sorry Juan...

Blake: So we are supposed to find a flower in here? 

Juan: *starts looking at Jack ignotring Blake* Jack... Have they ever told you the extremely hot you are?

Preston"*Wakes up* Hello...

Jack: Thank you Juan your cute as well. but your dating my half-brother. Looks at Preston. Hello

Preston: Whats going on?

Juan: That can be solved! *runs away to the casino*

Jack: ummm. We found you almost killed... So  you were knocked out for few minutes. Blushes madly And this is why your in this situation. Looks at Juan entering the casino. Wait for us! Are you fine walking Preston?

Juan: *comes running back* 2 things! first i broke up with Antinko, second I have the keys of the rooms, there are only 4 *winks*

Jack: Blushes madly. I don't want Antinko to get mad at me.

Juan: He actually thinks I left him because I feared dieng so I left him so he didn't suffer.

Jack: Oh... Im sorry to hear that Pecks his cheek.

Juan: He is so innocent... *leans to kiss Jack*

Jack: Kisses back. Are you sure about this?

Juan: We should talk this night... Oh my god its 18:00! how many time we had lost fighting and finding each other!?

Jack: ok. Calm down, how many days left before spring ends? Gives him a reassuring kiss.

Juan: 6 if we don't start searching. We should divide in groups to search it. I and Jack search around the casino in the first floor and you 3 search in the casino in the ground level I can feel that the flower is somewhere near.


Juan & Jack

Jack: Continues to look around for the flower. do you sense it?

Juan: *creates a golden flower from nothing* Oh my god I found it!

Jack: believes that he found it Wow! and that was really fast.

Juan: *starts laughing

Jack: He got the joke, That so uncool man especially your mother is counting on this.

Juan: But we have been searching for hours! We should go to sleep we have 6 days!

Jack: we should head back to our room.

Blake & Dyla & Preston

Blake: Wow, this place is huge, we better hurry up, it'll take us ages to find a golden flower here. 

Croupier: Young man are you playing?

Blake: Um I'm kinda doing something important right now, so maybe later. 

HOT woman: *walks to the table and winks at Blake* Give me cards.

Blake: After thinking for a sec, it doesn't hurt to play for a bit. Give me cards too. *He smiles at the hot woman*

HOT woman: Hi cutie, why are you in wonderful Vegas?

Blake: Um... just here visiting Sin City, that's all... 

HOT woman: So do you have any girlfriends?

Blake: *Nods* Yep, i'm dating someone right now back at Camp Half Blood... *He keeps quiet hoping the women didn't hear what he said adn he tryies to cover it up* Um... I mean back at Michigan. 

Hot woman: I know some discos out of here do you want to come with me to them?

Croupier: *Flips the cards and reveals a Royal Flush. Its what Blake needed to win the game*

Blake: *Looks at his cards he got a ten, jack, queen, king, and ace, a royal flush and he wins the game. Then he thinks to himself: Well it wouldn't hurt just to have soem fun for a bit* Sure, i'd love to! 

Hot woman: Are you following me?

Blake: *He thinks about it, is she another monster, he has an idea, he takes out his blade ann shows it to her* Do you know what this is? *His plan is if she a mortal the mist will probably make her see it as something else, if she sees it as a blade then she must be a demigod or monster. If she lies then I'll will hit her with it to see it is huirts her.*

HOT woman: *she starts sweating* I-I see a-a pen... *lies*

Blake: *He smirks* You're Starting to sweat aye! Well my pens messed up *he slashes her* Oops did I squirt you with ink? *He laughs as he sees her vapourize into dust* That's how you take care of a monster. 

Dyla:  Grumbles I'd rarely say this but good job cousin

Blake: *He smiles* Thanks Cousin! Where the h*ll can the flower be?

Dyla: The gardens? Oh and don't expect this behavior Preston, he's my cousin you're not

Juan: *sudenly appears from a rose travel*

Dyla: Oh you're here. Had fun with Jack the Beanstalk?

Blake: *Looks at Juan* Did you guys find anything?

Dyla: Did you get the flower thingy?

Juan: No

Dyla: *Sarcastically says* Good job then!

Juan: Thank you! *smiles*

Casino (Final Day)

It's the final day and after they have investigated al over Las Vegas they saw how a flying figure flied to the the rooftop of the casino, while they were investigating some of the popular attractions of Las Vegas.

Juan: What was that? 

Dyla: *Sarcastically says* A bird..Of course it's a Monster!

Juan: We should go to the rooftop!

Dyla: Oh you do have some sense

Juan: Yeah, like this little headache.

Dyla: Good then.

Juan: *enters the casino and gets inside of one of the lifts* Are you following?

Dyla: Yeah Follows Juan

Juan: They arrive to the last floor as they get near to the door to the rooftop rose petals and leafs are in the floor 

Jack: Finds them at the door

Juan: Opens the door the Keres is in the edge off the building grabbing the flower Hey! throws a knife at the Keres

Keres: Simply turn the knife to a flower and jumps towards Jack

Jack: Puffs up a cloud of dense perfume in order to get her disoriented.

Keres: When she sees that she quickly creates a wall of flowers and jumps away from the cloud. Then she shoots some rose spores.

Juan: Creates a flower wall.

Jack: Summons his daodao and jumps into the air to attack.

Juan: I should not do th-

Keres: Turn the dadao into an ivy and with a claw hits Jack sending him to the floor but not injuring him to much.

Jack: He yelps in a little pain. But he screams as his prized daodao turns into an ivy. Thus he tackles Keres with all his might.

Keres: Hits him again and grabs him by the throat

Juan: No! shoots some spores to the Keres, they dont do nothing

Jack: Tries to kick but Keres tightens the grip. He is starting to look motionless

Juan: *gets one of his knifes and throws it hitting the keres in the arm*

Keres: *throws Jack violently to the floor*

Jack: *falls unconscious*

Juan: Sh*t *runs to Jack and starts shaking him* Wake up! Wake up!

Jack: *Does not reply but is still breathing*

Juan: Handle the keres while I carry Jack away! *carries Jack bridal style to the stairs*

Preston: *He sneaks up on behind the Keres and swings his scythe at it*

Keres: *as soon as it notices the scythe he turn it into vines and prepares to hit Prest in the face*

Juan: *rose travels near Preston*  Duck!

Blake: He flies in his eagle form from behind the Keres and he shoots a lightnign bolt at her. 


Juan: Good one! Use this Prest *gives 5 of his knifes to Prest*

Keres: *screams in pain and quickly grows a vine that catches Blake*

Preston: *Catches the knifes* Thanks! *Throws one at the Kere*

Blake: *He transforms into an eagle and flies away from the vine. He calls upon the power of the wind to increase his movement, then he nears the Keres, slashes it and moves away from it.*

Keres: *as she is hitted by the eagle she turns the knife into a rose*

Juan: I know what to do we cant defeat her with weapons we need to defeat her with our powers! *shoots rose spores at the Keres' wings*

Blake: Okay! *He shoots a lightning bolt at the Kere's wing*

Keres: *the spores hit at the same time as the lightning bolt her wings burning them*

Juan: Teamwork! 

Keres: *furious she leaps ontop of Juan*

Blake: That was awesome! *He spots the Keres* Heads up, Juan! 

Keres:*Jumps away from them*

Juan: Thank you! Shoot another bolt!

Blake: *Shoots a lightnign bolt, then he creates a booming thunder stunning the Kere* Your turn to attack. 

Keres: *trying to make the bolt less painfull she creates a wall of plants and flowers starting a fire*

Juan: Great! Fire!

Blake: Need me to take the fire out?

Juan: Plants and fire? Not good, but I could say the same for her!

Dyla: Anyone with fire power out there?

Juan: Not me! 

Preston: *He staggers out of the fires way* I can't. My realm is the ghosts.

Keres: *starts growing vines that catch fire and tries to hit the questers with them*

Juan: Prest send some ghost to do us the dirty job please! *one of the vines grabs his leg* Sh*t!

Preston:Ill try! *he concentrates and he summons a Poltregeist* That's the best i can do! *the Poltregeist attacks the Keres*

Juan: Good job! That will give us some time! *grabs one of his knifes and starts cutting the vine but the Keres sees him and turns the knife into a rose* Come on!

Keres: *starts trying to hit the ghost getting distracted*

Juan: *sinally sets free from the vines and starts shooting spores at the keres*

Blake: *Summons eagles to attack the Keres*

Juan: *creates flowers to extend the fire at towards the keres*

Dyla: Should I summon the undead?

Juan: Yes please, the fire is starting to make my attack difficult!

Dyla: *Summons one undead corpse* Ok, umm I'll name you Morbid, go and try to fight the Keres!

Keres: *starts trying to escape the eagle, the ghost and the corpse*

Juan: No way! *creates a wall of flowers bloking the way of the keres*

Dyla: *Creates a small tremor* Ugh, I'm going to be dizzy

Keres: *after one hit from the eagle she falls to the floor*

Juan: This is a good chance to attack. *starts jumping over the fire* Dyla you following?

Dyla: In a bit

Juan: Ok. *jumps over a few more fires* This is actually a good fun! *jumps over a final fire and looks at the keres* Remember me? You have my mother's flower. You have 2 options you give it to me peacefully or I have to kill you...

Keres: *tries to hit Juan*

Juan: I guess I will have to kill you... *grabs two knifes one in each hand, the keres turns one into ivy but haves no time to turn the other into anything, Juan stabs her in the chest she turns into dust the flower is ontop of the pile of dust*

Dyla: I hate to say this..but good job

Juan: Thank you! You did also a good job! *grabs the flower*

Dyla: So where's the Queen of the Underworld?

Persephone: Right here. She wears an enchanting green cocktail dress as she appoaches them. She smiles as she turns towards the questors, particullary staring at her son proudly

Juan: Mom?!

Dyla: Lady Persephone! *Bows*

Persephone: Yes, son She smiles then chuckles as she turns to Dyla No need to bow, my dear child. It should be an honor for me to have you return my flower

Juan: Oh yes the flower... *extends his hand with the flower in it*

Dyla: Umm thanks..Lady Persephone

Persephone: Thank you, my boy. She smiles Hmm.. I'm afraid "boy" won't do now. You have grown so much, I'm proud of you, my son She comes closer to her son and kisses his forehead before taking the flower elegantly. She then turns towards the other questorsThank you for your participation as well. She hands them each a non-magical accessory (necklace, earing, charm, etc.) that can be bought in the casino.

Dyla: Thank you, My Lady

Juan: *stands there not knowing what to say*

Persephone: it is a token of appreciation, use them well, of course. He turns to each one of their faces and reads their expressions, judging sincereity and gratitude until she notices her son speechless. Is something bothering you, my son?She gives an ever-sweet tone like the spring bluejays

Juan: *smiles back* No, I'm fine. I mean I'm happy of seeing you and all...

Persephone: She hugs her long untouched son with much sincerity. While hugging him, she whispers words to him that only the two will hear.Me as well. If Tyche allows it, maybe we would see each other again. Please don't be lonely, I am always watching you. Don't forget, like all mothers and their children, I love you very dearly no matter what.She realeases her son before turning towards the others I must go now. Forgive me. Thank you for your hardwork. Goodbye! She leaves them normally, but in a farther distance, you may notice her figure is gone, leaving a small Almond flower behind. The almond flower signifies watchfulness, hope, and promise; possibly directing it to her son.

Dyla: Can we leave now?

Juan: I don't see why not...

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