Modest, Sarcastic, kind, Daring, Adventurous,


Her parents met in France in a coffee shop. Her mom was simply attracted to Liam.She was born to a goddess and a tall handsome man named Liam Karaless on the 4th of July. Liam was an actor traveling around the world. When she was small she would have mood swings for no reason at all. It just happened. She would go with him all the time. She liked traveling. Before you could say supercalifragilisticespialisdocios (or however you spell it) she went into the spotlight. She became a child model for Gap and Justice by the time she was 10. When she was 13. She kissed a boy named Dan Payler. at a movie premiere of her father's. They dated for 11 months. They broke right before Peyton went mad. She also enjoyed the spotlight but soon enough it was too much for her to take. This madness was partly of anorexia. She went mad after 6 years. The anorexia only lasted for 5 months.She begged her father to take her back to Illinois where she used to live. Her father said yes but instead of taking her there he took her to New York. They landed there private jet in Central Park. Her father did not know of Camp Half-Blood. He only took her there for a movie premiere nearbye. She was super-mad at her father and ran away. She was mad because her father lied to her and she really didn't want to go to New York. She ran through the woods. After she actually went into the woods a monster started chasing her. She started running faster and faster. The monster clawed at her feet but she just made it into camp. She fell down onto the grass and fainted because she used too much energy. She ended up being 16 when she got to camp.



  • Children of Ariadne, while a labyrinth is summoned, have the ability to cause the walls of it to begin to close in at any location they want.
  • Children of Ariadne, while a labyrinth is summoned, have the ability to create 1 to 3 lesser monsters nearby them within it; these monsters, however, will not be controlled and will attack anyone they see.


  • Children of Ariadne have the ability to create a large portion of a labyrinth wall to defend themselves from most things; the wall corrodes over time.
  • Children of Ariadne, while a labyrinth is summoned, have the ability to cause the walls of it to alter them, further trapping anyone lost in it.


  • Children of Ariadne have the innate ability to find their way through/around any sort of puzzle, maze or obstacle.


  • Children of Ariadne have the ability to create a real labyrinth which traps them and anyone nearby in it for a short time.
  • Children of Ariadne have the ability to cause someone nearby to believe they are trapped inside a labyrinth, disrupting them from seeing anything else for a short time.

3 Months After Character is Made 

  • Children of Ariadne can cause a person to feel/be lost, it'll be as if they suddenly don't know how to get to their desired destination, the longer the feeling of being lost is maintained, the more energy it drains from the user

6 Months After Character is Made - not yet

  • Children of Ariadne can increase or decrease a person's passions, whether it's to make them lose the will to fight for a short time, or increase their passion for art or love, the longer this state is maintained, the more energy is drained from the user

9 After Character is Made - not yet

  • Children of Ariadne have the ability to summon and control an illusion of the Minotaur to fight for them for a short time which is capable of both fighting and dying, in a sense; afterwards, it will vanish and drain the user extensively.


  • Her children are generally always helpful to others, even strangers.
  • Her children generally have an excellent sense of direction.



Misery - Maroon 5 - Lyrics on Screen

Her anthem #1


Name Relation Feelings
Liam Karaless Father I love him but there is also so much I hate about him
Ariadne Mother I love her
Justin Cringe friend He's my friend
Abbigail "Abbey" Hindi friend I like her. She's a band mate
Chelsea Kranella friend I like her. She's a band mate
Arabelle Newbold friend I like her. She's a band mate.

My info box

Question Answer
Born/Birthday July 4, 1998
Age 14
Gender Female
Godly Parent Ariadne
Full Name Peyton Star Karaless
Sign Cancer
Birth Stone Ruby
Quote "After everything I've gone through, no matter how much it hurts, nothing can be more painfull than what I suffered."
Person She Admires Ariadne
Favourite Person Before Camp Dan Payler
Favourite Person At Camp no one
Relationship Status Single
Favourite Colour Aqua
Favourite Food Pasta
First Kiss Dan Payler
First Sex I'm way to young
First Love Dan Payler
Anthem Misery - Maroon 5
Heritage American, German, Scottish, English. Canadian descent
Languages spoken English, Greek, French, German
Body type Athletic
Favorite sport All water sports and dodge ball (if that counts)
Clothes Stylish and comfortable
Handedness Right
Weight 125
Dream job Singer or actress like her father
Greatest fear Failing her mom
Most at ease With her friends
Personal Tragedy Anorexia 

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