Most of the teams deployed by both Camp and the Broken Covenant uncovered vital information and objects of interest which can each lead to further gains in the fight against Pagos. Each object or item of intel leads to a mission, and each is also tradeable with the other side. Thus, the trading of items or intel is the equivalent of trading mission objectives. Note that if both sides have the same information on a subject, there is nothing to be gained by trading them. The value of particular intel or items is not set, and is determined only by those trading. Trading is thus a gamble, if you think that a particular piece of intel may yield better results at the end of Phase II, then it is in your interest to claim it.

The intel is located here.

Please do not metagame.




  1. Alexander the Great
  2. Ezekiel Marshall


  1. Heinrich Alten
  2. Zoun


The meeting will take place below. There is no particular order of conversation, though it is requested that it remains on topic at all times. The meeting ends when one side, or both, deem it appropriate.

Both sides enter the room and take their seats opposing one another.

Zeke: So, it seems we've both gathered a good bit of information....

Heinrich: Yes, so it seems, now the question is; how much of it are we each willing to share?

Zoun: Perhaps before we share we should lay out simply the results of our missions. Which were successful. and which were failures, and other items along those lines.

Heinrich: A sound plan, Zoun.

Zeke:The way I hear it, neither of us have too much to offer, as a majority ended in failure...

Alexander: I believe someone told me that a team from camp teamed up with someone from the BC while in Australia? Any idea how that went?

Heinrich: Yes, I've gathered all input possible on that from a highly trusted source, my lieutenant, Rolland. I find it odd you don't know how it went, concerning the, rather dismaying, loyalty of your affiliates to you. He straightens atop his seat. On the point, now... as far as they understood, they happened to encounter the menace at hand himself.

Zeke: Yea, They saw the guy first hand, I hear. From what I understand, he took someone your people seem to befriend.

Heinrich: I understood that it was more a compromise, that was also common with your fellow marionettes. Er, did I say that? I mean campers, of course. He belittingly chuckles.

Zeke:If you want to walk out of here alive, I'd watch my mouth....

Heinrich: He completely overlooks Zeke's comment.

Alexander: Well I don't run camp like a dictatorship, and their loyalties are to the gods, where they should be, and if you remember Heinrich, I have hundreds more campers than you have in your ranks, so I have a lot more to do on a daily basis besides speak with every single camper that went on those missions, which is why I spoke to 1/2 and Zeke spoke to the other 1/2, and we only just finished when we had to be here, so we did not have time to consult each other. I figured there was no point in him repeating everything to me 1 hour before having to just turn around and repeat everything to you, or is efficiency not something you are familiar with Heinrich?

Zeke: You have to forgive him, Alexander. After all, he's still...young He smirks

Zoun: he turns to Heinrich and whispers to him While you may be my superior, I would ask that you calm yourself. We have nothing to gain by antagonizing them. he turns back to the group We both have members of our respective organizations who are at risk my the activities of Pagos. Could we not cooperate for a small amount of time to eliminate the common threat?

Zeke: Your leader doesn't seem exactly willing to work with us "marionettes"

Alexander: Moving along, so besides the Sydney group that met up together, I believe none of the other groups did, from what I've heard, I've also gathered that there were some spies both groups had out, that brought back some intelligence that could lead to even more missions, so I believe the next course of action should be to figure out what is important, how many groups to send out from both the camp and the Broken Covenant, as well as the possibility of any more combined missions. Maybe if one were planned a head, it would be met with less hostility at the onstart and things can move further.


This is holding things up, so I'm going to "pretend" it happened and summarise how it went.

After much discussion and some information swapping, it is decided they will start out with 2 bc/camp crossover missions. One being Sydney as it became a cross over mid way and they ran across Pagos, so it is figured that the combined fire power could come in handy.

This is a basic break down of the teams:


  1. Ugrandan Jungle
  2. England
  3. California
  1. Stutgurt, Germany
  2. Guangzhou
  3. Belfast

BC/Camp Crossover

  1. Sydney
  1. Japan


  1. Cairo
  2. Guangzhou
  3. Rio
  1. Seattle
  2. Blackforest, Germany
  3. Canada
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