Prototype DTH-42

Prototype DTH-42 -Automaton
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Age= Chronologically 40     Height= 5'5     Weight= 107 lbs      
Sexuality= ROBOTS!     Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy     Nationality= Olympian
FactionLiberi Superum Main Weapon= Attacking claw

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"Hello! If you meet Scott MacDiarmid, please go chop off his head so I can go hang it on my mantelpiece!"

Faction: Liberi Superum
Prototype DTH-42


DTH-42 was an automaton constructed by Hephaestus. This automaton was a prototype of basic design, his prime purpose was to hand Hephaestus tools and materials whenever the god was busy working on a new invention. While this was the automaton's purpose, Hephaestus gave DTH-42 an intelligent brain and feelings, like that of a human. After many decades, Hephaestus finally created a better design as an assistant; DTH-42's primitive design was no longer of use to the god. Hephaestus didn't have much feeling for the automaton, but decided that throwing him away would just be a waste of work. Instead, Hephaestus sent this automaton to one of his children, Scott MacDiarmid. Scott is a demigod who resides at Camp Half-Blood. When Scott received DTH-42, he wasn't very impressed. The automaton was only good for passing tools, and due to DTH-42 having human feelings implemented into his CPU, he usually just acted so depressed and angry about being rejected by Hephaestus, the machine lost the will to work. Scott considered just melting down the automaton for metal, but just felt too bad for the machine to destroy him. Instead, Scott decided to throw the automaton deep into the woods, hoping DTH-42's power unit would wear out and the machine would remain a deactivated piece of junk forever lost in the woods. However, DTH-42 still had around a month of battery power left, which Scott had stupidly forgot to check before throwing him away, so that is not what happened. DTH-42 was angry, feeling that this was all Hephaestus's fault for giving him away. He believed Hephaestus deemed DTH-42 as weak and useless. Why did the gods get all of the power? DTH-42 wanted power. As a start, the automaton upgraded himself by using junk he could find in the woods. He reconstructed his left arm into an attacking claw that he could use to hurt people. After exploring the forests for days, the automaton eventually found the Broken Covenant. He found out how the BC defied the gods. DTH-42 wants to destroy the god's rule, and control the world. DTH-42 decided to join the Broken Covenant as a mechanical assistant, and get his revenge on Hephaestus. He painted the symbol of the Broken Covenant on his body to show his true loyalty. As for Scott, the machine wishes to see the demigod dead, and throw away his body in the woods as Scott did to him.

Technical Information

Age: Technically around 40 years old

Personality: While an automaton, DTH-42 was programmed to have human feelings, intelligence, and reactions. The automaton deeply hates the gods, especially Hephaestus, and will assist members of the Broken Covenant in any way. He's usually pretty annoying, and always tries to bother people with all of his ideas for the BC, which are usually pretty idiodic. His high-pitched mechanical voice makes him sound ridiculous and makes it difficult to tell how he's feeling. In some cases he will just speak in binary code rather than English.

Weapons: His left arm is an attack claw that can scratch skin easily. He can also pick up and use almost any weapon due to his mechanical strength

God Parent: None (constructed by Hephaestus)

Mortal Parent: None

Species: Automaton

Height: 5'5

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