The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Alexander,

Alexander, I’ve watched you over the years, and have finally deemed you ready. Some time ago, a rogue ghost ventured from the underworld, taking the very sword I used as a priest of Hades with it. The ghost seems tied to the sword, always around whenever I took an askew glance at my precious memory. I believe him to be the ghost of Sarpedon, a fearless warrior, long before your time. He resides in a small cave in eastern Turkey, formerly known as Lykia. Sarpedon has become crazed in his long time spent here, and I advise you to take caution when dealing with him. I bequeath to you a cloak, made to look exactly like mine, to help you convince him that Death himself is there. Complete this task, and I’ll give you some pretty awesome enchantments for that cloak.


Thanatos' ceremonial sword from when he was a priest of Hades has been stolen. Sarpedon grew crazy in his years in the underworld, stole it, then fled to eastern Turkey, formerly known as Lykia. Sarpedon has made friends using Death's sword, and resides in a cave in Lykia, allowing his "friends" to defend him.

Hellhounds (About 3) on the way to the docks in Delaware
Icthyocentaurs while on the ship that'll take them to Turkey
Skeletons while in Turkey, searching for the cave

Alexander Su'apa'ia, son of Thanatos, leader (Onyx)
Alice Aslanov, daughter of Nyx (Flame)
Luna Gardi, daughter of Pandia (Kookiefishy:3)(pulled)
Hinata Otanashi, son of Poseidon (Shis)

Delaware docks
Ship in the Atlantic
Turkish entrance to the Underworld


In captive is an adviser's august sword
By a warrior's spirit locked turned crazed, bored.
Four sent to an cavern to be explored.
Son must guise as dad, an Underworld lord.
Be wise and abscond not a soul ignored.
To earn the things money cannot afford.


  • Alexander: He sits on a log, ruffling through a duffel bag, checking to make sure they have everything they could need on the quest. A medium sized truck is behind him, sitting idle.
  • Alice: She shadowtravels nearby, and walks over to Alexander. Wearing her usual long black coat, and carrying a large similarly colored bag, she appears cheerful and ready for whatever may follow. Hello, Alexander.
  • Alexander: He perks up when he see's her. He goes to hug her, while holding a long dark cloak. He holds it to his body, smiling Look what my father gave me. It's a replica of his own cloak.
  • Hinata: He walks towards them, carrying a medium size suitcase, to carry his shamisen and a bookbag full of necesary clothes and supplies. Konnichiwa Alexander-san. He bows formally.
  • Alexander: He nods at Hinata, "I'm glad I didn't kill you. It would terrify me to know I took such a nice person out of this world."
  • Alice: She accepts his hug, and separates to get a better look at the cloak. Wow, that's very nice. Does it do anything? She then notices Hinata's Shamisen, and motions towards it. Hello, can I ask, what kind of instrument is that?
  • Hinata: He smiles at Alex. If you did, you would have faced the wrath of my father. But your honorable. He looks at Alice and smiles. Its a Shamisen, or two stringed guitar. It turns into Typhoon, my Naginata.
  • Alexander: He spins around to let her see it all, Sadly, no. By the end of the quest I hope my father will enchant it or something. He gestures to Hinata This is Hinata. He was my opponent in the first of the rounds that Ares made us fight.
  • Hinata: Yes, he was. By the way, can you show me the cloak you have?
  • Alice: She remains fixated on the Shamisen. Can you play it? What does it sound like? Where is it from?
  • Hinata: Hold that thought Alexander-san. He sits down and plays his shamisen. [1]
  • Alice: Alice is enthralled by his music. Wow, thank you! She pauses for a moment, remembering their purpose here. Who are we waiting for?
  • Alexander: His eyes grace the corners of his eyes, as he tries to remember, I think we're waiting for a child of Lord Hades. Marcus Razz? Something like that.
  • Luna: She runs up to them Hi! Sorry if I'm late!
  • Alexander: He looks her up, Or it's a girl. Are you Marcus's replacement?
  • Luna: Yeah
  • Alice: She walks over to Luna, and offers her hand. Hello, Marcus's replacement. What's your real name?
  • Luna: Luna Anghel Gardi, Daughter of Pandia
  • Alexander: He nods in Luna's direction, Nice to meet you, Luna. Glad to have a fourth person, He points at the truck, still idling, We should get going now.
  • 'Hinata:' Hai Alexander-san. Lets go! Puts a big smile.

Alexander ushers everyone into the truck, taking it upon himself to drive them.

The Drive to Delaware

They're driving along the freeway, south-bound on their way to Delaware.

  • Alexander: He speaks loudly trying to speak over the radio he's blaring, Does everyone know what we're doing on this quest?
  • Alice: She turns to Alexander. It might be good if you went over the details again, Alexander. That way, we can discuss what we're going to do.
  • Hinata: Please turn it down, Im not used this loud music. Still covering his ears
  • Luna: The music's ok with me...
  • Alice: Seemingly as if realizing that it is a choice. Ah, I would prefer the music quieter also.
  • Alexander: He reaches down and turns off the music, not taking his eyes off the road, Ok then, here's what's up. Sarpedon, a warrior from back in the olden days, grew crazy after he spent too long in the underworld. He decided he's fed up, and stole my father's sword from when he was a priest of Hades. He's gathered up a substantial work force, handling Death's sword, and is currently hiding out in Turkey. We're going to Delaware and taking a ship across the Atlantic to Turkey. After that, we have to search for a cave, in ALL of Turkey, that Sarpedon is hiding out in. Thanatos wants me to plan to be him, using the cloak he gave me to convince Sarpedon. He takes his eyes off the road for a second as they pull into the shipyard, Does that sound alright to you guys?
  • Luna: Yeah, but we don't know which cave in Turkey, which makes it harder
  • Alice: I have never been in a cave before but if they are dark... she smiles I will probably like them.
  • Hinata: Wait.. Are we sailing?! OMG! He gets excited.
  • Luna: Caves are ok
  • Alexander: He puts the car in park, just outside the loading area for the docks, Caves ARE dark, Alice. I usually like caves, but caves with muderous ghosts seems like something-

Before Alexander can finish his sentence, 3 hellhounds the size of the truck bound into view from behind a barge.

  • Alexander: He gets out of the truck, leaving the keys in it, I think these are the first thing Sarpedon's throwing at us.
  • Hinata: He gets out of the truck and stands beside Alexander with his naginata. Cant see you die my friend.
  • Alice: She exits the truck silently and stands on the other side of Alexander, weaponless, but staring intensely at the hellhounds.
  • Luna: She gets out of the truck and stands next to Alice'
  • Alexander: He closes his eyes and and concentrates. A few seconds afterward, a hellhound twice the size of the enemy ones sprints out of a shadow, taking up position infront of Alexander, wagging it's tail strongly. This is Allie. She's a friend, loves humans and such.
  • Hinata: He stares at awe at Allie.
  • Alice: She looks at Allie also. Allie? Alice? I think these names go together. Come, if we do not attack, they will. She draws a loaded crossbow from the shadows and fires directly at the center hellhound; aiming for the center of its head.
  • Hinata: He charges head on into the Hellhound that is on the left center, he points his naginata at the right side of his neck.
  • Alexander: He points at the hellhound on the right, obviously quaking at the sight of Allie. He whispers,πάω...Before he can finish pronouncing it, Allie rushes forward barking as loud as a honking train, drags her claws across the face of the rightermost hellhound.
  • Hellhound on the right: Yelps as allie's claws swipe at its face. It collapses into dust.
  • Hellhound in the center: As it was charging towards Alexander, the arrow lodges in its head between the eyes, they collapsed instantly.
  • Hellhound on the left: Smarter then the other two, it shadow traveled before Hinata plunged the blade into its neck and it pounced on Allie. Clawing and biting her.
  • Alexander: He puts on a look of terror as Allie get's raked by claws, but snaps out of it before it gets taken too far. He immediately shadow travels to Allie's side, looming for a second before summoning a scythe and bringing it down on the hostile hellhounds neck.
  • Hellhound: The hellhound manages to emit a whine until it disintegrates, Allie whimpers in pain.
  • Alexander: kneels down over Allie, and disappears with her for a split second. When he returns, he's covered in fur, She's alright, just a scratch. He starts walking down towards the docks, We should get a move on now.

The Sail to Lykia

  • Hinata: All ready on it. Wills the ship to be ready for sailing. It groans as the sails unroll themselves, ropes tighten and loosen. The anchor raises itself. Hinata climbs aboard. She is ready Alexander-san.
  • Alexander: He walks aboard the ship, watching it as it moves on it's own. I forgot you were a child of Poseidon, glad you came along.
  • Hinata: He smiles at him. Thanks, I will wait until Luna and Alice get on.
  • Alice: She looks at the ship oddly, slowly and carefully climbing aboard, and stumbling sightly as the ship rocks in the water. I have never been on a ship before...
  • Alexander: He takes her hand to steady her, You should sit down. If you get sick, keep your eyes on the horizon. I'd be surprised if anyone here has been on a real trireme before.
  • Hinata: He stands beside the steering oar and wills the ship to fully function. She is a bit old Alexander-san. But she can only make two way trips.
  • Alexander: 2 trips is all she needs. I just hope we don't meet up with any sea monsters on the way, but now I'm guessing i jynxed it.....
  • Hinata: He laughs, I will tell you when she encounters sea monsters.
  • Alice: She sits down on a seat along the side of the ship, clearly mildly seasick already. How would we even fight sea monsters?
  • Alexander: He shrugs I dunno. Having Hinata here would help, but I have no idea. let's hope we don't find any.
  • Hinata: Don't worry Alice-san, please don't worry, I have hippocampi helping me.
  • Alice: Looks slightly relieved, and pleased at her knowledge of relevant information. Oh, I've read about those!
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