Connor and a man dressed in black reappear in a cave, and he's thrust to the ground. His head lolls around from his lack of oxygen, and before he fully wakes up the man ties his hands and feet together. When he can make thought connections again, he looks around wildly, confused. The man sits in wait for him to wake up.

Kidnapper: Sees Connor slightly stir and watches him intently.

Leonor and Kai enter the cave, though they remain hidden in the shadows, eavesdropping.

Connor: What the hell is this?

Kidnapper: Looks pleased, Ah, you've woken. Excellent. He smiles sadistically. Now we can begin....I'm going to ask you some questions, alright?

Connor: What the hell do you want? I don't even have any information that you'd want!

Kai: Looks worried and whispers quietly to Leanor, He wouldn't hurt Connor... would he?

Leonor: Shakes her head, I don't know Kai... I mean, what does he want from him in the first place?

Kidnapper: Oblivious to Kai and Leonor's conversations, he continues his interoggation. Oh? He looks coldly surprised. Me and my....let's call them friends say you have something valuable. Something that I want.

Kai: Shakes her head to show she's just as clueless as Leanor about what they want from Connor. She then begins to bite her lip as she watches the Kidnapper interrogate him further.

Connor: If you're talking money, I've got none. If you want to sell me for ransom or somethin, don't. I haven't got any family or home. I just have a little boat, and I washed up on this island after a bad storm. And now I'm stuck with you since my boat's destroyed Spits in his face

Kidnapper: I have no need for money, nor do I want it. And I couldn't care less about your family, demigod. He smiles cruelly, but do you, or do you not, have a certain your possession?

Kai: Turns to Leanor, We need to do something!

Leonor: Nods, Okay, okay, you're right.....Um. I'm open to ideas. And where's Cait?

Kai: She's back at the beach I think. Begins to form a plan. I could maybe take him down with my bow and arrows and then we could run in and get Connor... Reaches for her bow and finds it missing. No! It's at the boat... Looks at Leanor hopefully. I'm open to ideas too if you have any.

Leonor: Oh great, it's my turn to think of something huh? Well.....we could.....try to sneak up on him, somehow trap him in a way, maybe.

Kai: Ok, that sounds like our best option right now.

Leonor: Okay, well, I can focus a beam of light in the kidnapper's direction, it won't be too strong, as we are in a cave, but it might burn him for long enough to surprise him and then we can attack.

Kai: She spots a trickle of water running down the cave wall that ends in a little pool. She uses the water to form a knife. She nods at Leanor. Let's do this.

Kidnapper: You have it! You must have it, I cannot be wrong after all I have partner will be here shortly, and he will not....

Leonor focuses a light beam directly on the kidnapper's right hand. He screams in agony and turns away from the light, while Leonor rushes in with Kai.

Kai runs in and begins to cut through the ropes that bind Connor's hands and feet with her knife.

suddenly a man came in with cait holding her hostage by putting a knife on her neck

Man: stop what your doing or else she's dead..

Kai: Turns around and sees Cait with a knife to her throat. She puts down her knife, having already cut through the rope binding Connor's hands and glances at Leanor silently pleading that she has a plan.

cait tries to let herself go by using her powers but she was weaken by a drug that the man gave her before they came here.

Leonor: Okay, okay, we're stopping... she puts her weapon down.

Kidnapper: Ah, excellent, you're here. He turns to the man, if you secure the girl, he looks at Cait, we can tie up this young man again. he points to Connor.

Man: ignore the kidnapper as he looks at kai well don't you care what happens to your little friend here? puts the knife nearer to caits neck letting some blood out

Kai: Clenches her hands and looks at the man angrily. Don't hurt her!

Man: grins ah soo you do care about her so to prevent unwanted...looks at cait tragedy to take place what about you and your friends be good little hostage's to us?

Kai: Looks at Cait and swallows hard. She gets up and offers her hands to be bound submissively, desperately hoping the knife she slipped into her sleeve won't fall out.

cait tries to say something but she could barely open her eyes as now the drug was now taking its effect on her

Man: ignores cait as he looks around

Kidnapper: There now, he says after they have bound Kai and Leonor, all we have left is you. He stares at Connor and moves towards him.

Man: turns to connor hmm you don't care what happens to this kid

Kai: Sees that their attention is on Connor and begins silently sawing away on the ropes binding her hands with the knife she hid in her sleeve.

Connor: A cut on the bac from a rock after being thrown in the cave, previously gone unnoticed, is bleeding awfully heavily and now the trail of blood trickles down his neck, staining the back of his shirt. His eyes flutter and his body sags, barely conscious from blood loss. I don...don't...we have a few peaches on the boat... He tries to turn his head to look at the man and winces F********ck you, you—you bastard—don't lay a finger on the chicks...! F*cking creeps! Creeps! You bastards! Don't you--

He goes on rambling incoherently for a few minutes, before his eyes roll up in his head and he loses most of his conscious again.

Kai: Finishes and moves on to Leanor's bonds praying that the kidnappers won't turn around for a few more seconds.

cait saw what was happening so she gather all her strength on biting the man’s hand. Man: you little brat he said as he let go of cait to tend to his bleeding hand

Kai: Resists the urge to laugh at the man's reaction to Cait biting his hand as she slices through Leanor's bonds, followed quickly by Cait's. She whispers to Leanor, We need to get Connor, and get out of here.

Connor: He grins eerily in his unconscious state and mumbles Want arrows? We want arrows tooooooooo....maybe we work.....gether.....but you're too creep---y. Too creepy to work wuf. Wuf. Bastards-- Passes out again

Leonor: Nods, If Cait distracts those men for just a bit more, perhaps we can carry him out...

Kidnapper: Sees the man's bleeding hand and approaches him, Do you need a bandage for that? I think I...he notices Kai moving, hey, you!

Kai: Slips her knife into her sleeve again behind her back. She tries to look innocent. Me?

Cait: was trying hard on not to go to sleep someone anyone please give me strength to just do this.... takes the deepest breath she could before conjuring a labyrinth to traping the two men before falling asleep

The kidnappers struggle with the labyrinth while Leonor and Kai move towards Connor.

Leonor: Nice going, Cait! she looks at Kai, Shall we proceed?

Kai: Nods as she puts Connor's arm around her shoulder, supporting his weight. Leanor moves to help her but then Kai notices Cait, asleep on the floor. I'll get Connor, you get Cait.

Leonor: Nods and moves towards her, watching the prisoners every so often to make sure they're still trapped. She picks up Cait.

Kai: Begins to walk out of the cave, stumbling occasionally under Connor's weight.

Leonor: Sighs, Well I think we made it out of that mess...

Kai: Yeah, thank gods. We should get these two back to the boat. Heads to boat with Leanor.

They eventually find the boat and set sail again, watching the island disappear behind them.

Leonor: Well, let's never stop there again, agreed? Though it was kind of seemed they were after........the arrows maybe?

Kai: I picked up on that too... Let's just hope we get to them first.

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