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Quinn Cavanah
daughter of plutus • thief • lieutenant counsellor


Personal Information

Full NameQuinn Aurnia Cavanah
BirthdayApril 17th, 1834
Age15 (physically) / 184 (biologically)
Zodiac SignAries
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Romantic OrientationHeteroromantic
Relationship StatusSingle, mourning
Living SituationPlutus' Cabin
Languages SpokenIrish Gaelic, English
Weapon(s)Twin CB hunting knives / bow


Her MBTI type is INTJ (Introverted - iNtuitive - Thinking - Judging)


April 21st, 1847
I hold my breath. From behind the bush, I see it. The house looks like no one's inside. Probably there won't be anyone there anymore. So many people have died recently. But that means we've got a better chance of survival, so I'm not going to complain. I turn to my brother. He nods and we both start groveling towards the building, still covered by the plants. I look around. Now I'm sure that there's no one around. I nod just like he did a few minutes ago. We sprint and enter the house. Of course, I'm dressed as a boy- neither sneaking nor running could be comfortable or even possible in a dress. Sneaking and sprinting is what I do for a living, after all. Cian and I split up. We aren't far away from each other, the house has two rooms. I go to the one which someone must have slept, there are some clothes. I take them all into my bag. This was an easy one. And the clothes aren't that old, maybe I'll even sell them. Suddenly I straighten up. There it is. I look under the bed and take the pouch lying there. Since I was little, I could somehow sense gold, money, jewels, whatever riches were nearby. Or rather in a few mile radius. Only Cian knows about it. He can't do it, but he has an ability too- he can identify and tell the price value of a gemstone, precious metal and such if he touches it. I don't know how did we get these... powers, but we both don't want people to use us, so we keep it a secret. Even from our mother. For some reason she always felt like the one in need of protection, not us. Not that I mind. We can steal and she doesn't know. If she knew, we'd lose the only way to get some money and to even live. We get out of the house easily, no one's trying to stop us. Good thing we didn't meet something like those things back then... Those horses. Those goddamn fire-breathing horses! Something like a year ago (we don't own that thing... how's it called? ah, a calendar, so I'm not sure) we were just stealing from somebody's house. Don't worry, all the people were dead, they didn't need all that anymore. Oh, what terrible thieves we were. I mean, we didn't even bother about the traces we left in the snow (it was the only snow I've ever seen, and still it was only a little). And when we were getting outside, we saw a horse. It was a little weird, but hey, you never say no to a free ride back home! The only problem was that neither of us could ride a horse. We decided to learn on the way, though (I said we were idiots), but the horse wasn't so enthusiastic about it. Suddenly, we didn't even notice how it happened, it was on fire. And apparently loved it. It ran straight at us, so I had to do what my instinct told me to. And it was a crazy idea indeed. I pulled myself upand sat on the animal's back. I know, it was insane. But before I did it, I managed to drop my bag and take one thing out: one of the two long knives we had just stolen. Cian said they were bronze. My brain, obviously working on its own while I was freaking out, figured out that if I sat on the horse's back, I could stab it. And I did. In the neck. Immediately, it turned into dome dust. The fall was ainful, but I barely felt it through the relief. We were safe! And I could laugh at Cian, who just stood there all the time with a stupid expression. Heh. I kept the knives. They would be worth something, sure, but they saved us. I consider them my lucky charm. No, even though I'm Irish, I don't dance around with a lucky shamrock.

October 5th, 1848
This wasn't worth it. There isn't even any real money here, what I sensed was just a rusted coin with a hole in the middle. I don't think anyone is going to accept it as pay. And no good clothes, either. Why did we even go here? Ah, I remember. Because we had nowhere else to go. There isn't anyone left nearby, and we haven't eaten in days. We wouldn't manage to go further. We're not going to survive the winter. How come I never wondered about the people who had to die so that we could steal from them? They didn't want to. How could I take their possessions? How could I disrespect them? Soon I'm going to be nothing more than a cold, lifeless body too. I wouldn't want someone to take my things, but it will obviously happen. Or maybe what they told me is real, and I will be judged? Then I hope, no matter who it will be, that they'll consider the fact that I did everything to live. Just to live. Cian and I get out of the house. Once we were sneaky, we were graceful, now we stumble outside, almost falling to our feet. Where did that quick-thinking girl and her daring twin brother go? I don't know who I am now. I can only remember who I was then. And suddenly, something charges at us out of nowhere and I feel incredible pain in my shoulder. Everything blurs, and I hear someone screaming, seconds later I realize that it's me. I manage to stop, but then Cian screams. That... something must've hit him too. My wound bleeds, probably, but I'm too weak to do anything about it. I'm dying. I know it. Somehow it doesn't scare me. Maybe something better awaits me now. The beast draws closer, and even though I can barely see, I notice that it's big, it looks like... oh my, I remember. I saw this kind of animal only once, and only a picture of it. When I was little, when the circus came to town. We went there for a day to buy something, and there were posters, one of them had this animal on it. It's a lion. I'm mesmerized by the beast's beauty. How come something so lethal is so stunning? The golden fur, and the mane... But the wonderful looks the lion has become a little less ravishing when an arrow hits it in the eye out of nowhere. The animal roars, consumed by pure wrath, presumably, and a dozen more arrows are fired into its throat. "No", I whisper irrationally. That lion tried to kill me, but damn, it was amazing. And then my eyes close and I feel that someone's picking me up. "Where's Cian?", I ask quietly, barely able to open my mouth. "The boy?", a young female voice responds. "He's dead." I feel something cold grow inside me

December 9th, 2018
This place is weird. Well, I guess the... ehm... guys didn't have other choices, but the girls? They'd have way more fun with us. Why did Lady Artemis order us to stay here? With all these strange little campers? Didn't we prove that we are more than worthy company? On the other hand, she must've had her reasons. Then let's focus on the little competition they invited us to... Friendly competition, huh? If stares could kill, both us and they would be dead already. Looks like they really really really wanna beat us. Hah, they wish... This will be fun. It's on! I'm running towards their half of the forest (if not half, then part, whatever), just like Mila told me to, mainly because I'm fast and sneaky, though not very strong (that's a remain of the times when I was a thief, obviously). On my left, I can see Zachariah, and on the right's Agnes. We're sprinting on and on, when a camper emerges. "Cian?", I whisper. He's got the hair of my brother... Memories hit me, I feel almost physical pain, falling to the ground and shouting. I nod and smile weakly to Agnes, who seems worried. No need to waste the good time my friends are certainly having. This is something I have to deal with myself. Someone steps in front of me. Ugh, it's a guy. Didn't he have anywhere else to go? Seriously, one of them is the last person I want to see now. Especially that I think I'm crying. Just... why? Why did it have to be Cian? Why couldn't I die? I wish I did, if it meant he'd live. The camper opposite me crouches down, so that he can see my face. Go away, moron! What do you want from me? He's dead. He's dead. I don't have anything now! "Hey, is everything all right?", I hear. Of course, it's the camp guy. These people could really use some more interest in their own business. I look up and see he's smiling. Unwillingly, I smile too. Damn it! Why did I do it? Now he'll think I won't do anything to him if he starts talking. He does have something likeable about him though. Good thing I picked up a bit of modern English from the girls. "I tripped. Your forest is full of loose branches." I raise before he does something really stupid, like helping me up. "Mark", he says and extends his hand. I shake it, although I didn't even mean to. What's he doing, mind control? Looks like it. "Quinn", I reply. Gods, why do I feel warm? I hate myself right now.

March 31st, 2018
Ugh, why did I wake up so early? I never do that. I mean, I do wake up early, but it's dark, the sun didn't even start to rise yet, for Olympus' sake. Wait, wait. Somebody's shaking me. It's Mila, our lieutenant. And... is that Lady Artemis by her side? This must be serious. "I'm sorry, my lady", I say and raise, trying not to yawn. What could I have done? We left the campers two days ago. Could it possibly be... no, that's impossible... Both Lady Artemis and Mila seem very serious. There's no way this could be something good. I mean, even if I... came to like that guy... would they know? On the other hand, Lady Artemis is a goddess. So... I think I know what will happen now. Am I going to die? I've heard stories about Hunters who broke their oath and were killed. But Mila once mentioned some Hunter that I never knew, so she must've gone away before I joined... and she said that the girl was alive. Then, because if she aged, she wouldn't be now. "Quinn, you know why we're here", our lieutenant speaks, clearly worried. "I'll be blunt. You... fell in love with someone at Camp. You know what this means, don't you?" I gulp. "Not exactly... do you kill me now, or just..." "We don't kill you", Mila says calmly. "However, you must now leave the Hunt and never return." I look at her, then Lady Artemis and nod. The Hunters were my family, the Hunt was my life for years. What do I do now? Actually, I may have something in mind. I must return to the place I hated, liked, then missed. I must go to Camp Half-Blood.



  1. Children of Plutus can fire off drachma coins that materialize from their fingertips at a very high speed - fast enough that they could pierce and cut through skin upon contact. However, they cannot use this excessively, and will need a brief period of rest between turns before it can become usable again.
  2. Children of Plutus can induce a powerful desire for money and wealth upon a target, making them think of various material possessions and riches. This would leave them vulnerable to attacks.


  1. Children of Plutus have the ability to summon precious metals from the earth - diamonds, gold, other gem stones - and use them to create a wall, or a dome that could be used to blunt attacks and shield them from harm. However, they could only be roughly two or three times the size of the user, and they will crumble to dust after a short while.


  1. Children of Plutus get innately stronger when they are in possession of large amounts of money. The more money they have, the more powerful they get. They can also draw power from nearby locations that have an abundant source of wealth, e.g., banks, gold mines, ATM vestibules, etc.
  2. Children of Plutus naturally exude an aura that could make the people around them tend to be more greedy or possessive over their money and material wealth. They could turn this ability on and off as they please.
  3. Children of Plutus innately know the exact location of money, as well as luxurious high-end items within a ten mile radius. And the exact amount of money someone has on their person. This could make them excellent treasure hunters or thieves.
  4. Children of Plutus have inherent knowledge of the different currency exchange rates of the world, as well as the price value of different material items. They can also identify gemstones and other precious metals just by touching them.


  1. Children of Plutus can summon a large number of drachma coins and command them to be magnetized on an opponent’s body for a short time, after which they lose effect and fall off the body they were attached to. This could leave an opponent vulnerable to attack or give the user a chance to flee. This can only be done if the user is able to see their target.
  2. Children of Plutus can enchant a piece of paper money or a coin with an aura of greed, which would cause surrounding people to quickly desire it. This can be used to distract a single opponent or cause a group of people to fight over the desired item. This can only affect a person once during a fight.
  3. Children of Plutus can transform items into a piece of paper money - this could be an opponent’s weapon or shield, or other equipment. The item would remain in this form for a fair amount of time, and this could place an opponent at a disadvantage. However only one item can be transformed at a time.
  4. Children of Plutus can create paper bills and coins out of thin air, which can be used in transactions out in the real world. The more money they generate at a time, the more energy is drained. Constant abuse of this power - i.e., generating large heaps of money that would amount to USD 100,000 and above in one instant - could cause the user to pass out for at least a day.
  5. Children of Plutus can telekinetically move small amounts of paper bills with their minds, the larger amounts they move means the more energy drained.

3 month power (unlocked)

  1. Children of Plutus can turn precious metals into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs (such as animals or golems) and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence; however, only one combative item or semi-living construct can be conjured at a time and it cannot be larger than roughly twice the size of the one that conjured it. The longer they maintain combative items and semi-living constructs, the more it drains their energy, so they are more limited for the time they can keep these things cohesive. If they create a combative item they can telekinetically move it with their mind.

6 month power (unlocked)

  1. Children of Plutus have the ability to cover their entire bodies with precious metal coating. The form they adapt depends on the user, and they all have varying effects - diamond for immense durability, silver for reflecting energy attacks, copper to act as a lightning rod, etc. This gives them extra properties that could prove useful in battle, and they could even mix and match and use multiple precious metals depending on their choice. However, their movements are more restricted and sluggish this way, and they cannot be as quick and agile as they would have been without the precious metal covering their body. Also, the longer their form is maintained, the more energy is drained from the user.

9 month power (locked)

  1. Children of Plutus have the ability to temporarily don "The Golden Touch". With this, they can turn literally everything they touch into gold, including, but not limited to, physical objects, elements (like water, earth and fire, but with the exclusion of air), energy attacks, and even other living beings, except the gods, of course. However, the effects are not permanent, and will wear off after a fair amount of time. The effects are also not instantaneous, and the pace of the transformation depends on the size of the target. In the case of living beings, they cannot be fully transformed into gold quickly, and the transformation will have to start from somewhere. For example if the user touches the arm of the target, the transformation will begin there and will then spread to the other parts of the body, until they are fully turned into gold. After using this power, the user will be extremely drained of energy - unable to move and could even possibly faint.


Face ClaimLéa Seydoux
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlonde
Height1.66 m
WeightWhat the-
Voice TypeMezzo-soprano
Blood TypeA negative
Distinguishing MarksLarge scar behind her left ear
Body StyleEctomorph

Family Information

MotherAislinn Cavanah †
Full SiblingsCian Cavanah † (twin)
Half SiblingsElijah, Haven
Guardian(s)Artemis (formerly)
Other Relatives


Significant Other(s)Mark Irvine †
Best Friend(s)None
FriendsElijah, Haven, Hunters (formerly)
EnemiesChampions of Othrys
OtherHunters of Artemis (former surrogate sisters)

Name Etymology

Given [ Quinn ]From an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Cuinn meaning "descendant of Conn".
Middle [ Aurnia ]Latinization of Irish Órfhlaith, meaning "golden princess".
Surname [ Cavanah ]Derived from the Irish Gaelic name Caomhánach, which means "a student of saint Caomhán".


Favourite ColourGold
Favourite MovieThe Wild Bunch
Favourite SongJohnny Cash, Hurt
Favourite FoodCaesar salad
Favourite DrinkGinger ale
LikesSilence, crossword puzzles, horses
DislikesCrowds, shallow people, swords
LovesHer family, at home and Camp, and surrogate sisters, nature
LoathesCorpses (necrophobia!), being reminded of her dead family
First KissNone
First CrushMark Irvine †
First LoveMark Irvine †
First TimeNone
OccupationThief, Hunter (formerly), Camper
Sports PlayedArchery, Horseback riding
Instruments PlayedNone
DrinkerNot anymore
GoalsFind her place in this new scenario
AchievementsJoining the Hunters of Artemis
Biggest HopeTo find Mark somewhere, alive
Biggest RegretNot staying at Camp before
Best MemoriesHer time with the Hunters
Worst MemoriesThe Great Famine, Cian's death
Mental IllnessesPTSD, Necrophobia
Criminal RecordShe stole lots when punishing such things was impossible (famine)
Medical RecordShe was starving to death once

Custom Trivia

  • Her favourite song, Johnny Cash's Hurt, is also her theme song.
  • Parts of her attitude, backstory and general self are heavily influenced by Marvel's James "Logan" Howlett, aka the Wolverine.