Name: Rosette DeFreniere

Age: 15

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rosette is 5 ft 9 in with long blonde hair, she often has in down but sometimes it's I'm a wavy side ponytail. She is always wearing designer clothes with heels or nice flats. She has a "girl next door" with pastel colors and headbands. She wears a gold necklace with a diamond studded rose with a pink diamond in the center. She has a gold flower pin with a pink diamond in the center. When you press down on the diamond it becomes a bow and arrows. Needless to say she is extremely attractive.

Personality: Rosette is what most people call a girly girl. She loves pink and gold. She shops all the time and is addicted to Starbucks. She is always eating sweets but nothing else. She eats dessert for every meal and hasn't had meat or savory foods since she was 8. She is always with friends and she has lots. She is very nice but extremely narcassistic. She is vain and thinks she is better than most but she doesn't out write show it. She loves music and is a very skilled martial artist and acrobat.

History: François met Rosettes mother when he went to a private party at the Louvre when he bumped into a woman and spilled wine on both their shirts they began to laugh about the accident when the woman ' alias of Emilie ' decide she needed to go back to her manor to change. They left to go home their separate ways when Emilie volunteered he come with her. He accepted and they left. They talked for two hours and then they went on to conceive Rosette. François woke up alone. Later on he found a baby on his doorstep with a gold chain and a gold diamond studded rose with a pink diamond in the center that she still wears. So he named her after the flower.

Rosette's early childhood was a very privileged one and she had many friends at an early age. She was quite rotten at first but her father made sure she was nicer as she grew older.

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