She's a good girl and very well-behaved. When someone yells at her for no certain reason, she burst into tears


When Hugo was in Spain for a year, he ran into Demeter and thought she was the most beautiful creature in the entire universe. 3 years later, Hugo couldn't see Demeter that much but, he was very blessed to see her once in awhile.

A monthes later, Demeter told Hugo was going to have a baby and she couldn't take care of her. Hugo promised to raise and protect her. 9 monthes later, Demeter gave birth to a heathy baby, Rosie. 4 days later, Demeter told Hugo who she really was. Hugo was shocked and moved to Long Island.

11 Years later, Rosie's 12 birthday was just around the corner and Hugo told Rosie who was her mother and why she wasn't there for her birthdays. But, Demeter appeared for her 12 birthday for a few moments just for her birthday present. Rosie claimed that it was the best birthday present she ever received. But, one night when Rosie was sleeping, Demeter appeared in a dream telling her that she needs to go to Camp Half-Blood for her own safety. Demeter said she'll send a saytr for protection. At first, Rosie thought it was a prank.

The next day, Rosie saw a limp boy named Luke. Rosie glaly led the boy to Room 543 which is also Rosie's first class. At lunch time, a hellhound attacked and the whole school evacuated. Luke said he got a bronze charm bracelet. Rosie told him that this isn't the time for gifts. But, Luke told her to press the silver star in the middle. She pressed it. The charm bracelet turned into a Celestial Bronze Sword. Luke told her to slay that hellhound and follow me after. With no training, she tried to run. Luke told her to stand still and charge after it. She stood still, and charged. The hellhound jumped after her, stabbing itself with the sword. Then, she followed Luke to the Forest.

Once they were at the end of the of the Forest, she saw some engraving which said

Κατασκήνωση Ημίαιμος (Camp Half-Blood)

Then they reached Camp, Rosie was the same age. 12. She was glad she met Luke and her mother. She'll hope she'll see her father again and tell him all about her adventures.



Name Relation Feelings
Demeter Mother

She was a great mother. I think.

Hugo Father Amazing dad!
Luke Best Saytr Friend He gave me my bracelet/sword.



Il fullxfull.287313698

My charm bracelet that turns into my sword.

My sword given to me by Luke, my best saytr friend.

My sword given to me by Luke.

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