1.Type of Pet: A mix of Labrador Retriever and Husky

2.Character who owns pet: Ryan Black

3.Pet name: Dawn

4. Appearance: -->

5. Why does this character have this pet: Ryan found Dawn on his way to camp with a group of demigod friends when they saw someone leave a dog inside a trash can. Worriedly, the group of friends jogged over and found the puppy. The poor thing was just months old. Ryan immediately offered to adopt the puppy. The others friends agreed on one thing. They'd investigate who abandoned the puppy. They had taken pity to the puppy, as the puppy was whimpering. After thorough investigation, the person turned out to be a cat spirit. Ryan then took the puppy to a veterinarian and got her checked up. Yep, it was a she. After making sure she was healthy, he adopted her instead of taking her to the kennel. A few hours later, he figured out the puppy could sense other people's emotion, thanks to a Hecate Camper for figuring that out.

6. Any special abilities: The puppy can sense people's feelings, making it easy for her to comfort Ryan when he was sad.

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