His height about 5'11, black hair, slender body with muscled arms, usually wears samurai armor with a mask that covers most of his face. He looks to be 16. 

Ryuu Unmasked

Ryuu (not in his armor)


Ryuu is a mysterious man with a shadowy personality. People usually get nervous around him, but under his shady looks is a person who's noble and will always be ready to help his friends. He is feared in combat as an extremly fast and furious swordsman.


History: Before Ryuu was born, his mother, Hana Takao, was a military woman. She was a soldier in the Japanese army, and was known for her stregnth and fighting. She never fought in an actual war, but became a training officer to teach new soldiers in combat. After 15 years of service, she decided to raise a family. Deimos met her in a cafe in Tokyo, where they fell in love. Deimos was attracted to her by her services as a soldier and her fierce personality . Hana loved Deimos (not knowing he is really a God) for his looks and personality. They eventually had Ryuu, named after the Japanese word for dragon. Deimos then revealed himself as the God of Terror, and told her about Ryuu someday having to go to Camp Half-blood, the only safe place for demigods. Afterwards, Deimos vanished out of the hospital in a black explosion, leaving Hana with Ryuu to raise.

At the age of 5, Ryuu was a fisty kid with small anger problems. He didn't have any friends except for a kid his age named Daichi (who is secretly a satyr guardian). He was usually proclaimed a "bully", but he really didn't mean any harm. By age 8, he took an interest in sword fighting. He asked his mom if he could learn to fight with swords, and she replied saying that there was a good school for martial arts not far from their house. Ryuu joined the class, and he was naturally good. He learned Kendo, Japanese art of the sword, along with other martial arts such as Judo, JuiJutsu, and Karate. He would usually practice with Daichi, even though the satyr wasn't very good (although, he did make a pretty good practice dummy).

At age 14, he fell in love with a girl at his school named Kinu. He had a secret crush on her for 2 years, usually writing about her beauty in a small journal he carried with him. At age 16, he finally found the courage to ask her out. Kinu smiled in a seemingly innocent but devious way, and said to meet at a restaurant around 9:00 PM. That night, Ryuu showed up along with Daichi to act as a sort of "wing man". Ryuu asked what Kinu wanted for dinner, and she replied "I want to drink your demigod blood...." Ryuu looked a bit confused, and was suddenly startled. Kinu's skin became pale and she bared fangs. Claws sprouted out of her hands. For 2 years, Kinu was secretly an Empousa! She launched at Ryuu, who barely dodged her. Shocked, Daichi grabbed his arm and they both ran back to Ryuu's house with Kinu following close behind. Ryuu and Daichi made it into his house and locked all the doors and windows. Ryuu's mom, Hana, asked what was going on when she heard Kinu scratching at the front door.

Daichi explains "it is time". Looking surprised, Hana tells Ryuu to get his sword and armor. Ryuu runs to his room and grabs his katana along with his samurai armor. He quickly gets into the armor and hears a scream downstairs. Kinu had broken into his house, and had Daichi and his mom pinned to the floor. Kinu is about to feast on them, but Ryuu quickly jumps down from the stairs. He ambushes Kinu and kicks her in the face. Kinu is stunned, but quickly reacts and scratches him on the arm. Ryuu yelps in pain, but swings his katana in a fast flury of blows, along with a few bashes onto her head with the hilt of the sword. After striking Kinu with many hits (which don't do much damage to her, as his katana is not celestial bronze), he does one last move: bashing her face with the butt of the sword's hilt. In this hard attack, he knocks her out. Ryuu quickly drags the body outside of the house and tosses it into a nearby ditch. He then runs back inside to help his mom and his friend up.

Ryuu helps his mom and Daichi off the floor and asks what the heck just happened, as Ryuu is still shocked. The 3 sit down at a table, and his mom explains everything about the Greek Gods and how he is a demigod. Ryuu is still a little unconvinced, but that clears up when Daichi reveals he is truly a satyr guardian sent to protect him. Daichi goes into the kitchen and uses the sink water to create a rainbow. He throws in a golden coin and a video message appears. The satyr tells the people in the message to send a chariot. After a few hours, a chariot being pulled by 2 pegasi show up in the pitch black darkness of the night. Ryuu (bringing his samurai armor and katana), Daichi, and Hana step out onto the porch to see the chariot. The demigod driving the chariot tells to step in, and Ryuu and Daichi hop into the chariot. Ryuu's mom waves goodbye sadly, as the chariot takes off into the night. Ryuu decides to rest in the chariot. After a long trip, Ryuu, Daichi, and the demigod pilot make it to Camp Half-blood. Ryuu is welcomed with fear, as his face is covered in his samurai armor. Ryuu steps out of the chariot with Daichi, and his demigod life begins.


Ryuu Sword

Ryuu's Katana

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