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Sachi Ai is a small girl for the age of 16 and has pink hair due to hair dye. Due to her mother's wealth she has very expensive clothes including a dress that almost makes her look like a queen/princess. Even so Sachi pins her hair up with a golden pin that was given to her father. She keeps her weapons under her dress due to her saying 'A lady should never be seen with weapons!'


Under Sachi's dress she has one small sword given to her on joining Camp Half-Blood. Even thoughit is not a good weapon she doesn't accept any other weapons. This causes her trouble at times mainly during a fight.


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Sachi Ai is easily angry at simple thing and even though she falls in love with boys/men a lot if someone says that she is love with a boy/man she freaks out and sometimes lashes out. She uses her weapons for stupid reasons sometimes, but she doesn't mean any harm in it. She tries helping people which sometimes end her getting into trouble. She loves her friends but doesn't admit it all the time. Sometimes, although, she goes off to another world and ends up daydreaming. Most of the time she is daydreaming about cute boys/men and you can usually tell this due to the fact she will be blushing or giggling away to herself. She can be annoying to others since she is a bit selfish at times but even so she is kind to all of her friends. She doesn't have a type of man since she quotes when asked her type 'My type is cute boys that have muscles. Isn't that everyone's?'


Arisu, though was born in Japan lived most of her life in New York and so knew the in and outs of the city. Even so she wandered into a bar she swore she never saw before after a hard day at work. Ares regularly hide there when he was either annoyed at things or just wanting to rest.

Arisu entered the bar after having a hard day of work she felt like a drink or two would be good. Inside she saw three gentlemen, one being Ares but Ares told Arisu his name being Adrien Rene Ethan Slattery. As 'Adrien', Dawson and Olly said there 'Hi welcome to the bar's' Arisu got friendly with everyone. She ended up drunk but even so she told Sachi that she remembers the day perfectly. 

Arisu started to come regularly and soon so did 'Adrien'. After a while Arisu fell in love with Ares.

Everything was going smoothly until Arisu found out she was due to have a baby. Panicking because she wasn't use to kids and knew she had a busy work to manage she stopped coming to the bar where Ares always met her. 

Arisu had the baby knowing nothing about the Greek Gods being real and that Sachi was really a demi-god.

Sachi had a great childhood mainly because her mother spoiled her. Arisu became rich after she struck gold in her business. Sachi got anything and everything she wanted making her pretty sucked up. She soon, however, found out that her actions were causing her to be bullied in Primary School/Middle School. Upon hearing this Arisu moved her to a Private School.

Sachi, at the age of six, was very tomboyish and all of her girlish actions started to disappear. The only thing that was keeping her from staying girlish was the fact she still liked pink and she still wore dresses. Sachi would fight a lot with other kids causing her to end up getting expelled about three times. She moved from school to school until she had only one school left which she promised her mother she would try her hardest to stay in it.

At the age of eight her ability to read and write slowed down and she started to be unable to think in classes. This did not help with her burning fire that she always seemed to have. She snapped easier and easier each day.

When Sachi turned around eleven Arisu found the bar she use to hang around about. She, however, did not find Ares in there but even so she always brung Sachi in hope Arisu would find her father once again and show the offspring they had created together. 

When Sachu turn thirteen and a half she went away with a friend and in the bar was Ares. Arisu - overjoyed by seeing him again - hugged him and took him to his house hoping that Sachi would come home and see her father for once. Ares did come to Arisu's house but even so all he did was explain everything. The God was sorry for the trouble and after giving Arisu a CB dagger Arisu told him to leave and never return but inside she didn't want to believe the chaos.

Hurt she told Sachi to come home earilier than normal and told her dauther about seeing her father. She didn't tell her about the Greek myths.

One day after coming home from High School she walked along her normal dark lane she walked. One thing was that Sachi carried a knife - Celestial Bronze -  on her, under her dress, due to the recent killings in her town. She had gotten the knife off her mother who knew anything about it's 'magical' propeties. Her mother claims it was a present from 'Adrien'.

In the lane she saw a light and so Sachi followed it to find a Fire-Breathing Horse. Unsure what the horse was Sachi walked towards it commenting on it's beauty. As if that was a complaint the  Fire-Breathing Horse blew a jet of fire towards Sachi. It missed her - just - but when Sachi picked herself up she realized it wasn't aiming for her, it was a warning shot. 

Sachi heard it warning and tried to run away to only see a light run past her and end up in front of her, stopping her in her tracks. The Fire-Breathing Horse then kicked her making Sachi fall onto the ground. 

Groaning in pain Sachi picked herself back up before taking out her knife. Sachi ran with a limp towards the horse and tried to attack it with her knife. She was surprised when she hit it and it went though. A smirk had covered herself as the horse reared. Sachi, even though she never had lessons, was good at attack but her defense needed work.

Sachi stepped back and looked at the damage to see it hardly did anything. Eyes wide she goes in for another attack since the horse was busy - or so she thought - weeping. However, this was not the case as the horse set another jet of flames towards Sachi hitting close to dead on.  Sachi, now burnt, wasn't sure what to do. The horse had stopped the weeping sound and was coming closer to Sachi. Sachi saw a jet of black hit the horse.

Trying her hardest to see if the a black thing that looked a lot like a goat was a new enemy or an ally Sachi tried to stand up to only fall back on the ground. She saw a last sight of the after seeing the goat-black-thing to see a face on it before she black out due to tiredness, she thought she would have to try and fight that hard or fight at all.

When Sachi woke up she was in front of a camp. She was unsure of what was going on but on coming inside she was soon welcomed by many. She soon found out about Gods, Demi-Gods and other new things that are now normal in the world but even so today she is wondering just who had saved her and why? 

She is currently trying to perfect her fighting skills so she can leave camp for either a quest or in attempt to find who saved her. During her training she has met Niji Ai, an Iris Child who Sachi calls a sister even though she has lots of half-siblings in camp and Niji doesn't even have any connection to her other than her beign a Demi-God.


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Name Relation Feelings
Niji Ai Soul Sisters We are best 'sisters' who will never split up, no matter the problem!


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