Joe O'Connor was a photographer who specialised in taking photos of surfers. He lived in Malibu, California. He first met Nemesis on the beach, just as she was about to go surfing. He fell for her, and vice versa, and they started dating. A few weeks later, Nemesis found she was pregnant with Joe's child.

After Nemesis gave birth to Sam, on August 1st 1996, she disappeared. Joe was heartbroken, but he loved and cared for Sam. Joe brought Sam up as a single parent. Sam loved to surf. He'd surf around the local beach. He didn't really like school, wasn't very good at it, either, but he had some friends he could count on. At the age of 6, he was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.

He hung around with a few guys at school, but no one really got his passion for surfing. He felt like nobody understood him, until, at 8, he met Keira West. They became best friends, and would always surf with each other or spend time on the beach. He developed a crush on her, and it grew with time, but he was always too scared to tell her, in case she didn't feel the same.

When Sam and Keira were 11, they met Danielle May. Dani and Keira were the worst of enemies at first. Sam even tried to cool it down between them, but to no avail. But the next time he saw them, they were best of friends.

When Sam and his friends were 13, they met Danny Nimoy, who was nicknamed "Nemo". He was a year older than everyone else. But he proved to be a great mate.

Sam was really happy, with Keira, Dani and Nemo around. He liked Keira more and more, as time grew. They then called themselves "Ohana", which means "family" in Hawaiian.

Sam then met Drake Kingston. He'd only just moved from New York to California, so Sam didn't want him to be alone. He introduced Drake to Ohana, and they didn't hesitate to befriend him.

When Sam was 14, he and his friends were chilling on the beach, when they saw a girl who was doing her homework. She seemed to be looking at them. She looked sad, and none of them liked it. Keira went up to her and invited her to sit with them. She agreed happily and moved her stuff. She was Aubrey, and she joined the "family" quite quickly.

Sam was quite protective of Aubrey, as was Keira. He treated her like his little sister.

One day, Aubrey "disappeared". Ohana searched everywhere for her. But everyone could see that Keira was desperate to find her. No one knew where she was.

Still, a few weeks later, no one could find Aub. Hours later, Keira disappeared. Sam got depressed. No one could brighten him up again. He looked day and night for her. He rarely slept, always thinking where she could have disappeared to.

One day, he tried more north of the beach. Instead of finding Keira, he found a siren. The siren lured him in. He was nearly at their island, when a boat came. On it was Kyle Phelps, a son of Eros. Kyle fought the siren, and made Sam climb aboard.

Kyle explained about him being a demigod and about Camp Half-Blood. At first, Sam refused to believe it. That was, until Kyle said that Keira was there. Sam, astonished, asked how he knew. Kyle said that she had told him about Sam.

Sam told Kyle to get him to Camp straight away, so that's what he did. A while after, Sam was claimed by Nemesis.




Name Relation Feelings
Nemesis Mother Seems... Cool, I guess.
Joe O'Connor Father I miss him quite a bit
Keira West Best Friend/Crush I miss her loads and loads. I wish I could see her again.
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