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Sebastian is a quiet personality. He mostly lurks in dark places and is comfortable with watching others. He's more of a listener then a talker. He can be a bit odd. That much is for certain. He doesn't seem to feel emphatic towards the death of a loved one. Instead he just figures it was for the best. If you managed by some miracle to get close to him, you will find a sarcastic, dry and dark humored boy that you can't ever get rid of. It's your fault, really. Sebastian at his core, would do anything for his friends and family. Even if that means betraying them. Though, he really hopes it doesn't come to that.


Angelica had always been different. For one, she wasn't emphatic to the loss of a loved one. When her father died, she wasn't crying mournfully along with the rest of her siblings. She instead had a sad sort of smile on her face. It's not that she wasn't sad. Of course she was! She just knew that he would be happier dead then alive. That's how she attracted the attention of an uninvited guest to the proceedings.

The God of Death, Thanatos watched Angelica with interest. After all, how many people do you see smiling at a funeral? Not many. And the number of non-murderer's was even smaller. So about a month after the funeral he approached the mortal girl. Of course it took awhile before things truly happened. One night he left without so much as a note. Let's just say Angelica was less then pleased when she woke up the next morning. She was even more upset when she found out she was pregnant.

Nine months of a very angry pregnant eighteen year old was not a very pleasant thing to experience. As I'm sure her sisters are well aware of. Anyhow, she ended up giving birth to a healthy blue eyed boy. She named him Sebastian, after her father. Now, she grew to dislike him. Now, your probably thinking, 'Who could hate their own child?' You'd be surprised. In her case, it was because Sebastian reminded her of a night full of mistakes that lead to him being born. He reminded her of the man she once loved.

Sebastian grew up not knowing who he really was. All he knew was that occasionally, he would sense presences whenever he walked by a funeral or happened upon a car accident. He would tell his mother constantly but she brushed it off as his wild imagination. Eventually, he had to go to school. Which, he knew were moments of freedom and bliss for his mother. He stumbled through the years, just managing to scrape passing grades. He lived a relatively normal school life (as normal as one could get when they can see the dead). That is, until sixth grade.

You see, he had just turned twelve and that is not a good number for demigods it would seem. Things always seem to go wrong around that time. That's when he met his first monster. He was walking home from school one day when he saw it in one of the alleyways near his home. At first he thought it was just a Great Dane sized black mastiff. He first thought it was a hybrid. It could happen! Those thoughts were quickly dashed, however, when he saw the glowing red eyes. Naturally, he froze. Who wouldn't under the hungry gaze of a red eyed beast? Naturally, it smelled him. Thank you lineage (Not). So, it pounced, hoping to grab a snack for the road. Almost instinctively, he slide underneath it, making a slight astral barrier to protect himself from the beast's claws. Obviously he was surprised. Who wouldn't be? Of course, he couldn't afford to be stunned any longer. The beast launched itself at him again, this time pinning him to the littered alleyway floor. That's when he felt it. He had produced an astral projection of a butcher's knife he saw his mom use at home. Sebastian did the only natural thing a kid like him would do. He stabbed the monster. With golden powder in his hair and a healthy number of bloody scratches, he quickly made his way back home, occasionally stumbling from a massive dizzy spell.

Three more years of this continued of constantly being attacked by hellhounds and surprisingly, giant scorpions before he met his first ever friend - Woody Acreson. Now, Sebastian is not an idiot. He knew from the start that Woody wasn't normal. After all, Sebastian felt that he was king of weirdos. If he told anybody he fought hellhounds all the time they'd think he was off his rocker or that he practiced using his 'gifts' (as he began to dub them). So, when Woody finally told him that he was in fact, not human and instead a satyr, he wasn't all that surprised. However, when he was told he was to go to a 'Camp Half-Blood', he was. Did his mom know? Didn't camps cost money? Woody shrugged the questions off as he lead Sebastian home to his mother to tell her the news. She obviously, didn't care and to be honest with you, Sebastian didn't care either. Soon he was on his way to camp with his friend Woody.

Once there he was soon shown around and claimed by Thanatos. Sebastian then given a sword that could turn into a ring (thank the gods). Now, he's just trying to get used to the fast paced campers. After all, he's only been there a week.



  1. Children of Thanatos can use astral energies to make weapons for a short period of time, the larger the weapon, the more energy consumed. Only 1 weapon may be created at a time and it cannot be bigger than 2 or 3 times the size of the user.
  2. Children of Thanatos have the ability to drain some of the life force out of a person, so that they become weaker, slower, and almost sedated for a short time. However, using this in succession will weaken the power’s effect.


  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to conjure a protective dome of astral energies around them, which will protect the user from attacks for a short time.


  1. Children of Thanatos can sense any death, whether it be mortal, demigod,nymph or monster.
  2. Children of Thanatos can communicate with the souls of the recently deceased.
  3. Children of Thanatos heal slightly every time they deal damage to their opponents.
  4. Children of Thanatos are able to see the lifespan of others, but are forbidden to share information about the lifespan in any way.


  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to Shadow Travel, to teleport from shadow to shadow; the further the distance, the more energy drained.
  2. Children of Thanatos are able to call forth recently deceased spirits to aide them for a short time.
  3. Children of Thanatos are able to enchant weapons with soul-damaging powers, the effect only lasts for a short time.
  4. Children of Thanatos can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Thanatos are able to feast on the darkness around them and empower themselves for a short time, enhancing their strength and speed. After the effect wears off, the user will be somewhat worn out and unable to use the power again for the rest of the fight.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to temporarily split their souls in order to create a duplicate of themselves to aid them in combat. This duplicate and can only fight using whatever weapon the user has and possesses a weaker version of their powers. The user and the duplicate will possess a telepathic link. The longer the duplicate is maintained, the more energy is drained.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Thanatos have the ability to morph into a spirit for a short time. Whilst in this state, they are invisible (except to those gifted with powers over necromancy), intangible, able to fly, and their powers over astral energies and necromancy are enhanced. Though they are intangible by default, they can make themselves tangible to attack others or if they wish to be seen. If they attempt to attack anyone while still intangible they will automatically become visible and tangible. While in this state they are also able to drain the life-force of anyone they touch to a slight extent, however they cannot completely drain the life-force of the person. The user is extremely drained once the transformation ends, unable to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Thanatos generally have morbid personalities.
  2. Children of Thanatos are generally not frightened of death.
  3. Children of Thanatos normally prefer the idea of a quiet, peaceful death. They also tend to dislike the idea of people losing their lives violently.
  4. Children of Thanatos can grow up to make great morticians.


Name Relation Feelings
Angelica Anders Mother "She's my mother. I sorta have to love her."
Thanatos Father "I've literally never met the guy."
Woody Acreson Best Friend "He was my first friend. What more can I say?"
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