Very kind and empathetic to others, she will reach out to anyone in need of help. She isn't very open to others about how she feels, and its hard to get very close to her. She usually stays in her own world, but since joining the Hunters has become more open to the other girls. She feels very protective of the her Hunter friends and hates it when any one is upset. She can always tell how other are feeling and when they need help or advice, and is always more than willing to help.


Pierre Delaluna was born and raised in a small town in Canada only ever wanting a simple, photographic life. He moved to the New York suburbs when he got a job with an insurance and retirement company, and met Psyche when helping someone get their due money after a car accident. He fell in love with her and her gentle kindness. When she became pregnant, he asked her to marry him, pictureing his perfect family and home, but she declined. The next morning she was gone. 9 months later, he opened the door to see a small cradle with a note from Psyche explaining who she was and begging Pierre to bring Selena to Camp Halfblood. The child had a small silver heart pendant around her neck as well. He ignored the letter and became once again focussed on his dream of a perfect life. He soon married one of his a kindergarten teacher named Deb and had two children with her. He disregarded any signs of straneness as Selena grew up, scolding and beating her whenever any monster came near his real family. Deb also shunned and ignored Selena, acting as if she wasn't even there.  Even at a young age, Selena always wanted to help others. She could always tell how someone was feeling and even claimed that she could sometimes see people auras. Her Father and Step-Mother always got angry at her when she said things regarding it, claiming she was degenerative to the family and a bad influence on the younger siblings. Even though she was very nice and kind, Selena never had many friends. She was deemed the school freak, even at a young age due to reading peoples auras and claiming to have seen strange beasts. When she was 10, she even got suspended from school and recommended to see a therapist for having caused mayhem in the lunchroom due to screeming about a harpy attacking her, when the teachers only saw a pigeon that had flown in through the window. The only friend she ever made was Ash. Ash was another quiet boy who had to use crutches due to his leg disorder. When she began high school, Selena realized that she liked Ash as more than a friend, but never said anything because she was afraid of how he'd react. When she was 15, a hellhound showed up at the annual block party and attacked Selena. Unable to protect herself, the beast raked his claws across her chest, leaving a big gash across her chest. The beast wouldve killed her if Ash hadn't shown up with strange reed pipes. He played a weird song, causing the monster to turn and flee, grass seeming to attempt to wrap around its legs. Ash fed her some strange yellow pastry, immediately stopping the bleeding from her chest. As Selena sat up, she noticed the damage done to the surrounding cars and noticed everyone staring at her with anger and fury. She heard them yell at her for trying to destroy the party. Apparently they had all seen her drive a large blackhummer through the festivities and booths. She saw her father run up to her with fear in his eyes and his belt in his hands. He yelled at her to leave his home and never come back for she only brang pain and trouble. As she turned to run, she felt the familiar angry sting of the belt whip across the back of her neck, causing her to fall once more. As she ran, Ash followed her. They ran to the nearest wooded area and sat, catching their breath. As they sat, Ash began explaining everything that was going on and who she was. He explained she was a demigod and he was a satyr, even removing his pants to prove it. That night they stayed in the woods and planned to leave for camp the next morning. Selena was just thinking about how maybe her life would be so bad, as long as she was away from her father and Ash was with her, when a low growl wakes her. She sits up in time to see the same hellhound from earlier pounce onto Ash. When the monster slashed through him, he simply turned into a small plant. Selena screamed at the violence in front of her and scrambled backward, away from the beast. She closed her eyes, certain of her death, when she heard the sound of arrows being released. she open her eyes just as the dog burst into gold dust. She looked around and saw at least a dozen girls dressed in white with bows and arrows at the ready. One of them stepped forward, claiming to be the goddess Artemis. The goddess explained who they were and asked Selena if she would like to join. Still numb from all that had just happened, she turned them down, not one to be very trusting. The goddess said she understood and that her and her hunters would help Selena get to camp, as it wasn't to far away. Before leaving Selena at the border, Artemis explained to her how to contact her if she changed her mind. Not a week had passed when Selena was already regretting turning down the hunters. She was tired of being picked on for being small and no guys ever really helped her get better. Everyone only ever looked at her with pity. Selena contacted Artemis, telling her how she had changed her mind. She was tired of being looked on with pity, maybe with the hunters she could find a real family.


  1. They possess great strength, agility and dexterity.
  2. They carry magic silver bows, arrows, and two hunting knives, which appear whenever they are needed
  1. They make great combatants and archers.
  2. They are able to withstand greater temperature changes (extreme heat or cold) more than most, but the hotter or colder it is, the more draining it is on their body and the more it effects their ability to react
  3. They do not age physically and do not die of old age or disease, but can be killed in a fight or battle from severe wounds
  4. They have an empathy/telepathic connection with wolves and falcons
  5. If they fall in love they lose their immortality
  6. They make great hunters, attaining great tracking skills.
  7. They can see excellent during the night, nearly as well as they can see during the day.
  1. They remain the age that they became a Huntress. If they fall in love and/or leave the hunt for any reason, they start ageing again from that point on.
  2. They enjoy hunting, as well as being by Artemis' side.
  3. They have a silvery aura


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