Seraphina 2 (3)


Name: Seraphina Williams 

Species: Demigod 

Godparents: Hecate

Biological parent: Harry Williams 

Age: 16 

Appearance: Seraphina's most recorniseable trait is her hair. It's very long, going all the way down to the end of her back, and is black as coal. It's often billowing around her, but doesn't get in her way because she has bangs. Her eyes are iceblue. She stands 5'8, being slightly taller than the average 16 year old girl. Her body is slim, but she's not skinny. Her posture is rather elegant. Her skin is light, rather pale. 

Personality: Seraphina, despite her elegant looks, she's a rather rough girl. She doesn't give much about other people's feelings and isn't scared to step on other people. She's a very cold person, who finds society rather sentimental. It's not that she's mean towards other people, she's just cold which make her come off as hostile. She has a rather rebellious trait in her and feels a certain satisfaction going against rules, however she's a smart girl, and knows which rules are alright to break and which you shouldn't touch. Most people are intemidated by her and they tend to stay away from her which she likes cause she is not very social. She is rather coldhearted and thinks of her own survival first. She keeps most on the inside and doesen't show her emotions. She doesen't talk much either. She rarely forgives or forgets. She is determined and will never back out because she is "too tired".


Harry isn't exactly your typical man. He was born in London, but moved to the southern part of Italy when he was 24, because he met a beautiful Italian girl, called Bianca who later became his wife. He was 29, working as a business man owning his own company selling kitchen tools, when he one day had to travel to London, his hometown to participate in a business meeting. The trip was rather boring, nothing special happened, or  that was, until he met a mysterious woman, at the reception of a business meeting. She presented herself as "Seraphina Smith". Harry was taken by Seraphina's beauty, and he did talk her into going out getting dinner with him after his meeting. Harry knew it was cheating but he didn't care. He loved his wife, but his life had been boring and uneventful for a long period of time, and Seraphina intrigued him. So, after a romantic dinner, they went to his place and ended up having sex. Seraphina was gone the next day, but Harry never lost is desire for this mysterious woman. What he didn't know that Seraphina really was a goddess, Hecate.

Harry travelled back to Italy, to live with his wife. The company faced some worse days, and made less and less money. So did the town he lived him. The Italian Mafia slowly crept more and more into the town, and troubles arose. Not enough to catch the governments attention, it was a small town, but still a noticeable amount. Harry's life became more and more miserable, but it all turned even worse the day a little baby girl with iceblue eyes was found on the doorstep. A little note was lying in the basket she had been brought in. All it said was: "Seraphina." Bianca was confused and demanded to know the truth, and Harry confessed his one night stance in London. He looked to Bianca as she picked up the baby and held it in her arms. "I can forgive but I can not forget." Bianca told him. 

Being the kindhearted woman she was, Bianca treated the baby as her own. Bianca and Harry decided to call her "Seraphina", because of the note. Only Harry knew that that was the name of the child's mother, as he had not told Bianca the name of the woman he had met in London. Bianca and Harry considered to move away from the town, as the troubles began to arise in the town, more and more. They knew the government was not gonna take care of it. There was Mafia in the bigger cities too, those were the first priority. They wanted to move to another city, but Harry company made less and less money every year and Bianca was unemployed so that she could take care fo the baby. They had to stay where they were.

Because of this, Seraphina's childhood was quite unsafe. She couldn't walk out after darkness had fallen and Seraphina was signed up to a bunch of different cheap self-defense lessons, so that she would be somewhat prepared incase anything happened. When she got around 10 years old, she would make sure to bring a knife when she was out after dark.

Seraphina wasn't the most social kid in school. The other girls would look down on Seraphina, because she was a child made by her father's unfaitfullness. They would bully her, and tell her that her mother was a whore whom Harry had payed to sleep with him. That Bianca would have drown her had she had it her way. Those kinds of comments. This made Seraphina tough. She refused to cry in front of her bullies. Refused to show weakness. At one incident, she got alone with one of her bullies. "Bianca only takes care of you because..." the bully began. Seraphina snapped and kicked her so hard in the side that she almost broke one of the bullies rib. She was explelled for a couple of days after that but the girls left her alone. Already as a child, she was a rough girl. She learned that in this world, you have to stand your own ground, cause no one is gonna do it for you and her childhood experince had affected her personality in many ways.  

After she had faced the bully, Seraphina's life was quite pleasant. But when she was 12, she had a rather... special experince. She was walking home, night hadn't fallen yet, but the winter's evening light did not light up much. Seraphina carried her knife, The city had gotten worse and worse, and now, so called "Gang War" had broken out. Not like the ones in the big cities, it was still kept low so that it wouldn't be noticeable to the government, but for the citizens of the city, it was easily noticeable. Suddenly, Seraphina heard a weird noise behind her. Like a pair of wings getting slashes through the air. She turned around while grapping her knife, and saw it. It was a harpy, although she had no idea what that was. All she saw was a winged lady that didn't seem too happy to see her. The harpy dove down towards her and Seraphina reacted out of reflex. She swung her knife out in front of her as it dove towards her and she slashes the harpy deep in the face. Seraphina dragged the knife back, terrified over what she had just done, and watched the blood splahes out of the harpy's skull in thick waves. It cried out horrifically in pain and waves it wings, fleeing blindly in fear from Seraphina. Seraphina ran all the way home, locked her door and just sat there with her knife, terrified about what was gonna happen next. But nothing else happened.

Two years later, Seraphina's life took a drastic turn. It was a normal day, she had gotten home from school. "Bianca!" Seraphina called out but no one answered. Seraphina walked into the kitchen and saw a sight she would never forget. Her stepmother lying on the kitchen floor with empty eyes. Seraphina called an ambulance, and began to do CPR (she had learned that at a special class in school) on her stepmother. The ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital, however she was already dead. The doctors examined her and pressumed that it had been a heart attack. Harry was in distraught. He couldn't believe his pretty, kind wife was dead. He needed someone to blame it on and that someone became Seraphina. He would accuse her with multiple things. "Had you never been born, Bianca and me would have moved somewhere else.", "Had you never been born, we would have had more money, then I could have saved Bianca.", "It was your fault, you and your stupid CPR. You probably killed her in the process." The father had never been very happy about Seraphina, he felt that she shamed him. And now, when his wife had died, their relationship fell completely out of touch. Harry hated Seraphina, Seraphina ignored Harry. 

The company had gone worse and worse for Harry. His wife was dead, and he hated his daughter. The city he was living in had gang wars raging. Harry's felt like his life had been dropped into a deep black hole, unable to get out of. And it was with all these things in his head that Harry, one year after his wife's dead, when Seraphina was just 15 years old, committed suicide. Social services was called. Seraphina had no known family whatsoever. Bianca did have some family left but they did not wish to take care of her, because she wasn't Bianca's. Harry had had no other family. Because of this, Seraphina was placed in an orphanage in the city. They tried to sell Bianca's and Harry's house, but no one wanted to move to the city because of the gang wars, so the house was still Seraphina's property.

The orphanage was of a rather bad quality, to say the least. After all, the town had much bigger troubles to worry about. The caretakers would beat the children to make them behave. The house itself was old and it felt like it could crash together any time needed. Because of this, Seraphina tried to keep out of the orphanage, so even though she officially lived there, she was barely there. She knew the risk of going out into the town, but she couldn't take being in the orphanage, with the noisy, crying children with the miserable looks on their faces. She would often go back to her old house and sleep and live there. The caretakers of the orphanage wouldn't care anyway. They never did. 

To gain protectance from some of the gang members, Seraphina would from time to time help one of the gangs, a gang called "The Snakes". She would let the gang carry injured gang-members into her house who she would bandage. She never really cared for the gang itself, she thought the gang-war was useless and dumb, but she knew she needed some sort of protection, at least from one of the two major gangs in the area. She was never an "official" part of the snakes, though, just someone who helped so that she wouldn't be attacked.

When Seraphina was still 15 years old, something dramatic happened that changed Seraphina's life for the better. When walking home a dark night, after fixing some injuries on a gang member who couldn't move because of his leg being broken, she was attacked by two boys from the other gang. They pushed her into an alley so people wouldn't see it. Seraphina fought well. She managed to knock one of the boys out, first stabbing them in the arm, and then circle kick them in the head when the other boy managed to make her drop the knife out of reach from any of them. He pushed Seraphina up against the wall. She thought she was gonna be raped and then killed when suddenly a "Thuunnng" noise sounded in the ally. Seraphina and the boy looked up and a knife, stuck in the wooden wall, right above their heads. They looked to the end of the ally and saw a girl, around Seraphina's age, standing with another knife ready to throw. "The next one hits," She hissed at the boy, who quickly got up, and ran into the back of the ally, leaving his companion behind. 

"I am Natasha Jacobson." The girl presented herself to Seraphina. "Seraphina Williams," Seraphina answered back.

"Well, Seraphina, you really shouldn't be out at night alone." she told her.

"You shouldn't neither. The knife throwing was cool, where did you learn that? And... thank you for saving me."

"I taught myself the knive throwing. And I don't have a home unless you count the orphanage, which I don't. And you're welcome. We girls have to stick together against the "tough gang guys"," She said smiling at her, while eying the unconsious boy.

"Hmm... Natasha, let's make a deal. You teach me that knife throwing thing, and then we move into my house? There's room enough for two, it's small but it's at least somewhere for you to live, and I want to learn to defend myself, long distanced. I am not exactly good with the knives."

Nastasha looked a bit at Seraphina before saying one single word: "Deal."

From that point on, Seraphina's life became much better. She got a new person she could trust, a new friend, and after a while, they were like sisters. She didn't have to help gang members anymore, after Natasha moved in, as they could easily keep each other safe. Seraphina practiced knife-throwing every day and became better and better with it. She was happy. Finally being with someone she could trust, she opened more and more up. She was still a tough girl. She had to be to survive. But she became less cold. More a person than before. Natasha is probably the person who has influenced her the most. 

Her happiness lasted for long. More than a year. She turned 16, and had been 16 for a few month when one particular morning, she heard knocking on the door. The gang members usually weren't active in the morning and it had been a while since someone last came to visit them. They opened the door and saw a boy none of them had seen before. He asked if he could talk privately with Seraphina, but Seraphina refused, saying he could tell Natasha too. So he did. He told Seraphina about her mother, Hecate. He told her about the gods, how they actually existed. He explained how he was a satyr, and he even took off his shoes to proof it. The girls just sat there, with their jaws hanging down to the floor. He explained how Seraphina had to come with him to a camp called "Camp Half Blood". He then left the room to give Natasha and Seraphina some time together, to talk it all through.

Seraphina wasn't happy. Sure, the life as a demigod, living at a camp sounded cool but she knew Natasha couldn't come with her. She didn't want to leave her. She was ready to refuse the satyr's offer, but Natasha told her:

"Go with him. This is your only chance of getting out of this hell hole. Don't you dare waste it, or I will use you as my personally training dummy for knife throwing the next five years. I will be alright. Just go."

It was Natasha's words that convienced her. Seraphina accepted the satyr's offer and together they travelled to Rome. The travel to Rome wasn't without trouble. Seraphina's scent had gotten stronger after she learned she was a demigod. While hiking through the woods, they found themself face to face with a hellhound. Luckily, Seraphina wasn't defenseless. She stood completely still until the hell hound was charging at her. She then threw one of the knives she had packed. Natasha had trained her well and the knife hit the dog in the middle of the forehead. The hound fell down, and disappeared just like the Harpy had done 3 years ago in Seraphina's life. She almost felt bad for it. Somehow, her time with Natasha had made her a little softer. She shook off the feeling, and her and the satyr continiued heading to Rome, where they took a plane to USA, using some planetickets the satyr had acquired, as Seraphina couldn't effort it otherwise.

They landed in New York shortly after. The travel to the camp just consisted of a quick trip to long island, using the Gray Sisters' taxi. The trip there went rather safe, considering how the taxi usually drives, although Seraphina was more than once convienced she would die before even reaching camp while sitting in the taxi. Her and the Satyr got out, and she entered camp. She was 16 when she reached camp.

At camp, she explained how she a good knife thrower. The armory administrators quickly saw she had mastered that weapon and gave her the choice to learn how to use another. Her being pretty interested in blade, she choose a single, one handed light weight sword has her second weapon. She's interested in learning how to use it better, although, she still has long way to go before being good enough to use it in actual combat. She misses Natasha a lot. The girl who chanced her life. She misses Bianca too but knows there's nothing to be done about that. Her personality is still pretty rough but Natasha had had some effect on her. Seraphina is no longer a cold block of ice, although she carries that facade. She hopes she can find someone like Natasha at the camp. A girl she can trust.

Weapon: Throwing knives, light-weight single handed sword (although she's still in her newbie stages with the weapon. She can't really use it, yet.) 

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