Shad is a mysterious character, and rarely reveals any emotions. He tends to keep to himself, but hangs out with people he views as his friends and protects their backs. He views betrayel as a personal insult, and will seek out the person who betrayed him and make them pay.


Shad Hustler was born into the gang known as the Night Hunters, who specialized in thievry.Shad had no idea who his mother or father was, just knowing they were part of the gang. The Gang's Leader, Scourge Rustler, told him his mother had died in child and his father skipped out on the gang. Scourge instead took on the responsibility of raising Shad, and made him into his protege. Scourge quickly turned Shad into his best Midnight Burglar, after finding out Shad was almost undiscoverable at night.

Then the important job came. Scourge told Shad he wanted him too to help him rob the home of a famous businessman, and Shad gladly accepted. They left at midnight, and traveled to the businessman's house, stealing anything they could. Then Shad felt a something in his mind to travel to the basement, and he did, to discover a suit of leather armor, black as the blackest night, lying on a table. It had a hood, a cape, a face plate to protect the wearer, gloves, and boots...and mysteriously matched Shad's clothes size. The perfect attire for a night thief. He quickly put it on and travel up the stairs, where he discovered Scourge about to kill the businessman.

Shad told Scourge to calm down, but Scourge killed the man anyway, and to Shad's horror, threw the murdering dagger at him! Shad quickly dodged and asked why was Scourge doing this. The Night Hunter told Shad that he wasn't about to have him become leader of the Night Hunters, and become the ultimate thief. Shad demanded why he would ever want that, and Scourge revealed that he was really Shad's father. He then struck Shad, slicing his teeth, and breaking the lamp, the only light on in the room, plunging everything into darkness. Too Shad's amazement, he realised his father couldn't see him...his new attire had turned Shad into a living shadow in the darkness. Scourge, fearing his safety, fled from the scene while Shad jumped out the window.

As he ran from the house, he heard someone calling his name. It was girl, who demanded that he revealed himself. Shad, realising that he basically invisible, took off his hood and walked to the girl, who was startled. She told him that her name was Luna, and that he was a demigod child of Nyx. Shad, unconvinced, asked why she would say this. Luna then revealed that she was a nymph, created by Nyx. She had felt Shad's power himself, but most importantly the power of the dark suit, which she said was a gift from his mother. She then held out her hand, and told Shad to come with her. If he really wasn't a demigod, he wouldn't be able to come with her. Shad, about to decline, heard the cop sirens, and took her hand. They soon shadow traveled to Camp Half-Blood, where all was revealed to Shad.


Has the normal powers of a Child of Nyx.

Theme Song

"Propane Nightmares" by Pendulm

Shad Rustler

Shad Rustler, putting on the Dark Suit with the campfire reflecting in his eyes.


Nyx (Mother)- Thinks she's cool, but hasn't really met her.
Haython- Is cool with him, but more like associates then friends.
Suri Sandstrider- She saved his life. Really likes her.
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