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~Son Of Iris~
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He is very meek. The bad side of him is he can be too kind sometimes. There are times when it is the other person's fault and yet he puts the blame on himself. He is quite insecure about himself. He feels inferior.

Zachary, Simon's father, was a successful architect. He impressed every client he had. He loved colors and he loved choosing colors for his clients' houses. Iris had been very amazed with his creativity. She loved how he chose the right colors. They met at a school designed by Zachary. Iris was fascinated by the colorful walls and artistic windows and doors of the school. She knew Zachary was the one who planned all of that. Later, they got attracted to each other and started dating.

A few years after, a baby boy was left in Zachary's house in his bedroom with a note that said, "Please take care of him for me Zach. He is one precious boy. Let him grow in your love." The note was from Iris. Sadness filled his heart because of Iris' disappearance. But one thing gave him a reason to smile again, their son. He named him Simon. He did not want the child to grow up without a mother and so, he tried to look for someone who can take care of Simon as well. He met Elizabeth Darren and married her after 5 years of dating. A few months after their wedding, Zachary died of an illness he had been ignoring. He refused to go to the doctor everytime he felt the symptoms but it was good thing that it wasn't contagious.

Elizabeth, unlike the usual stepmother image (the evil one), took care of Simon and loved him like her own son. When he was 7 years old, teachers from his school told Elizabeth that he could hardly focus on their lessons. He always failed and later got kicked out of school. Elizabeth did her best to teach Simon but then she noticed there was really something wrong with him. She brought him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with ADHD. A few months later, he was diagnosed of dyslexia. That made it even harder for him. The news saddened Elizabeth but that did not stop her from teaching Simon.

When he was 10, thankfully, somehow he learned how to read and write. He entered school again and even did great in his class. 3 years later, Elizabeth and him was on their way to New York to visit her relatives. It was nighttime by then. Suddenly, something leaped in front of the car. Simon saw a giant dog with glowing red eyes, hellhound. Elizabeth exclaimed it was an angry bear. He did not know why she saw a different thing but all he knew was it was the perfect time to do something... escape. Elizabeth did a u-turn and stepped on the gas. But with the hellhound's speed, they had no chance of escaping it. But someone from behind it got its attention. It was a satyr. It kept on throwing stones on it and get its attention away from Elizabeth and Simon. The hellhound turned to the satyr and growled at him. Simon told Elizabeth to stop the car and insisted that he needed to help the satyr. Elizabeth knew how brave the boy was. He promised her that he will make it back to her and so she trusted him. She went on her way quickly and Simon went to help the satyr but he didn't know what to do. He rode on its back, which was not a really good idea, and tried to strangle it but the hellhound rampaged until he fell off its back. Since the area was quite dark, it shadow traveled. Simon tried to find it and suddenly it was behind him and pounced but out of the blue, a rainbow formed in front of him like a shield. It brightened up the dark surroundings. It stung the hellhound's eyes. The satyr quickly gave Simon a celestial bronze sword. He slashed it onto the hellhound's body. The hellhound whined in pain. It tried to gain its balance. Simon ran towards it and slid under the hellhound. He stabbed it at the back and it disintegrated. He was shocked with his own act. First, a rainbow appeared as a shield and second, he killed a hellhound. But he could not believe his eyes either. First, he saw a giant dog as big as a bear and second, a person with a goat for legs isn't so normal. The satyr explained everything he could but they did not have all the time. Monsters will keep coming if they do not hurry up. The satyr told him about camp, a safe haven for demigods like him. He didn't know whether to believe it or not but Simon just had to trust the satyr for now. Since the camp was located in Long Island in New York, Simon asked if he could just go to his stepmother and bid farewell.

They did go to her and he told everything that the satyr told him—Him being a demigod, how the mist fooled her mortal eyes, about camp half-blood, about the guy he had helped was a satyr and many other things. Elizabeth had supported him ever since he was a kid. She thought he was going insane. Perhaps, he was infected by another ailment. She wanted to take him to the doctor again but then monsters started coming. They really had to go. Long Island was just a few kilometers away and they had to make a run for it. There were 2 Scythian dracanae chasing them. One even hissed, "Stop right there, demigod sssss!" The satyr told him to use his powers but he still didn't know how to use them. When they were already a few meters away from camp, the scythian dracanaes caught up to them and attacked them. Simon was getting infuriated and suddenly rainbows, concentrated into a beam, sent the dracanaes flying a few meters away from them. Then Simon ran to them and thrusted his sword on one of the two dracanaes and it disintegrated. The other tried to run away but Simon used his rainbow power to disintegrate it. He was injured and he just felt the pain after the battle. He suddenly felt weak. The satyr helped him up and brought him in camp to the infirmary. They were both safe.

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Children of Iris have the ability to conjure a weapon out of pure rainbows which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. Children of Iris have the ability to focus an intense beam of prismatic light which will burn anything it touches. Defensive Children of Iris have the ability to conjure a shield of pure rainbows, roughly two to three times the size of the user, which will blunt most attacks but slow the movement of the conjurer. Children of Iris have the ability to surround a small area around them in a shell of rainbows in order to defend themselves; the longer the shell is held, the more it drains. Supplementary Children of Iris have the ability to conjure a cage made of pure rainbows, the larger the cage the more energy it drains. Children of Iris have the ability to cause a massive rainbow to crash down in front of them; which can be used offensively, defensively or any other way imagined. Children of Iris have the ability to split the light of a rainbow into seven beams which can be redirected in order to light an area or even blind people. 3 Months After Character is Made Children of Iris are able to "rainbow" travel, where they can travel into a rainbow and come out somewhere else, similar to an iris message, but instead of only being able to talk, the child of Iris can actually use it to teleport themselves 6 Months After Character is Made Children of Iris are able to conjure golden wings, that grants them flight for a short time, the longer they maintain the flight, the more energy it drains and the longer they need to rest between 9 Months After Character is Made Children of Iris are able to create a miniature monster out of pure rainbows to fight for them for a short time, the monster can be no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, and while the monster is fighting for them, they themselves are incapacitated Traits Children of Iris usually have outgoing and colourful personalities. Children of Iris do not need drachmas to send iris messages.

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