Rayna is very sassy and very elegent. She loves fashion and is very generous. Although, since she is a big fashionista, she hates getting muddy and dirty. She loves children and the spotlight. Sometimes, she can be so full of herself that she makes other people uncomfortable and annoyed.

Rayna loves to design her own clothing and she is very chic. She loves to be around other people and she loves to socialize. She is a social butterfly and loves to be in more than one group of clubs. Rayna is also very tech savvy. Rayna maybe that girl who cares nothing more about others, but she is kind hearted and very cheery.

Rayna can be snobby and a bit of a perfectionist, but overall, she is very nice and brave. Rayna thinks everyone is special in their own way and they can express themselves anyway they want. She also thinks everyone is talented but they just need to give it their full potential. Rayna's vocabulary is formal, and she is prone to use complex words and more sophisticated, refined phrasing than her friends. Rayna can never stand someone getting hurt or bullied.


My mother, Sky Young, an 35 year old Korean-American fashion designer and seamstress, was in the middle of making a new dress when someone walked into her boutique and asked if she can make a suit for him. She looked at him and had hearts in her eyes like an anime girl. Not really, but you know what I mean. He looked like about Young's age. Young turned off the sewing machine and walked over to the counter and asked for his name. His name was Jay Liu. She wrote it down in her note book and also asked for a phone number. He gave her his number because when my mother was done with the suit, she'd had to call him, right? Liu also asked for my mother's number as well. She gave Liu her number and Liu told her to call him later. Little did she know that he was the Greek god Thanatos. My mother quickly finished up a dress for her other client and called her up. After her client came in, mother gave her the dress neatly in plastic. After her client left, she called up Liu and asked if he would come over. Liu accepted and said he'll be over in a couple of minutes. My mother hung up and to pass the time, she worked a bit on his suit for who knows what. She actually finished the entire suit and that's when Liu came in. He came in with a picnic basket with a bottle of wine, some sandwiches, a nice fruit platter, fancy desserts, and a picnic blanket along with an umbrella. She locked up her shop and went with Liu. They walked all the way to the hills and set up where the sun is right under them, since it was mid day. He opened up the picnic basket and gave my mother a glass of wine and mother thanked Liu for the delightful occasion of the picnic. Liu and my mother fell instantly in love, and since there was no one around, they got all passionate with each other. My mother woke up in her bed, feeling a bit sick. She didn't know how she got there or how. But it was probably Liu. Since her house was upstairs of her boutique, she figured Liu knew this. Mother looked over at her bedside table and saw a note and it read "Dear Young, you probably don't recall what happened last night because you were a bit drunk but, sadly, I had to go. I am Thanatos. Please, take care of yourself. -Liu." Mother went downstairs and saw Liu's untouched suit. She didn't know why Liu, or Thanatos, didn't take. Maybe he did it just to meet her? Mother didn't know. Nine months later, she had me.

When I was four years old, my mother and I moved to New York so she can make a successful business. Many of these fashion critics came in and some dissed my mother's work, but as an innocent and ignorant child, I gave them a piece of my undeveloped sass. I told them that my mother had the best clothing and how they were being meanie-heads. I know, stupid right? But the fashion critics just called me cute. I looked at the dress and it felt like it needed something. I grabbed one of my mother's white bedazzled flower pins and put it on the dress. The dress looked nicer. The fashion critics said I'd become a fashion designer one day like my mother. I instantly started taking notes on my mother. As a little girl, I was quite intelligent. I always had my best friend over all the time, AJ. She was from the country and I sometimes whined on how dirty she was. But, I loved her so much that it doesn't really phase me. Though sometimes I clean her up though and she complains about it.

When AJ and I were seven, AJ used to get bulled a lot in school. I just couldn't stand that and let my friend being pushed around, so I walked right up to that bully and told him to back off my friend. But, he made fun of me because I was different. I didn't care. I turned the other cheek and walked away, like what a professional would do. After school, AJ and I went up in my room and I sketched out another fashion design for mother. I've been quite the artist. AJ helps me somehow. Usually she sits in my room and watches TV while I sketch. She usually watches rodeo shows and said they remind her of home. She's from the south so I guess it made sense. Once I was done, I showed it to AJ. She really liked it. I began to fill out the colors with greens and reds. I wanted AJ to have an outfit that matched her Southern style and wasn't't too extravagant cause usually she doesn't like most things fancy. I quietly set the paper of AJ outfit in mother's office. She was on the phone with a few of her clients. This made me realize I wanted to become a fashion designer and seamtress like my mother due to my love of fashion.

At around twelve, mother got me my very first fashion starter kit to help me become a fashion designer and seamtress like her. Mother helped me with a few of the outfits, but I mostly did the work. My room became my "Insperation Room" where I sketch, sew, design. AJ liked to be my helper. She helped me with getting fabrics and thread. I did the work and mother put them in her boutique. Many people looked at them but none wanted to buy them. I gave my dream and decided to design clothes for only AJ and I. When I stepped outside to go to the market to get some more peaches, a wild dog ran up to me. I screamed in fear and ran into my house, hoping to escape the beast. I heard a whimpering noise and when I looked out the window, the dog was gone and all was left was a pile of gold dust. I was freaked out.

When AJ and I were fourteen, AJ got bullied a lot and I got all the boys. Usually I liked the boys, but this time I just couldn't take it. During lunch time, it was time for me to make a stand. AJ was being picked on. Her hair was being pulled by the other boys sitting next to her, being teased and taunted, and laughed at. I stood up on the table and all eyes were on me. And this is what I said: "Hey! Stop picking on my friend, AJ! Look, ever since AJ and I were little, AJ was the one being picked on. But, now that I'm older, I see other students being bullied. It's time we make a stand! Stop bulling and speak up! Don't be afraid! Be the better person and speak up! Let your voices be heard!" After that, the teachers sent me to the principal's office due to the random outburst which was completely inappropriate, but as I left, it seemed like the whole school was cheering for me. I was sent home with a referral. The prncipal told my mother, but once I got home, mother was proud of me. She said that I was the better person to do that. And when I got to school the other day, the bullying population dropped about 60% and AJ told me what happened after I left. The students who were being bulled made a club for troubled students who need help if the adults won't listen. I felt like I made a difference.

A year later, AJ and I were 15 years old. I made some new friends at the "Stop Bullying Speak Up" club at out school. I invited all the girls at the club for my fifteenth birthday party. Mother went all out again. It was a fashion show themed party. Mother cleaned the catwalk for the girls so they can feel like real models at a real fashion show. During the party, two wild dogs somehow managed to get into the boutique. The two dogs were only after me. I did what I did best. Ran. One girl who recently joined the club a week ago, jumped onto the dog and stabbed it into its neck. The other dog cornered me. I took off one of my high heels and stabbed it into its eye. It whimpered and backed up into the girl's dagger thing. It turned into gold dust. The girl's name was Riley-Dylan and she said she was sent from my father. I perked up once I heard she knew my father. Riley-Dylan told me I was a demigod, daughter of Thanatos. She said that I smelled like a demigod but she wasn't sure until today. She had to get me to camp straight away before any other monsters will try to attack me. AJ and my mother watched me go and with Riley-Dylan. She drove for about a good half hour. She practically pulled me into the camp and said I belonged here. I was sad to leave my mother and AJ behind. Riley-Dylan gave me this gold bracelet with a diamond in the middle. I liked it a lot. I touched the diamond in the middle and it turned into a bronze-like rapier. Riley-Dylan said it's a birthday gift, to protect me from any monsters. I gave her a hug and went off to find my cabin.


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