Skylar is an opptomist. She always tries to see the possitive side of people and believes in second chances.


It was dusk at Stonegate in York. A man, Greg Evans, was hurrying down the street, his head bent down against the wind, eager to get home and escape the cold. Not looking where he was going, Greg bumped into someone, knocking them to the ground. Glaring at him, was the person he hit. A beautiful woman with dark hair covered in snowflakes. Greg quickly bent down to help her up, "Are you alright? I wasn't watching where I was going, I'm terribly sorry". Nemesis brushed her self off, "Yes, I'm fine. I just love it when strangers knock me to the ground". She then pushed past him and started to walk away. "Wait!" Greg exclaimed. He chased her down Stonegate, lightly grabbing her arm when he caught up to her. Nemesis turned around, with a quizical look upon her face. "I really am sorry," Greg said, "Let me make it up to you. There's a great pub on the other end of the street. We can have some drinks. My treat." Nemesis thought for a moment, then gave him a small smile, "I don't think I can resist a free drink." With that, they walked towards the pub, talking about themselves. They found out they had a lot in common. They continued to see each other, and after a few months, Nemesis found out she was pregnant. The baby was born, and Nemesis told Greg that she had to leave. He was devastated, for he never saw he again. Greg moved away from York, hoping his sadness would be left behind, so that he could focus on his daughter. He decided that they would live in London, because then Skylar wouldn't have to travel far. He never found out the reason for Nemesis leaving.

In her childhood, Skylar couldn't tell her father was depressed over Nemesis leaving. He was always there for her, taking her to the park, signing her up for ballet and gymnastics. Going to every single recital and competition. Skylar was especially skilled on the balance beam, her coach often praising her. Skylar went to a public school, doing well in her classes. She had lots of friends, and was always being friendly to everybody. As Skylar continued to get older, she started learning how to play the guitar, and continued taking gymnastics and dance in her freetime.

Skylar first encountered a monster when she was 14 years old. It was a cyclops, though she hadn't known it at the time. A satyr named Cyril saved her. He had been walking down the road, looking for demigods to send to camp, when he heard Skylar scream. He ran towards the sound, where he found Skylar backed into a corner of an alley. He pulled out his bow and arrows, and shot at the cyclops. He hit it's back. The arrow hadn't dug in enough, and Cyril only injured the monster. Enraged, the cyclops ran at Cyril, with its club held above his head. Cyril got another arrow, and shot again. This time, the arrow embedded itself into the cyclopses heart, killing it.

Cyril took Skylar home, explaining to both her and Greg everything, and that Skylar had to leave for Camp Half-Blood immediately. Greg understood that London wasn't safe for Skylar, so he booked her on the soonest plane to Manhattan.


  • Children of Nemesis have the ability to send a small wave of energy which will cause anyone effected to lose their balance and fall; after the effects have worn off, a person is immune to further effects of this for a moderate time.
  • Children of Nemesis, after receiving a wound, are able to empower their next successful attack, causing it to do more damage than it normally would.
  • Children of Nemesis can create a field of energy around them that causes all people nearby to lose their balance fall to the ground and continue to fall if they try to get up; the user is drained the longer the field is sustained.
  • Children of Nemesis are innately balanced and are great at climbing.
  • Children of Nemesis have innate reflexes which allows them to fight and dodge quickly.
  • Children of Nemesis are able to empower a wounded ally with the fervor to achieve vengeance upon the one who wounded them; this effect greatly increases the strength and speed of the ally when they fight the one who wounded them until vengeance is achieved.
  • Children of Nemesis have the ability to cause someone near them to regard others with no personal favor or disdain and consider everything based purely upon facts.


Name Relation Feelings
Greg Evans Father I love him
Nemesis Mother I'm sure she's nice
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