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The Shark's Daughter
Owned by: EllieRosexx
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"Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them, but we can choose which ones to surf."
Tamara is a 18 year old daughter of the god of sharks, Palaemon. She came to camp in December of 2014 and is currently residing in the Palaemon cabin. Tamara is single, but doesn't have much time for a relationship. She prefers to hang out around the beach surfing, or swimming.
Tamara has a very strong personality. She is tough, and doesn't give up easily. When she fails, or feels she can't accomplish something, she gets depressed and won't talk for days. Once you get into her "inner-circle" (become her friend) she'll do everything in her power to protect and care for you. Tamara tends to care more about others and not herself. Although she is very tough and strong, underneath she is a huge softy. Most of the time at camp, she wishes she could just be back at her families beach house in Miami.

When Tamara's mother, Veronica Blake, met her father, she was very young. Veronica was at a secluded part of the beach at her home in Hawaii. She was a proffesional surfer, and just finished a meet. Veronica was alone and getting ready for her next surf meet next week. Suddenly, while going up to the shore she saw a rather handsome, good looking man sitting by the shore infront of her. The mystery man greeted her and immediately, Veronica fell in love. They both talked and splashed around with eachother in the water. Then, after things already started to get heated, the man suggested that they go somewhere more private. When Veronica awoke she couldn't stop thinking about the hot guy that she met. A small note was left on the pillow next to her that explained what he was and who he was. She still, to this day, calls it love at first sight.

Unfortunately, Veronica gave birth to Tamara without Tamara's father present in the Hospital. She had to get her own parents to drive her there. Veronica's birth went very smoothly. Tamara came into the world without trouble and rarely cried while in the Hospital. Veronica's own parents wouldn't stop hugging and kissing the baby. The doctors, nurses, and even Veronica had to pry the poor baby away from them the whole time they were there.

Tamara's early childhood consistied of her mother teaching her how to surf and boogie-board. Tamara's only friend was Gianna at the time. Gianna and Tamara always had sleepover's at her home in Hawaii. When Veronica decided it was better to move somewhere else because of all the volcano eruptions, perferably Florida, Tamara and Gianna got depressed that Tamara would have to leave. Gianna and Tamara hatched a plan to convince her mom to let her come with them. Considering Gianna lived at an adoption center, Veronica brought Gianna with them to Miami, Florida.

Tamara found out that she was a demigod when she was at her families beach house. She was surfing in the ocean alone deep out, far away from the shore. She suddenly wiped out and hit the water hard. Tamara's board string still was wrapped tight around her ankle and it pushed her even lower into the ocean. She felt as if she was going to explode so she quickly let in a breath needing oxygen. Tamara soon realized that she could still actually breath. She swam quickly up to the surface and, again, realized she wasn't wet at all. How did I not realize that before? she asked herself. Tamara hopped on her board and paddled to the shore seeing her mother in the distance sobbing. Once she got to her, Veronica told her everything about Greek gods and goddesses. All her knowledge either came from books she read in college, or from the note she got from Tamara's father. She gave Tamara a trident shaped necklace and told her to never ever lose it.

When Tamara was first attacked by a monster, she was only 13, also she was at the beach...alone...again. She was sitting near the shore where the water meets the sand cleaning and waxing her board. Suddenly, a weird fish looking thing came bursting out of the water holding a large spear. Quickly Tamara stood up, ready to defend herself from the creature. The creature advanced on her quickly making gurgling noises awkwardly. She picked up her board and slammed it against the creature, praying the board wouldn't break. The fish thing was sent to the floor writhing in pain. Its weapon was pretty far from them, and the creature seemed pretty disoriented, so Tamara quickly grabbed her necklace, and it turned into a beautiful trident. She raised her arms and stabbed the creature in the chest making it wail in pain, resembling a dying cat noise. When her mother found her with the weird dead body, she immediately knew what happened.

While Tamara was 14, she was attacked by a big, no, huge scorpion. It barreled towards her at amazing speeds. The scorpion shoved her to the ground. Tamara growled, yes, growled. She felt her teeth sharpen and her jaw dislocate. Before she new it, she bit down hard onto the scorpion and took a chunk from its body. It squealed and scuttled away quickly, not turning around. She felt her teeth and jaw go back into place after it left.

Tamara was attacked again when she was home alone. Finally she let her mom let her be home alone at the age of 15. She went out to go get some firewood for the fireplace when suddenly a horse that had fire surrounding it ran speeding toward her. Her first instinct was to run for her life, but she willed herself to stay put. The horse seemed easily to be easily confused, so she decided to use this to her advantage. She ran towards the ocean and the horse followed her. Soon the flames of the horse were put out and it didn't come back out. Tamara ran back inside with the firewood quickly in case another came to find her.

Tamara's fourth attack was when she and Gianna were having a mini camping trip next to the beach house in there "backyard" at the age of 16. They both just got their license, and reseived a new car from Veronica. How she got the money for two very nice cars, they'll never know. While roasting marshmallows over a small fire they made, a large mix of a bird and a woman swooped down over them. Tamara remembered it from the time she was attacked at 15. Gianna, terrified was throwing random things on the ground at the monster. Tamara, again, started to suddenly get very angry that the creature ruined their nice time. She felt her teeth start to grow furiously and her jaw opened wider then she thought it could go. Once the monster swooped down again, Tamara bit down hard on the creatures wing. She felt the copper taste of blood go into her mouth and she heard the terrible screeching noise the bird woman made. It hurt her ears so bad that she released the bird wing from her mouth. The monster quickly flew away, and it kept almost falling from the fractured wing. Tamara started to feel her jaw go back into place and her teeth start to go back to normal again. Gianna promised to never tell any other person about what happened that night. They both continued their night of fun camping on the sand.

When Tamara was attacked for the fifth time when she was 17, she was with Gianna again. They were, again, outside sitting on the shore. Tamara kept insisting for Gianna to tan with her, but she refused. Out of nowhere, the same ugly fish person she saw on her first attack came out of the water. Gianna seemed quite surprised and equally scared. Tamara immediately rushed the fish and disarmed the monster. Gianna got up fast, and looked around the sand for any kind of weapon frantically. Tamara suddenly remembered, her necklace. She pulled off her necklace and it turned into a large trident. She quickly raised it in the air and slammed it down onto the monsters chest. Tamara, out of breath, collapsed onto the sand.

Tamara was taken to camp by her satyr, Gianna, at 18. She apparently disguised herself as a normal human being to watch over Tamara. Tamara and her mom had a sweet conversation about how they love eachother so much and that she would try to send letters to Veronica every week/month. Gianna called in a favor from a friend to bring in a small plane over. Tamara decided to not question how her friend had a plane ready to go. They left and made frequent stops to get to other planes ready for them. Once they were on a stop getting ready to go on the new plane, they were attacked by another harpie. Tamara did the same thing she did before, and bit down on the creature with her new sharp teeth. Once they got to Camp Half-Blood, Gianna said she had to go and help protect and bring other demigods to camp. Tamara and Gianna had a nice hearfelt moment before she left and they vowed that they would see eacother again no matter what.

Basic Info
Full Name: Tamara Blake
Titles: The Shark's Daughter
Current Location: Palaemon's Cabin
Affiliation(s): Camp
Current Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Born or Created On: June 9
Current Age: 18
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Straight
Accent: Hawaiian, Slight Florida accent
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: EllieRosexx
Inspiration Behind Creation: Her mother and other famous surfers
Love Interests Char/Owner: n/a
Active RP's: n/a
Created Page On: Jan 4, 2015
Page Last Updated On: Jan 6, 2015
Plans: To Lead/Go on a Quest
3/6/9 Month Powers: 0

Maybe Make Her A Huntress

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Alana Blanchard (2)

Tamara Blake -Child of Palaemon
-The Sharks Daughter

 – "Aloha!"

04:18, January 4, 2015 (UTC)

Offensive: Children of Palaemon have the ability to grow multiple rows of shark teeth and then dislocate their jaws in order to attack with them. Children of Palaemon are able to tap into primal shark instincts which allows them to attack with enhanced speed and ferocity. However, this ability can often lose to loss of self-control and only lasts for a short time.

Defensive: Children of Palaemon can become thick skinned like a shark while in human form which causes them to be resistant to physical attacks. Children of Palaemon have the ability to create a defensive shield made from the electroreceptive energies they perceive around them for a short time (sharks have the ability to detect eletrical stimuli around them).Due to the electrical nature of the shield, if anyone comes in contact with it they would receive an electric shock.

Passive: Children of Palaemon can innately breathe underwater and everything they touch in their human form, stays or becomes dry in water, unless they want to become wet. Children of Palaemon, can survive falling from high altitudes as long as they land in water, they can also go as deep into the ocean as they desire without any effects from the water pressure. Children of Palaemon have the ability to hear prey or enemies from many miles away, as sharks have extremely sharp senses of hearing Children of Palaemon are normally affected by blood and when they smell it much like a shark. They will normally go into a frenzied rage and attack whoever is at the source of the blood. If the target is an ally, they can resist the urges through sheer willpower.

Supplementary: Children of Palaemon have the ability to summon sharks and command them. The more sharks summoned/commanded and the bigger they are, the more energy is drained. Children of Palaemon are able to transform into any currently living species of shark while underwater. The longer they remain in this form, the more energy it drains; and the longer the break they need between transformations. As Palaemon was also a sea god, his children have the ability to Water Travel, a sort of teleportation; the further the distance, the more is energy drained, and there must be a substantial amount of water at both ends. Children of Palaemon have a degree of control over water, but not to the extent of a child of Poseidon. They can manipulate water to be used as a shield or move water to fire a water blast of high pressure. And they can telekinetically move it with their mind. The longer they maintain control over water, the more energy is drained.

3 Months After Character is Made: Children of Palaemon have the ability to transform the surrounding area into a harbor as their father was the patron god of harbors. Whilst this harbor is in use, the user can fight in its waters and have their existing powers enhanced substantially. The harbor that the user creates can vary in size, and the larger the harbor is the more it drains the user. After the user relinquishes hold on the harbor they are somewhat drained and the power may only be used once in a fight.

6 Months After Character is Made: Children of Palaemon can materialize semi-living water constructs that take the form of sharks. The constructs have the strength and instincts of normal sharks. They can float around in the air and will follow the commands of the user. They can summon up to 3 sharks, such as Great Whites or Hammerheads, or up to 7 smaller ones such as a cookie cutter sharks. The bigger they are and the longer they stay solid, the more energy is drained. Once the user dismisses the sharks, they are somewhat drained and the water sharks dissipate into harmless puddles of water.

9 Months After Character is Made: Children of Palaemon can morph their bodies into a humanoid shark form, in this form their strength is doubled. Their skin becomes durable as in Defensive 1. Their skeletons turn into cartilage, much like that of a sharks, so that they become more flexible and their bones more resilient. This can aid them in fights as it halves the weight of their bones, making them lighter on their feet and faster as they have less weight to move around. Also their existing Hydrokinetic abilities become stronger. Once the user reverts to their normal form, they are quite drained and will struggle to move or stay conscious.

Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: Close Range Combat
Preferred Weapon: Celestial Bronze trident that morphs into a necklace
Strengths: Offensive
Weaknesses: Defensive
Quests/Missions Led: 0
Quests/Missions Been On: 0

"When life gives you waves, surf 'em."
Alana blanchard-35-600x600
Possessions & Favourite Things
Pets: n/a

Likes: Surfing,Ocean,Swimming,Heat
Dislikes: Cold,Boy Crazed Girls,Drama,Liars
Colour: Blue
Music: Indie
Food: Subway Sandwiches
Animal: Sharks (Megalodon)
Book: Art of War
Quote: "Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away."
Drink: Arizona Tea
Song: Stay High by Tove Lo
Movie: Kill Bill
Sport: Swimming,Surfing
Other Favs:
Appearance & More Images
Model: Alana Blanchard
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5'7
Weight: 55kg
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Handedness: Right
Shoe Size: 6
Blood Type: O-
Voice: Slightly accented
Distinguishing Marks: Small Florida shaped mark on left ankle
Body Style: Skinny
One Word to Describe: Surfer
Best Physical Trait: Her Eyes and Somewhat Flat Stomach
Worst Physical Trait: Leaving Hawaii
Mental/Emotional State: Good
Things to Change: Slightly Well
Mental/Emotional disorders: Insecurity
Medical Problems/Ailments: None

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Veronica Blake
Father: Palaemon
Creator: n/a
Half-Siblings: Godly and Mortal
Full-Siblings: n/a
Other Relatives: n/a
Home: Florida,Hawaii (formerly)
Earliest Memory: Learning to Surf
Best Memory: Her Eyes and Somewhat Flat Stomach
Schooling: Homeschooled
First Kiss: A Boy Back Home
First Love: n/a
First Sex: #virginswag
Other Firsts: n/a


General Info
Nicknames: Jaws
Native Language: Hawaiian
Character Flaw: Sometimes Is Extremely Stubborn and Guarded
Fears/Phobias: Rejection
Hobbies: Surfing,Swimming
Personal Motto: "Don't wait for the perfect wave, go out and find it."
Things He Won't Do: Lie
Most Admires: Her Mother and famous surfer Bethany Hamilton
Most Influenced By: Her Mother
Moral Compass: Northwest-ish
Most Important Person Before:
Most Important Person Now:
Reacts to Crises: Tough and Guarded
Faces Their Problems: Head On
Reacts to Change: Slightly Well
Alignment: Neutral Good
Dream Job: Professional Surfer
Current Job: None
“The best surfer out there, is the one having the most fun.”
Vices: WIP
Bad Habits: Nail Biting
Sleeping Habits: Well
Quirks: Tend To Wear Bikinis Under Her Clothes
Attitude: Positive
Special Talents: Surfing, Swimming
Social Skills: Very Social
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: Surfing and Swimming In The Ocean
Main Priorities: Seeing Her Mother Again
Past Failures: WIP
Biggest Accomplishment: Getting Sponsored By RipCurl
Darkest Secret?: Secretly Very Insecure
Secret Known by Anyone?: WIP
Personal Tragedy: Being Separated From Her Mother
One Wish: To See Her Mom and Gianna Again
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? Well
Perceived by Strangers: Tough and Guarded
Perceived by Lover: Caring and Protective
Perceived by Friends: Protective and Tough
Perceived by Family: Outgoing and Protective
First Impression: Loud and Outgoing
Family/Friends Like Most? Protectiveness
Family/Friends Like Least? Stubborn and Tough

Name Relation Feelings
Palaemon Father Hasn't Decided Yet
Gianna Stayr Friend Misses her and hopes to see her again
Veronica Blake Mother Loves and misses her a lot
Gianna Stayr Friend Misses her and hopes to see her again

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