She is a pathological liar, bitchy, acts like she cares but really doesn't give a sh*t, thinks most people aren't worth her time, lives in her own little world and hates being out of it by other people, her shell can be cracked but it takes time and persistence.


My father was an actor in a theatre troupe. He often went out to parties after his shows. At one such parties, he met my mother. They got along very well, and dated for a while. Nine months to be exact. right after I was born, my father broke up with my mother, saying that the theatre world was not one to raise a child in. My mother didn't know what to do, other than to put me in an orphanage.

I grew up there until I was ten. It wasn't a bad place, but it definitely wasn't the best place for a child. One might say it breeded a lot of bad behaviours in me, but I have no idea what they are talking about. On my tenth birthday, my father, of all people, showed up. He took me back home. I'm not exactly sure how he managed to get the social workers to allow me to leave with him, but I'm sure he mentioned my mother "leaving him".

When we got back to his house, he introduced me to his new wife. Apparently, after hearing what happened with my mother, she wanted to find me and bring me back into the family. Never mind the fact that I had never met my father. His wife told me that based on how my father met my mother, she thought I was a demigod like her. She said that she was a daughter of the goddess Ariadne, and that she wanted to prepare me for a demigod's life. She gave me a dagger, and the next day we started training.

I grew closer to her than I did to my father. We actually killed a few monsters together, once they started being attracted to me. When I turned eighteen, she and my father sent me out into the world. My father thinks I'm in college, but the "acceptance letter" that I received was actually maps to find my way to camp, cleverly disguised by my step-mother.



  1. Children of Apate have the minor ability to create illusions of attacks so realistic that they are most likely to catch an enemy off guard; however, if they miss they are left vulnerable to counter attack.
  2. Children of Apate are able to command a weapon to go against it's master's will. However, they cannot command a weapon bigger than them. Also, the master of the weapon can resist the will of the weapon. Once the effect has wore off, the weapon is immune to further effects of it.


  1. Children of Apate are able to make the objects in a small area shift appearance or location, confusing those who will see it. While the skill is in effect, it continuously drains the user.
  2. Children of Apate are able to trick charging enemies to face the opposite directions and charge at those directions instead. The more enemies and the longer the distance, the more it drains the demigods. After the effects have wore off, enemies will be immune to further effects of it for the battle.


  1. Children of Apate are innately able to see through lies, illusions or any form of deceit, as they are innately so well skilled with deceit themselves.
  2. Children of Apate have the innate ability to confuse, mislead or deceive others for a short time, the longer they try and keep up with the lies/deceptions, the more energy it drains


  1. Children of Apate are able to make a fake copy of an object not bigger than them, but they must clearly imagine the object in their minds for it to completely imitate the original object. Also, if the original object possess magical properties or whatsoever, the imitation will not copy those properties.
  2. Children of Apate can use their powers to lure someone into lying or coming into agreement with them when they truly don't want to without the person influenced even noticing. The bigger the lie, the more power drained. A person with a strong will can fight this, and most will remember being deceived shortly after.
  3. Children of Apate are able to mimic sounds or the voice of a person or creature they already heard speaking or making noise. The quality of the mimicry depends on the focus and skill level of the user.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Apate can create illusions in order to twist other's perception of reality or make everyone around them see something that isn't really there. However, the illusion isn't physical and therefore is only a trick of sight. The bigger the change in perception, the more power drained. They can also delude single individuals in the same fashion.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Apate are able to make a copy of their body, that they are mentally connected to, but cannot interact with its physical environment. It can be used to spy on others, bring back intel, distract others, carry messages, etc. It drains the user moderately.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Apate are able to make a copy of their body, that they are mentally connected to. It is essentially a real copy of themselves, with all their powers to a weakened extent and can actually interact with their surroundings, however while the copy is active the user is entirely incapacitated. While the copies are active, the user is drained, so the longer the copy is active the more they are drained. Once the copy is gone, they must wait a substantially long time before making another copy.


  1. Children of Apate tend to be treacherous, fond of treachery or amused by it.
  2. Children of Apate are cunning, sly and uneasily fooled.
  3. Children of Apate are very good liars and at making alibis.
  4. Children of Apate are good at forging signatures and hacking systems.
  5. Children of Apate have deceit "intuitions", meaning they may have a hunch if someone will try to deceive them. However, their predictions may not be accurate every time.


Name Relation Feelings
Apate Mother Don't really care
Alan Canar Father

Thinks he's irriataing

Juliet Canar Step-Mother Thinks she's cool
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